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  1. @hunts The next LudumDare is on July 28th So in just a few days.
  2. GUI - Bitmap Fonts

    I need this too... Canvas2D has this and 9-tile backgrounds. Maybe I will have the time to help in this in 2-3weeks from now.
  3. New Gui in Babylon

    How can I update the content of an image button? Or, how can I get the context of the image? I would like to draw an energy level bar, and score, and menu points with pixel font for example. (I can draw pixel fonts to a context, just dont'know how to get it)
  4. Simple deep water effect

    A bit more realistic deep-water reflection with new parameters. (some of are a bit... undocumented) (edited) I planned to work on deep and shallow water with foam and flow maps. The plan was to use vertex color RGB to encode deepness/shore distance, X flow and Z flow. Maybe if I have the time...
  5. That looks so mouth-wateringly cool!
  6. Thanks! After a refrsh, it should work now.
  7. Thanks for you too! After a refresh it should work now...
  8. Really thank you for trying! Can I ask you what is your browser locale? (navigator.language here:)
  9. @Théo Sabattié Thanks! That you see the Start button is a good sign, something works... Do you get any errors in javascript console? Could you please send me a copy or printscreen of the console?
  10. Three Of You My entry in LudumDare #38 A non-violent game. The village has sent the three of you to find the lost power crystals. Find all the crystals on the island! Collect mushrooms, acorns and fruits to eat! Play here: LudumDare: I would like to play your Ludumdare game!
  11. Spherical voxels

    This link is broken: Your game could have been a good entry to LudumDare38
  12. Thank you! Yes, I plan to rate many games next week. It is a very-very small world and the day-night cycle is very fast.
  13. Hi everyone! Let me show you my LudumDare entry: I hope I'm not the only one using BABYLON.js (I did not found others yet) You can find the assets I created in Blender Here on sketchfab:
  14. I know it sounds weird, but you could try a voxel editor instead of a pixel image: This can output .obj files. I'm sure the arrow on the top image is a mesh, not a thickness shader.