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    MightyEditor global Phaser update

    Hi - it will work, but there might be some small differences which I'm not aware of Here is my quick test: Let me know - if you run into any trouble - I'll be glad to help
  2. Hi, after many requests and also issues with the latest Chrome update / webgl crash on Windows MightyEditor has been updated to the most recent Phaser version (2.4.4). From now on, all the new projects by default will use Phaser 2.4.4 If you are experiencing errors or crashes feel free to contact us at github: or directly, e-mail:
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    Hello, It has been a while since our last post here! MyGameBuilder was formed through a creative joining between the first versions of MyGameBuilder and MightyEditor. The main purpose of MyGameBuilder is to teach users game development in a collaborative manner, where more experienced developers can help others. If you are completely new to the game development you can: Play games - we have some nice user made games! Play with the actormap engine, which doesn't require any coding experience to make a game. Fork game and alter it to make it your own. Start taking guided lessons to learn programming basics, and even create a Phaser based game on your own, If you get stuck doing any of these things, there is usually somebody online who will be glad to help. After finishing the basic tutorials, there are some game related challenges to start practicing with. Main parts of MyGameBuilder: Graphic Editor - easily create your own pixel art, or import graphics here Actor and ActorMap - are part of the ActorMap engine, which allows you to build game without coding. It's as simple as assigning graphics to an actor, defining the Actor's behavior, and placing Actors on the ActorMaps to interact. Also, if you have used an earlier version of MyGameBuilder, you can import your game into the new version. The Map Editor allows you to build maps for your games. It uses the TileMap format so you can convert your graphics into tiles, and put them on the map.You can also import TileMap in JSON format or load TileMap directly into a Phaser game. The Sound Editor allows users to quickly create sound effects, like a coin pickup or a melee hit. There is also a music editor, which you can use to create background music for your game. Currently you can generate metal or 8 bit music, or import your own mp3 file. With the Code Editor, there is no limit to what you can create. The Code editor has a beginner-friendly code mentor which will show information about keywords used in the programming. Also it has JSdoc support so users can describe functions with JSdoc comments, the code mentor will pick those up and show as help info. Code Editor supports full ES6 JavaScript syntax and will automatically pick-up imported modules and share their info with the code mentor. The latest addition is our Hour of Code project: this is a gaming tutorial used in a worldwide classroom project that has users of any experience level program a dwarf character to complete game goals with basic JavaScript commands. Check it out here: And all of this is completely free! It would be really nice if you could share your game developing experience when you were a beginner: How did you begin? Where did you get all the necessary information to build a game?
  4. You should definitely try out Code editor. Code Mentor is one of my favorite features
  5. stauzs

    SVG and audio [SOLVED]

    Hi, I've copied your example locally, named it html and got the same error. Then I renamed it to svg and that seems to be working. If you are using web server and generate svgs most likely you will need to add header: content-type: image/svg+xml
  6. Hi, unfortunately there is no option from UI to change all selected sprites. If you feel like hacking - you can select sprites and run from browsers console: map.selector.forEach(s => {s.anchorX = 0.5; s.anchorY = 0.5})
  7. stauzs

    Mighty editor local development

    I just tested on windows 8 everything worked fine.. I don't know how to help you. Probably you can try to update nodejs / npm might help those steps in the previous message are correct - I didn't do anything extra.
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    Mighty editor local development

    which OS are you using?
  9. stauzs

    Mighty editor local development

    can you follow these steps and post output of first failed command: you can skip 1st if you already cloned mightyeditor 1) git clone 2) cd mightyeditor 3) cd server 4) npm install 5) cd .. 6) ./startprod 7) open in the browser:
  10. stauzs

    Mighty editor local development

    kingangelo26 can you post output for: ./startprod
  11. stauzs

    Sprite get blur in iPad

    Make sure that canvas size fits screen size.
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    Mighty editor local development

    start "git bash" and type: cd it will bring you to the user's home folder
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    How to check all member of group location

