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  1. This is the same problems from Flash ActionScript 3; Here's some conclusions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4924558/listen-to-click-event-on-overlapped-sprites I remember using a "Bubble up event" if it was active.
  2. Spritesheet Animation feedback

    Quote: "The reason you specify the key for every frame is that in v3 you can have animations that span multiple images." This is soooo cool!
  3. How to avoid maaaany collisions?

    I running into the same thing. Phaser v3 is very similar to Flash actionscript v1 as far as buttons are concerned. Here's what I want: http://makingbrowsergames.com/book/ch3/SCRUM2/index.html Here's what I have in v3 so far: http://makingbrowsergames.com/book/v3/ Use the console to take a peek . . .
  4. Can I Build My Game Using KIWI

    Indeed, I agree! It's amazing to see the transition from Kiwi.JS into Phaser v2 and now Phaser v3. Yet, Kiwi still has features that are missing in the overall Phaser to date.
  5. How to create multiple levels?

    Excellent use of "separation of concerns"; simply brilliant BrD. Kir13y and Bossman759: I have examples of exactly what you're looking for in "multiple levels" on my GitHub and in my new book Pre-release coupon is here and valid until August 5 https://leanpub.com/LoRD/c/PNRXYGHZTM2H
  6. Current state of the market

    WOW! Nice healthy debate, folks. Could someone provide the bottom line?
  7. MarketJS copying games again

    Outstanding article ... it is important because in US&UK courts use English law of precedence. This means once judge passes a ruling that ruling may used as a pre defence in future cases to interpret the law . The lesson is to sue in a French or German court
  8. This is a superior list of reference; I telling my game design and software engineer majors to pin this.
  9. I recommend the books listed in my signature below. I also have the Ultimate Phaser Libraryhttp://leanpub.com/b/ultimatephaserlibrary
  10. Phaser Books

    I have several books available on Amazon or the best offers on pre-releases are on leanpub.com. Simply search for books below in the signature
  11. Any books or tutorials about phaser + socket.io ??

    I recommend the Ultimate Phaser Library http://leanpub.com/b/ultimatephaserlibrary It cover 2-player and MMoG.
  12. MarketJS copying games again

    Is that a question or a statement? I recommend you do some research.
  13. Folks, I have released my first Flash game converted into Phaser on 14 May 2017. Only 87 more games to go -- all of them found here. I am so in love with this framework!!! I've tried many but Phaser is simply the best. My recent release uses the Official 2.6.2 here; if you're curious how I did it? Simply open your console and observer, all my debug is there. and the 2.7.7 here.... and it is working beautifully.
  14. Thanks. I need to make that consistent by adding a click on treasure chest.
  15. Can I Build My Game Using KIWI

    Kiwi is excellent and the great-grand father to Phaser. (written by Richard).
  16. MarketJS copying games again

    Here's what the US Copyright office says: https://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl108.pdf
  17. MarketJS copying games again

    Folks, Here's what the US Copyright office states: https://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl108.pdf
  18. Game Prototyping with Phaser Game Framework is nearing initial launch. Currently, it is 90% finished, and bonus content will be available after 95%. Here's a 50% coupon valid from now until August 5, 2017 Create 100s of games with Phaser and the Legends of Renown Deeds (LoRD) Gaming System. For more information visit https://leanpub.com/LoRD
  19. [WIP] 99stickman.com

    I loved the stick man games; it should do well.
  20. PhaserQuest - Roleplay Mod

    I admire your translation from Browser Quest. Nicely done.
  21. In exported projects, I find the "mt" data and global objects. In the mt.init() it loads phaser hacks for early 2.0 - 2.2 versions and a phaser generic hacks file for anything above the filtered versions. With the most current release of CE 2.7.9 (geez, youz guyz can't keep up with you) my question is: Are these "hack" file even needed any longer. Aren't these patches included by now? Does anyone know?
  22. Are Phaser hacks.js still required?

    Follow-up to my questions: v2.7.7 does indeed fix/override many of the optimization/hacks.
  23. Mighty Editor or Phaser Editor ??

    Follow up on my original question. I've discovered that 2.7.7 does fix/override many of the patches/hacks.
  24. Mighty Editor or Phaser Editor ??

    I use both licensed version. There are many features inside Mighty Editor that "optimize" earlier version of Phaser 2.x., and there is much to learn from their process on how they manage the Phaser/Pixi canvas. Phase Editor is a superior tool to develop single state scenes. As demonstrated in my game prototype here