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  1. @turnA haha thanks for coming. this is the most recent UI i have, maybe i'll upload more aside from GUI when i have time later.
  2. hi guys, i'm Laz, artist from stellar-Ø a small indie game team, we make games and do freelance as needed. i am quite proficient on many stuff gamedev-related, quite a generalist artist, i can do various style/themes. My favorite part on game graphics are pixel art animation, GUI, character design. currently i'll just focus on GUI design. some things to make things clear: at least 30/50% front payment before start working, currently not accepting profit sharingusually i rate per screen design, including the final assets, if you prefer hourly rate, let me know.price depends on project timeframe, theme/style, compexity, budget, poke/PM me ( i'll be open for discussion. here is my GUI portfolio, for more/ better res, visit here. thanks for checking in!
  3. wow a complex game made by 1 person, such a great skill and determination! graphic is quite appealing and fine, but not yet juicy, no animation yet. im kind of sucker for this kind of game, played a bit of casual multiplayer economic sims, and more complex one as Anno, Sid Meier: Railroads. not that im good at it though. but im going to state the problems(plus some suggestions) i see from my quick observation: 1. im just starting but economic situation seems to be wrong or is it just me? i dont see the point to make the economy work/ how to make profit, i dont see it quite challenging right now. everyone put their price to 1euro, and don't think we will ever run out of food (that we got to buy something at place that sells something more than 1 euro) with that much cafe/eatery, maybe need a system to balance this out. like you need something to start business/ structure type limitation divided by area.. dunno im just throwing out my idea, maybe you already have it planned but not yet implemented. 2. also tutorial still too plain and boring, and too much input at a time. maybe it's just me, but i didn't get what are the menus/items are for until i see it on application. could use some story/ character/NPC to help things work or to make an example for human player 3. a feature to zoom out a bit, i know minimap already there but still i wanted to see it from a little "camera jumping" function from minimap could use a single click on minimap rather than only drag the white box. 4. now maximum amount need to be set to the slider manually. for example: when i need to rent a room, its said only available for 52h, but we could set it to 100, even i can OK it, but then it shows again i can only set it to max 52, then i have to set it myself to 52 or below, that's not very intuitive nor practical. especially when this needed to occur often. 5. how much they will cost before i have to purchase them to see it, and how much do i have left after spending my money. 6. indicator on my current location (where i'm renting), easy access to the building 7. indicator on how many rooms/ food available on building, or if the building is not even available, make it darker or something (?) 8. visual (or more than visual) customization on own building, a little bit graphic tweaks perhaps? to make it distinguishable and more personal 9. i think social contents maybe need to be more engaging, i never make multiplayer economic sims though, but maybe u can take example from sim city on facebook, or other social games. overall it needs much work to be done, but good potential, goodluck for the project
  4. Laguna_999 i usually make my sounds (system sounds which is usually a melodic rather than realistic) by composing from FL studio's basic stuff (like 3x oscilator, FL keys), mix it with multiple channel of sounds, use reverbs/delay/EQ/anything to enhance. as for sound effects(for more realistic sound i cant produce myself), i usually recycled/modify free sounds recorded on internet (i usually take raws from to modify) , distort, mix it with something i created like above trick, etc. nothing too fancy or expensive (as in money) but it indeed need lot of time to test it until everything blends. your sounds from sfxr suited for retro stuff, however my point was, your BGM is way too modern to fit with the sound
  5. umm, has Threes became a genre already? tried, imo maybe needs a bit of unique touch so it differs from Threes (or 2048 if people know it better), since they also has better quality on graphic/audio, etc. also first time playing this i dont really understand since the feedback for merging the block was too fast, it's suddenly changes. but as im a player of similar games i dont struggle much understanding the gameplay, but for newcomer i guess it's still quite confusing. good luck on improving the project, i am really hoping a gameplay/mechanic twist
  6. hi there, i was just finished making my snake-based game (colleague of blue_mc) so i'm interested to try this one since the control mechanics was once similar with this, haha. i liked the hexagon grid concept and the retro-ish feel from neon-digital interface. what i felt a little off is, the audio side, (assuming that you guys created it all because cubase was listed on tools ) the sound effects sound like 8bit but the BGM sounds so modern and futuristic, so imo the BGM's quite don't fit the visual and sound effects. the mix also kind of too heavy on the low to my ears. i saw that you guys updated the snake head, but as the tails are just like before (just an outline), it seems not really "connected" to the new head, but now it's showing the directions and it's very intuitive compared from before gameplay wise, the newly added levels, i suggest you to add a transition/ slight delay for player, so it dont give wrong impression. i cant explain well, but when i reach last hexa needed to level up, i suddenly got teleported to the top but i felt confused why i was there because everything else (stages) almost looks the same, i was expecting im on the same position, then i died because i dont have much time to avoid the "wall" overall pretty fun game, goodluck and keep doing great! ^^
  7. i like the color scheme and the pixel animations (wee i've just found the artist on twitter for more stalk ). also universe looked interesting as well. i cant talk much about the technical details but the graphic engine seems powerful, i hope i have chance to work on a project with heavy visual effects like that in future haha i hope you guys can execute it smoothly to the end.