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  1. maho125


    @empu great job. Box2d is a classic
  2. Integrated physics engine in Panda supports only basic shapes like rectangle, circle and line. If you need more complex shapes you need use some plugin like p2.js physics or box2d. Check panda plugin section
  3. Some examples with physics and collisions you can find here:
  4. @pinkpanther You're welcome. But if you want better physics in your game I recommend you use p2 physics. @empu made a plugin for p2 physics. More info you can find here
  5. Try modify update functions like this: Enemy //this.body.position.x += this.speed * this.acceleration;this.body.velocity.x = this.speed * this.acceleration;Projectile //this.body.position.y += this.speed * this.acceleration;this.body.velocity.y = this.speed * this.acceleration;
  6. Pls post here update function for both bodies. Projectile it's quite small so for testing purposes set his width to more pixels (for example 10px). And try to add to your project URL this parameter ?debugdrawIt helps you to check if movement of your bodies is updating because I suspect that you update only position of sprite. And where you define indexes for collision groups (friend,enemy)? Test if indexes of collision groups are not null.
  7. At first in init method define some shape for body. var width = 100;var height = 50;this.shape = new game.Rectangle(width,height);this.body.addShape(this.shape); And also you need to add body to world.;If you want also visual representation of body you have to add sprite to scene and in update method assign to sprite current position and rotation of body. Easy example of collision detection in Panda.js you can find here:
  8. 1. If you want to use complex shapes like shape attached in post above you have to use p2.js physics engine instead of physics engine which is part of Panda framework. Panda physics supports only bodies with basic shapes like rectangle and circle. And also only basic body collisions. Here is thread about p2.js physics plugin for panda and doucmentation for p2.js 2. Yes, you can add image background as Sprite or TillingSprite and extend it with parallax effect if you want. But if you have only one colour background is better set scene property backgroundColor to some colour.
  9. @enpu Thanks. It's quite easy to make games with great engine:)
  10. @enpu great work! I'll try new features ASAP
  11. @boostk Thanks for your feedback, I'm planning some changes in gameplay and some optimization for mobile devices so I'll send some post about game update soon.
  12. @fuzzee Thanks for screenshots I'm planning to fix it. Also I have some ideas to make gameplay more fun and challenging so I have to find some free time for changes.
  13. Hi suntemple, there isn't any allowed area where the blocks can be put next to each other. So it's bug I will check it. And yes there is difference in bricks they have different mass value. But I plan to change to bigger value because now it seems that there isn't any difference . Thank you for feedback.
  14. @Zef Thanks @Totor which iOS device did you use? I tested it only on Desktop, iPad2 and iPad4 and it works ok. On phones with small resolutions can be problems with size of textures because game is not optimalized for phones only for tablets/desktop. But if I will have some free time I will make optimalization also for phones.
  15. Hi, I'm newbie in development of games in HTML5. During this weekend I made my first HTML5 game with Panda game engine. It's quite simple, your goal is to build the tallest tower from various bricks and let building stands as long as possible. Game using p2.js plugin for physics. You can play it here: Thanks to @enpu for great work around Panda engine.