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  1. Starboar

    bg scrolling

    You probably want to manually scroll the tile in this case, so still use a tileSprite but in an update() function do this: = yourGameWorld.x ; = yourGameWorld.y ;where "yourGameWorld" is whatever you are using as a frame of reference. I'm don't think "fixedToCamera" is needed. I'm assuming your character never moves on the screen, but the background does. If that's the case then the camera isn't moving.
  2. Starboar

    Link cursor bug(not switching back cursor)

    Anyone found a cleaner way of dealing with this than adding an onInputOut handler to fix it? In my case i'm setting the cursor of the playfield via CSS cursor: url('/sprites/pointer.png'), pointer;But the first time the cursor hovers over a sprite with useHandCursor then it becomes the normal OS cursor, when I move off the sprite it does switch back to a pointer, but it's the Operating System's white pointer and not my sprite any more.
  3. Starboar

    Phaser 2.0.5 - Tanchico - Released

    Thanks for all your work on this
  4. Starboar

    Boilerplate code for a top-down RPG-esque game

    RPG JS sounds like it has much of what you are looking for... Oops just realised this is the Phaser subforum, apologies!
  5. Starboar

    [COMPLETE][PHASER] Ballon Bears

    Nice art too!
  6. Hi all Bit Fantasy is an HTML5 Multiplayer RPG that has been live for just less than a year now as an "early access" style game where people can help crowdfund the idea while it is in development. The unique points of this game are that there are no microtransactions and no commission for trading items with other players. We've had people from opposite sides of the world sell things they crafted to each other for real Bitcoin It started in a very basic form as part of the "release early, release often" ethos, to allow people to play it while it was developed. The very first version didn't even required javascript to be enabled The UI is now being rewritten to be smoother and better looking, and Phaser has been very nice for that. The game has an infinite world so loads tiles from the server as the players move around, players can build their own locations and roads etc.. Here's a preview of the new smoother UI we are working on. Screenie: If you want to try the current version of Bit Fantasy it's at - there's a free trial, you just need a bitcoin address.
  7. Starboar

    Multiplatform games DOM+CSS vs CANVAS vs both

    I'm considering html2canvas for the same reasons, did you find it worked well on mobile?
  8. Starboar

    Killer Kittens

    Cute, one error in console about missing transition.png biggest problem I had was I couldn't click on anything at all, the kitchen loaded but I couldn't click anything, strangely after switching window and switching back it then let me click the cupcakes (chrome/win7). I didn't play for long though as it's not my kind of game
  9. Starboar

    CasinoRPG Launching out of Beta

    Nice looking game, I see you take Bitcoin too, How did you find using the Isogenic engine? I looked at it for my Bitcoin RPG ( ) as i'm redoing the graphics currently - but changed my mind about isometric.
  10. Starboar

    MMORPG - Engine

    Have a look through the list at I'm using phaser and am quite happy with it, there's also a lot of support for it in these forums and i've found answers to most questions just looking here or in the docs.
  11. Starboar

    Device detection

    Maybe i've misunderstood but can't you use window.innerWidth and innerHeight to determine game size?
  12. Starboar

    How do I get a pay raise?

    First of all, the job centre will probably be totally useless for that kind of job, you should be looking on jobserve or one of the other IT job sites. Secondly, agents often know very little about the technology, and their number one driving force is just to get anyone in a post so they get their commission. To this end they will focus heavily on the candidates they think can get the job, so yes they don't know what JSON is, they are trying to figure out from you if you can easily get the job or not, if not they simply won't put you forward, so confidence is useful when speaking to them. He's a contractor (or "consultant"), sometimes the agency is creaming some of that off him, but even so the higher pay for contractors is to offset the fact that they might not always be in work and have other costs. On the other hand they can spend the time between contracts working on their own games I've never interviewed for a "flash developer" job, is a portfolio really needed? If so why not take part in Ludum Dare or set yourself a day to "make a game in a day" and make the simplest thing you can using Phaser or some other framework. These can sometimes be the Agent just vomiting a bunch of keywords into the advert. Some interviews will ask you lots of questions though, often trivia you don't actually need to know in the job Others (better ones) will ask you questions around the subject that better gauge whether you've really used it than quiz questions they found online, like they might ask you "what does it mean when you see this error message" or "what are the downsides of multiple CSS files". Don't give up, keep applying. I had a science background and ended up in software dev because I enjoyed it and kept working at it.
  13. Starboar

    Unity 5 will include "support for WebGL"

    With chrome removing support for NPAPI it means many plugins won't work, including eventually the Unity browser plugin - so this goes some way to addressing that. I imagine you'll have to plan it as a WebGL game from the start, e.g coding in JS instead of C#/Java and having a subset of Unity plugins available, unless they can magically turn it all into asm.js output - i'm not that familiar with Unity though so I may be wrong.
  14. Starboar

    Phaser Offline. How to do it?

    Firefox will run most things from a local drive, if you just want to try things. Chrome is stricter. Clone the phaser examples github and open it the index.html in Firefox, *most* examples work.
  15. Starboar

    Unity 5 will include "support for WebGL"