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  1. Classes are part of the ES2015 standard, which is not supported by IE. For easy backwards compatibilty (if you actually want to support IE) you can just use Babel to transpile your code to ES5. Also, I'm not sure of classes can be polyfilled.
  2. Sadly, iOS clears localStorage whenever it feels like it (which appearantly is always). As Bruno suggested there are plugins that allows you to overcome this issue. Where cordova-plugin-file is a nice solution, it requires you to do some extra work like setting up a json to write to the file. Instead, you could also go for cordova-plugin-nativestorage that expose an API similar to localStorage. I've also created a localStorage wrapper for Phaser that allows for Storage Adapters (localStorage and NativeStorage included) that easily allows you to switch storages and still keeping the same api
  3. Funny that you ask now because yesterday it was told in an interview that the Switch won't be released with a browser. (altough it might be added later) Imho this means it will seriously set back html5 development for this machine
  4. We have a slightly bigger team than your's but the amount of people fixing stuff is more or less equal in percentage. But it is as you said, depending on where your revenue is, it's definitely worth updating some of your games. As for the infra, we are on Amazon (bit of legacy, we already started working on amazon 5 years ago), is there any particular reason why you went for Azure?
  5. As someone who also maintains a large number of HTML5 games I'm also very interested on what goes on behind the games. I'm talking about hosting, updating games, managing different versions etc. (If you are willing to answer of course;)) We are really running into the limits of what we can do with our current setup and I'd love to hear about your endeavors regarding this.
  6. Firefox's Developer Edition has build in support for this:
  7. You can create a new Phaser.Loader object on your own that isn't tied in with any states. It's the same as game.load, but now you can use it for lazy loading let loader = new Phaser.Loader(; loader.image(outro, 'assets/images/outro.png'); loader.onLoadComplete.add(() => { //Do something here to signal loading has finisged }, this); loader.start(); The browser already know this, if you load the same assets twice, the browser will return the same result. No idea how Phaser handles duplicates in this regard.
  8. Another thing you could do animate the lightning effect yourself in your favorite tool, and then export it as a spritesheet. In your code you should be able to rotate and stretch it your liking. We did something similar for one of our games:
  9. Although that example is made in Phaser, the principles can be added to PIXI as well. It uses some simple draw calls to draw the lighting adds some nice tweens to them, and a WebGL Filter for glow (which you can offcourse dismiss, it's just glow)
  10. Remove the var before controls in your create function controls = { right : this.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.RIGHT), left : this.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.LEFT), up : this.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.UP), };
  11. This whole game feels like one big boss battle, also the voice is great! Really like it
  12. That behaviour is different per browser, and in order to always be safe it's better to use /
  13. That's because children don't have names, nor are they refenced by such a thing. They are basicly just a list of objects.
  14. Yes it's allowed. We publish our games on external portals with our own AdSense/DFP included, in fact I made a phaser plugin that allows you to do just that
  15. I maintain an unofficial Spine plugin for phaser over at That plugin is already maintained in TypeScript, but the official JS runtime general runs behind the latest version of Spine. From what I can see I'll be updating Phaser-Spine towards using the spine-js runtime withint the next few weeks