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  1. Hi, I'm Dave and my website is I need help with an HTML5 cycle racing game, ready for the Tour de France. I'm a complete newbie to this so please be kind - we have a couple of developers in our team but they're not game developers, and are flat out with getting out bike builder ready. The game needs to be able to be played on any device, and shared / embedded on blogs etc. I want to keep it super simple for the first iteration of the game, then add new features / levels further on. The attache specification gives a better overview of what we're looking for - I'm more than happy to have a hacked version of a previous game if someone has something we could base it on. We can provide some support on the design front, just let me know what you need. If you're a skilled freelance HTML5 games developer then get in touch - Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you. David George Bikmo | Game Specification v1.pdf