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  1. Hi, Took some time, but I think I have an idea for a new game... I need pixel perfect collisions between sprites (think 2-d space shooter). The documentation makes absolutely no sense to me so I am asking another stupid question here: Does PixiJSv4 have built-in pixel perfect collisions system? (need URL link to some code and a demo) Thanks! JeZxLee
  2. Hi, I think I saw video file playback support built into PixiJSv4. If above is true I have the following questions: (1) Does video file playback have audio? (2) Does video file playback work on mobile (Android/iOS)? Thanks! JeZxLee
  3. Hi, Thanks for all the suggestions. I modified my Linux menu to open Google Chrome with "--allow-file-access-from-files" flag. Now I can use the slow thin client desktop with WebGL game dev and Linux Chrome locally. Many thanks! JeZxLee
  4. Hi, Been a while... I have a problem: My favorite desktop is a slow custom thin client. I run Linux Mint 18.2 KDE 64Bit on the thin client with a Win 10 virtual machine. On Win 10 VM there is no hardware acceleration so WebGL won't work - so that's a lost cause. On native Linux Firefox there is no hardware acceleration so the game runs too slow in HTML5 mode. On native Linux Chrome there is hardware acceleration but the game does not run locally. So that's my problem. How would I get PixiJSv4 game to run locally on Linux Chrome? I am using Linux Mint 18.2 KDE 64Bit with a rather crappy Intel HD GPU. I remember there is some method to run the PixiJSv4 locally on any browser, but I forgot what it is. Any help would be appreciated...would really like to use the thin client desktop with PixiJSv4 game dev. Thin client is over-clocked to 2.42GHz with 4 cores and has 16GB RAM w/512MB RAM dedicated to the Intel HD GPU. (also, I absolutely will NEVER run Windows native on ANY of my computers EVER, so don't tell me to try that) Thanks in advance! JeZxLee
  5. We released last night "Beta3 110% Final"... Took over a week, but we finally have mobile Internet browser multi-touch working... We will be starting our next game project in a few days... Thanks! JeZxLee
  6. Got it working, thanks! (URL above has been updated) JeZxLee
  7. My original question has not been answered: How do I disable texture smoothing on desktops/notebooks? Thanks! JeZxLee
  8. Tried that, no difference in performance... I think this is an issue with Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. I posted to their support forum... JeZxLee
  9. Hi, I did a performance profile on Linux Firefox: PDH4-Firefox-Performace-01.json Any ideas? <script> function gameLoop() { FrameCount++; setTimeout(gameLoop, FrameRate); state(); renderer.render(stage); } <!-- [TM] --> <!-- "A 110% By Team!" --> </script> Thanks for your help! JeZxLee
  10. WebGL is slow on Linux Firefox... I blame Linux Firefox, not PixiJSv4... Just wondering if there is something I can do in the source code to speed up the game to acceptable level? I also asked for help with WebGL & Firefox in the official Linux Mint forums... Thanks! JeZxLee
  11. I am getting 50 Frames Per Second on Linux Chrome, and 10 Frames Per Second on Linux Firefox? Is there something I can do to fix Frames Per Second on Linux Firefox? Thanks! JeZxLee
  12. Hi, I booted up my slow thin client desktop and the game is running at 10 Frames Per Second. I wish to disable texture smoothing on desktop/notebook Internet browsers. How can I do the above? Thanks! JeZxLee
  13. Hi, Thanks for playing our game... If you check [Options] screen you will see: "Control Scheme" option. (change that to "Cue Next Move" to have what you want) People complained about it so it's off by default... JeZxLee
  14. Hi, Been looking at the docs. Is this where I should be looking?: Still don't have this working...any help would be appreciated... Thanks! JeZxLee