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  1. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    ChubbRck, unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. I don't have experience making games for the XBone. WombatTurkey, it's the same concept. It uses NW.js (which uses V8) behind the scenes and just provides a GUI to package it up. It also will replace the default NW.js icon with your project icon, and some other fancy things like that.
  2. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    Hey! Thanks You'll have to convert your SFX to wav or ogg in order to hear them. Unfortunately, mp3 does not work anymore.
  3. How to make a desktop game with Phaser?

    Another shameless plug! I've created an application that makes it super easy to export your Phaser application to all desktop platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) using node webkit/nwjs and it's free! It's located on my github page: https://github.com/jyapayne/Web2Executable Use it and enjoy
  4. Native Desktop Phaser Games with Alchemium and Phaser

    Shameless plug time! I've created an application that makes it super easy to export your Phaser application to all desktop platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) using node webkit/nwjs and it's free! It's located on my github page: https://github.com/jyapayne/Web2Executable
  5. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    @ashes999 If you were still concerned about exe size (it's been a while, I know) I've updated my application to have a compression setting that can get it down to about 27 MB. Back in Canada now and I've been updating this application like crazy. It's still really good for creating a standalone phaser app.
  6. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    You're both very welcome @ashes999 There isn't any way that I know of to shrink down the exe size. This is due to nodewebkit's base size. I've looked into trying to make a smaller version of it, but it's super complicated and the author of nodewebkit has done great work to minimize the size of the exe already; only compiling what is necessary from webkit. I'm in New Zealand currently, which is why I haven't been updating this app. I wanted to add a way to get the new versions of nodewebkit automatically, so that they can just be updated via the click of a button, but internet here is really crappy and to upload all 4 versions takes a lot of bandwidth. It would be really awesome if there was a way to minify the exe size somehow.
  7. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    Hmm, that's quite interesting. I thought I fixed that bug. Are you using the latest version?
  8. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    What happens if you select a different node webkit version? ie: 0.9.1 downwards?
  9. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    Hey! Yeah, I'll still try to fix bugs, but I'm working abroad at the moment, so it's hard to find time to work on this. Are there any messages or any other information that you can give me?
  10. Phaser Text Width Issue

    Yeah, that works, and I can use it for now, but I was hoping for a less "invasive" approach. Anyway, thanks for the tip! I got it to display the way I wanted it @codevinsky: Thanks for trying to work it out. I tried playing with all those widths as well, and no good came of it. Thanks for the help, guys! For reference, I had to change two lines in updateText: this.canvas.width = maxLineWidth + this.style.strokeThickness + 40;That one for making the width larger. And then: linePosition.x += (maxLineWidth - lineWidths[i]) / 2 + 30;that one for aligning the text slightly to the right so the left edge wouldn't be cut off. The result is this:
  11. Phaser Text Width Issue

    createTitle: function(){ var jacquelyn = "Jacquelyn"; var style = { font: "72px Scriptina", fill: "#ffffff", align: "center", stroke: "#000000", strokeThickness: 2}; var jacquelyn_text_element = this.add.text(this.camera.x + this.camera.width/2, this.camera.y + this.camera.width/2, jacquelyn, style); jacquelyn_text_element.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); console.log(jacquelyn_text_element); this.add.tween(jacquelyn_text_element).to({ alpha: 1 }, 600, Phaser.Easing.Quintic.Out).start(); var text = "Click or tap to start!"; var style = { font: "12px Nokia", fill: "#ffffff", align: "center", stroke: "#000000", strokeThickness: 1} var text_element = game.add.text(game.camera.x + game.camera.width/2, game.camera.y + game.camera.height/2+150, text, style); text_element.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); text_element.alpha = 0; var tween = game.add.tween(text_element).delay(500).to({alpha: 1}, 500).start(); game.add.tween(text_element.scale).to({ x:1.2 , y:1.2}, 1000).to({ x:1.0, y:1.0 }, 1000).loop().start(); tween.onComplete.add(function(){this.startable = true;}, this); },Not anything too fancy, just general text use
  12. Awesome! I was looking for a nice little generator. I'll check this out for my next project. Nice work codevinsky (I like saying your username in the voice of Dracula)
  13. Phaser Text Width Issue

    Hey everyone! I'm starting a new game, and I'm using a truetype handwriting font for the title. However, where the font gets really swirly, it looks like the texture size is not big enough to fit the entire swirl, so it gets cut off. I was wondering if anyone knows how to increase the size of the texture to render the whole font nicely. I would really like to use this font and I'd appreciate it if anyone can help Thanks! Screenshot:
  14. Trouble with States, OOP, and 'this'

    Do you have a link to the webpage?
  15. Phaser To Desktop Application Beta

    You are most welcome, sir