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  1. Thanks I changed your playground to parent the lookAt mesh, and it shows what I want to achieve more clearly (and currently not working), if the 'looker' has a parent which is rotated the lookAt function is not working as expected. Thank you yes it seems to be doing that for the target position, but what about if the 'looker' mesh also has a parent, which is rotated? (which may also have another parent which is also rotated), like in the playground above?
  2. Understanding draw calls (and improving FPS)

    Each material per mesh(or instance thereof) is basically one draw call. Seconding @aWeirdo, having all cards of the same suit in one large texture would likely reduce draw calls by a lot. If you do this, you'll probably want to use SPS to get the draw call reduction benefit. I assume many cards will only be visible from the back, so they can all be collapsed onto one draw call.
  3. It looks like mesh.lookAt() doesn 't work correctly if either the mesh and/or it's target are parented; is this intended or not? comment line 27 out for correct behavior.
  4. Building from Floorplans

    Sorry for the late reply hehe. I'll table my desire for curved walls for now :D, easier to just ExtrudePath a curved path to create a curved mesh without holes
  5. Maybe you can duplicate the grondMesh before flatshading() it, and perform the getHeightAtCoordinates() on the smoothshaded mesh, while its hidden?
  6. Building from Floorplans

    Very cool, any chance there could be a tutorial for the PolygonMeshBuilder in conjunction with the angled corners? Would it work for curved walls?
  7. Triangle geometry, curves

    you can try var c = BABYLON.Vector3.Center(a, b).add(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, BABYLON.Vector3.Distance(a, b) / 5, 0)); change axis in the add portion as deeded.
  8. Collisions with workers 'shaky'

    For now I've settled on a Epsilon of .02, seems to stop the jitter but allows my slowest-moving-mesh to still move at their normal speed As an additional benefit it seems to stop the sliding down minimal inclines. Thanks for the help! If there are additional drawbacks I guess we'll find out
  9. Collisions with workers 'shaky'

    Ah, I found the drawback, when a mesh moves too slow it won't move at all anymore..
  10. Collisions with workers 'shaky'

    Yeah, changing BABYLON.Engine.CollisionsEpsilon to .1 seems to stop the jitter.. but I wonder what's the drawback because nothing comes free
  11. Collisions with workers 'shaky'

    yeah I'm referring to #2, personally I'd call #1 a callback. Yeah the BABYLON source can be a bit abstract at times with many nested function calls having very similar names.
  12. Dynamic Terrain

    Oh, great, my bad for not looking more thoroughly Sorry, another question (last I hope), does DynamicTerrain support something like .dataFromHeightMap (possibly with an offset option so a different portion of the image could be used when the player walks around)?
  13. Collisions with workers 'shaky'

    I might give it a try.. would you mind to point me to the function name that does the 'pushback'? cool, I'll have to check it out
  14. Questions about MoveWithCollisions

    Thanks Wingnut for the suggestions I don't actually have this problem with a groundmesh, I have a similar solution to yours, however there are also other various meshes the playermesh can walk on, which is where the jitter (that was the word I should have used) occurs. And to check for intersections on every frame for every possible intersecting mesh will probably kill performance.. Optimally I would just like to disable the pushback' from the collision worker. The .showEllipsoid is a very useful function you wrote there; are you sure its still accurate when it comes to mesh scaling and a non-standard position of the pivot point?
  15. Dynamic Terrain

    @jerome Would it be possible to add .getHeightAtCoordinates() and .getNormalAtCoordinates() to DynamicTerrain?