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  1. joshcamas

    A way to create road on ground

    Yup, this is exactly what you need to do! Interestingly enough, this is how most engines do it, such as Unity and UE4. This was what I wanted to do years ago with my editor, but back then we didn't have that nice terrainMaterial, so beautiful <3
  2. joshcamas

    Setting Avatar as a Gif

    I don't remember having a gif avatar, sadly
  3. joshcamas

    SpriteGen (Build Spritesheets out of Models!)

    Sorry about the super late reply! I'm afraid I have moved on from the HTML5 scene for now, I may return. I'm currently working on a big project with Unity. I can release the source files, if you want to see how it works, it's actually quite simple
  4. joshcamas

    SUPER simple webvr example?

    Awesome! I'm so excited to get into this! With cardboard, you can scan a code to load headset parameters... My headset isn't aligned with the default babylon/webvr settings, are there variables I can change on my own? It'd be really cool if there was a database, and we could implement a camera taking a picture of it, scanning the qr code, accessing the database, and setting the webvr settings... but for now I just wanna hardcode in those settings
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a downloadable vr example... no 2D gui, nothing like that.... all I want is a flat plane. I'm having trouble finding anything like this, it's sad cause all I can find is three.js examples I don't wanna use three.js Anything like this out there? Also, does webvr in babylon support webvr-polyfill?
  6. joshcamas

    How does dynamic-on-dynamic collision work?

    LOL well luckily this physics engine is going to be very simple. Think AABB based intersections and simple calculations. So rotation is not going to be a thing, nor friction, nor ramps, for now at least. For now I'm thinking just using 50%, then maybe adding mass proportion later. Thanks guys :))
  7. I'm currently working on my AABB collision system, and I've gotten dynamic-static collision working, aka a character on a wall for example Basically by comparing the overlap of two bounding boxes and pushing the dynamic one away... But how should I do dynamic-dynamic? Should I basically run the thing twice, but move each one a percentage depending on mass? Aka if both weigh the same then move the same distance apart, or if one's heavier then move it less? Should I compare just mass, or velocity, or... Here's what I've done so far:
  8. joshcamas

    Babylon Voxel.js

    This is brilliant! I hope someone can come up with a non-minecraft clone of a voxel game... the voxel system seems so cool but it feels like no matter what you do with it it looks like a minecraft clone
  9. joshcamas

    Gravity without fancy physics engine

    Alright, we're getting there! Simple collision works!! How it works: The collision system is currently static vs dynamic, aka a character vs a wall. This is done by enabling static collision and dynamic collision by collision group. This allows different objects to collide to different objects. staticMesh.enableStaticCollision("world",scene); dynamicMesh.enableDynamicCollision("world",scene) Adds both a static and dynamic mesh to the collision group "world". And now to update the collision system, simply run: scene.updateCollision() In your update loop. The next step is a dynamic+dynamic collision, although I'm not quite sure how I'll design that. Also, maybe different shapes, as well as custom bounding boxes. (instead of using the bounds built into the mesh. It'd also be interesting to implement bouncing and other simple physics stuff I'm also considering adding a simple bounding box visual system, and *maybe* add higher end collision (rotation affects collision)
  10. joshcamas


    This is a pretty awesome little guy! I love the atmosphere, the menu is a great touch! Adding traps would be rad
  11. joshcamas


    I do too! Only problem is it isn't my art, it's free art off open game art. And when I add more characters (if I continue this game) I need it to be the same style
  12. joshcamas


    I'm not sure why the mouse isn't working, that's crazy cause I didn't change anything, it worked a month ago... thanks for finding the movement bug as well!
  13. joshcamas

    Masking certain meshes?

    Hi guys, I'm building a little isometric demo and I'm in need to hide meshes that the player is behind. I don't really wanna hide the whole mesh like Diablo, but instead want to create a circle mask around the player. Like so: Notice how the wall dissapears when the player gets close? Sorry about the bad quality lmaoo So yeah. Not 100% sure how this would even work...
  14. joshcamas

    Gravity without fancy physics engine

    That's what I'm thinking! But it *shouldn't* do this, because it moves it by the distance... (delta). But I'll check it out, thanks!
  15. joshcamas

    Gravity without fancy physics engine

    Dude I love it! What is facet data? I'm getting a solid 60 fps as well EDIT: Clearly you're the master of this, do you know why my code is glitching?