    Hey - you need to check "Y" instead of "Z" and then you can remove all of them: just loop though children as you do and check: var toRemove = []; animals.forEach(function(animal) { var z=0; if (animal.y > 820){ console.log(y); toRemove(animal) } }); toRemove.forEach(function(animalToRemove){ animalToRemove.destroy() });
  14. stauzs

    Mighty editor local development

    You can skip that command - as by default git bash starts in "home" folder
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    phaser - mighty - ajax-php-mysql

    Hi, there are 2 options: 1) set header to allow access add the header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin:") to your script: <?php header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin:"); session_start(); print "test"; more info: 2) use jsonp - requires a little more scripting:
  16. stauzs

    can't access editor

    MightyEditor uses Websocket - if it can't connect to the server it shows maintenance message. Most likely you (or your ISP) are using some kind of proxy which doesn't handle websockets.
  17. stauzs

    Webfonts do not get loaded

    Hi, MightyEditor has a feature to automatically load and convert font files and add CSS rules - however, this feature seems to be broken with a global phaser/PIXI update a few months ago. Right now, I have fixed it for the online MightyEditor version. On the github I have only updated critical bug in the mt.helper.js - to fix error you have mentioned: Phaser.Loader: No URL given for file type: font key I will add the rest fixes in the next few days. Basically you need to upload your font: UniversLTW01-67BoldCn (drop on the map or use the upload button in the assets panel) and ME will make additional formats and will add corresponding css rules - so browser can load and use font. You can type in any font directly from google font e.g. ( Indie Flower ) - and ME will download it automatically ( just make sure font's license allows you to use it in your game ) Sometimes ME may fail to load or convert font ( it uses fontforge to convert fonts on the server ). When it does so - generated CSS rules will be correct anyway. To fix broken font replace the broken (missing) font files with the real ones in the final game version. Font files are automatically placed in the /Fonts/{Font Name}/{Font_file_name}.[ttf, woff, eot]
  18. stauzs

    Game editor on Phaser

    I cannot reproduce. Are you using online version? Or local? Actually web app - calls basic first and then parses index.html and minifies source files (js, css). There is a known bug that directly after cloning project export and Open Game is not working and MightyEditor needs to be reloaded. Is Open Game working?
  19. stauzs

    Game editor on Phaser

    Hi, If you are using online version try to export webapp first (Export->Web App...) - this usually fixes export for cloned projects, if that is not helping please report a bug: and I'll try to fix it ASAP If you are using local version try to install zip - MightyEditor zips exported folder - this step fails without any warning. on windows: download setup program and then add "C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin" to path on linux depends on distribution: ubuntu, debian: sudo apt-get install zip
  20. stauzs

    Mighty Fingers contains malware?

    Hi, First of all, is not You can check out MightyEditor's source here and make sure there is no malware: About websafe report: It seems that websafe has checked very old version ( same as google had in September ). Any further investigation requires me to create an account with norton. Maybe I'll get into it some day.
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    Animation wont work

    just pushed newed version - check if update has fixed your issue
  22. stauzs

    Animation wont work

    give me few hours - I'll update github version to the latest.
  23. stauzs

    Animation wont work

    I cannot reproduce. Can you create simple example online and give me the link? here is my test:
  24. stauzs

    how to use require.js dynamicly

    I'm not using require.js - so I'm not be able to help with require.js updates In a metter of fact Phaser has built in script loader - if you prefer to load scripts dynamically instead of including them in the index.html file Also progress bar will show script progress if you decide to use built in script loader. more info here: simple example: prealod: { game.load.script("myScript","myScriptFile.js");}
  25. stauzs

    how to use requirejs lib

    hi, open index.html insert following line right before <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lib/phaser.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lib/require.js"></script> so it looks like: <link rel="manifest" href="manifest.json" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lib/require.js"></script><!-- you need to insert this line --> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lib/phaser.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lib/mt.helper.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lib/"></script>