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    2d game art
  1. novpixel

    [Phaser] Total Football Games!

    hooraay ... Thank you very much TurnA, i'm really enjoy when working on this project ...hopefully we can do on another event again
  2. novpixel

    [Phaser] Total Football Games!

    Thank you very much
  3. novpixel

    [Phaser] Total Football Games!

    yeaay!!...time for football!! .....*feeling excited
  4. novpixel

    [Phaser] Dog n' Doge

    the arts are awesome! with the color style
  5. novpixel

    [Phaser] Homerun Champion

    Thank you very much
  6. novpixel

    [Phaser] Homerun Champion

    Thank you, if you like it ....for the graphic assets i use adobe flash , for drawing and animating
  7. novpixel

    [Phaser] Elevator Miner

    hello TurnA....hello guys Greetings, i'm artist for this game thank you very much for nice feedback for my artworks, i realy appreciate it...i hope i can make better artwork in the next project