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  1. Str1ngS

    Input box

    Weird, we use TypeScript for all our projects and haven't seen this issue so far. Did you correctly reference the definition file?
  2. Str1ngS

    Input box

    Im currently not spending time on it no, some issues are implementation specific as well. your other option would be but it doesn't support WebGL
  3. Str1ngS

    Input box

    I made a plugin specificly for that:
  4. They probably did the same stuff as with Mobile Safari, have you tried using onInputUp instead?
  5. Have you also checked the audio sprite exampels? Because it sounds exactly like what you do/want/need.
  6. Hey @avatech thanks! You need to use the exports-loader in webpack as per: Let me know if you still run into any issues
  7. We generate 10m+ gameplays per month over web portals with our games, so there is more than enough people still going there (our reach isn't even what we want it to be yet, portal wise)
  8. It depends on what you deem effective, also effective as in reach/revenue als depends on the quality of your game.
  9. Str1ngS

    Attack with left click

    You want to use the onDown signal on game.input: create: function(){ this.player.animations.add('atk', [529, 532, 535, 538, 541], 10, true); () {'atk'); }, this); }
  10. Str1ngS

    Souls Purgatory

    Even thought I never ask people to make something for us when we hire/interview, but it's greatly appreciated to show and an all previous experiences and code. Especially interns, they usually have decent portfolio's these days so it's not that hard to segregate on code quality anymore. Usually people have a 2 month trial period when they get hired, that allows you to show way more than any project people may ask you to make. The screenshot totally reminds me of a combination of KIngs Tale: Final Fantasy XV and Little Fighter II
  11. Str1ngS

    JavaScript class declaration for Internet Explorer

    Classes are part of the ES2015 standard, which is not supported by IE. For easy backwards compatibilty (if you actually want to support IE) you can just use Babel to transpile your code to ES5. Also, I'm not sure of classes can be polyfilled.
  12. Str1ngS

    LocalStorage + Cocoon WebView+

    Sadly, iOS clears localStorage whenever it feels like it (which appearantly is always). As Bruno suggested there are plugins that allows you to overcome this issue. Where cordova-plugin-file is a nice solution, it requires you to do some extra work like setting up a json to write to the file. Instead, you could also go for cordova-plugin-nativestorage that expose an API similar to localStorage. I've also created a localStorage wrapper for Phaser that allows for Storage Adapters (localStorage and NativeStorage included) that easily allows you to switch storages and still keeping the same api
  13. Str1ngS

    Nintendo Switch

    Funny that you ask now because yesterday it was told in an interview that the Switch won't be released with a browser. (altough it might be added later) Imho this means it will seriously set back html5 development for this machine
  14. Str1ngS

    BlackMoon Html5 Games

    We have a slightly bigger team than your's but the amount of people fixing stuff is more or less equal in percentage. But it is as you said, depending on where your revenue is, it's definitely worth updating some of your games. As for the infra, we are on Amazon (bit of legacy, we already started working on amazon 5 years ago), is there any particular reason why you went for Azure?
  15. Str1ngS

    BlackMoon Html5 Games

    As someone who also maintains a large number of HTML5 games I'm also very interested on what goes on behind the games. I'm talking about hosting, updating games, managing different versions etc. (If you are willing to answer of course;)) We are really running into the limits of what we can do with our current setup and I'd love to hear about your endeavors regarding this.