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  1. Learn: Phaser 2 or Phaser 3?

    To answer the original question ... how comfortable are you with JavaScript? No? ... then visit MDN ... since JavaScript IS NOT typical OOP language as much as folks would like you to believe. Both v2 &v3 pull some odd tricks, and the newer v3 promotes horrible design patterns ( anti-patterns) .... you'll cry " Why did n`t I take the Blue Pill ...."
  2. Documentation

    Phaser was under some severe time constraints to release software or lose funding. Phaser truly needs our financial backing to succeed. Compared to an industrial release v3 is still compared to a "Mar k sting release" in which documentation and training development starts.
  3. Should I use Phaser 3?

    Poor project management demonstrated by severe deadlines and funding constraints. Phaser3 is really still in a "marketing 'release" Phaser 3 is beginning it's documentation phase ... in the industry this is still considered a "release candidate"
  4. How would you like the Input Manager to work?

    This is the same problems from Flash ActionScript 3; Here's some conclusions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4924558/listen-to-click-event-on-overlapped-sprites I remember using a "Bubble up event" if it was active.
  5. Spritesheet Animation feedback

    Quote: "The reason you specify the key for every frame is that in v3 you can have animations that span multiple images." This is soooo cool!
  6. How to avoid maaaany collisions?

    I running into the same thing. Phaser v3 is very similar to Flash actionscript v1 as far as buttons are concerned. Here's what I want: http://makingbrowsergames.com/book/ch3/SCRUM2/index.html Here's what I have in v3 so far: http://makingbrowsergames.com/book/v3/ Use the console to take a peek . . .
  7. Can I Build My Game Using KIWI

    Indeed, I agree! It's amazing to see the transition from Kiwi.JS into Phaser v2 and now Phaser v3. Yet, Kiwi still has features that are missing in the overall Phaser to date.
  8. How to create multiple levels?

    Excellent use of "separation of concerns"; simply brilliant BrD. Kir13y and Bossman759: I have examples of exactly what you're looking for in "multiple levels" on my GitHub and in my new book Pre-release coupon is here and valid until August 5 https://leanpub.com/LoRD/c/PNRXYGHZTM2H
  9. Current state of the market

    WOW! Nice healthy debate, folks. Could someone provide the bottom line?
  10. MarketJS copying games again

    Outstanding article ... it is important because in US&UK courts use English law of precedence. This means once judge passes a ruling that ruling may used as a pre defence in future cases to interpret the law . The lesson is to sue in a French or German court
  11. This is a superior list of reference; I telling my game design and software engineer majors to pin this.
  12. I recommend the books listed in my signature below. I also have the Ultimate Phaser Libraryhttp://leanpub.com/b/ultimatephaserlibrary
  13. Phaser Books

    I have several books available on Amazon or the best offers on pre-releases are on leanpub.com. Simply search for books below in the signature
  14. Any books or tutorials about phaser + socket.io ??

    I recommend the Ultimate Phaser Library http://leanpub.com/b/ultimatephaserlibrary It cover 2-player and MMoG.
  15. MarketJS copying games again

    Is that a question or a statement? I recommend you do some research.