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  1. yvzyldrm

    cordova + phaser + ios 8

    hi everyone i am using phaser + cordova + ios7. its okay, perfectly working. but since ios 8 beta 4 and xcode beta 4 installed does not view screen. just white screen. cordova also no problem. because when i wrote plain text. i see text. I have created a simple application. I put the top of the screen button. I'm running the same. white screen and does not give any error. i click to the corner of screen (button is here). functionally working. why white screen? did anyone try?
  2. yvzyldrm

    offset/padding with graphic.generateTexture()

    I have the same problem
  3. yvzyldrm

    Problem about scrolling part of a screen

    thanks dude. ok, no problem for masking. but, how will scroll number 2 screen? actually, I do not know it
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem about a list scrolling issue and attached an SS. The problem is, I have some elements just like you see at the SS. Menu 1 and menu 2 is static but the content part must be scrollable. The content part is dynamic so it can grow in numbers. With the state of the current project they are scrollable but the content part is sliding through the back of the menu part. I just want a nice scrollable part so the content will be hidden of masked when getting throughout the menus or the header part. Thanks in advance.
  5. yvzyldrm

    async image loader

    yes, yes. thanks dude
  6. yvzyldrm

    async image loader

    hi there I have a problem like mine. I want to upload pictures from an address now. necessarily have to make it through, but staying in preload. Once the game starts loading can not I? preload:function() { this.game.load.image('profilepic','https://abc.com/profile.jpg');}profileButtonAction:function() { profileButton.loadTexture('profilepic');}i want; profileButtonAction:function() { this.game.load.image('profilepic','https://abc.com/profile.jpg'); profileButton.loadTexture('profilepic');}or async image loader? Please do not solve these issues