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  1. Phaser: how to create scene for pazzle game

    > Thanks Arian, today I will give another try. I hope trial did not expired yet Good. Each time we release a new version you have other period of trial. > how should I start post with your name (it's called "mention" I Yes, to mention someone you have to type "@" followed by the user name.
  2. What is the best way to organize work with designer?

    Hi @ptol If you are talking about graphic designers then you don't need any special tool, you can start making the game with demo images and then replace them with the final images, keeping the same names. Even in Phaser the assets are identified with a key so you can always change the name of the image but keep the same key. Now if you are talking about a designer that is going to work on compose the levels the Phaser Editor is a good choice. You can create prefabs of the elements of your game and let the designer to create the levels.
  3. Phaser: how to create scene for pazzle game

    @Yehuda Katz The best place is the Phaser Editor documentation: There is also a tutorial on zenva academy bolg (it is a bit outdated as I explained before but I think it is a good tutorial yet): We are writing a tutorial with the last features, it is not ready yet. The other I recommend to you to learn the Phaser Editor features is to create a Phaser Example Project and select the templates provided by Phaser Editor: "Friend of Cuco" and "Grotto Scape". In addition you can ask here in the forum and let me know with a mention.
  4. Phaser: how to create scene for pazzle game

    Hi @Yehuda Katz That's great you tried Phaser Editor We do not provide support for grunt but probably it is something you can do externally. JavaScript 6 is not supported, just JavaScript 5 and TypeScript generators are support, but we have in the top of the TODO list JavaScript 6 code generators so keep in touch. Actually we think for development JS6 is lot better and for production it can be compiled with babylonjs or something like that. So keep in touch because JS 6 is coming soon. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Phaser: how to create scene for pazzle game

    Hello @Yehuda Katz As you say, many developers create their own tools to make their games, specially when you have a long line of similar games or big games with similar levels. Tiled is the more popular choice to create maps (actually we have in plan to support their formats in the scene maker of Phaser Editor), but you have to see if maps are the right choice for your puzzle games. With Phaser Editor you can create scenes too, it does not use maps, else simple sprites and groups, just like if you make it by hand. There is a tutorial in Zenva academy blog about to create scenes with Phaser Editor, however it is a bit outdated because in the last version Phaser Editor splitted the scenes into sprite prefabs, group prefabs and states. We are writing a tutorial about it, in the meantime you can read the docs. Thanks for share your thoughts, I was in summer vacations and I just found this post. Next time I recommend to you to post on the Phaser forum. ( (by the way I am the author of Phaser Editor )
  6. Phaser Editor

    Hi @bondreal It looks like Phaser Editor is not finding the external browser. Please open Windows > Preferences > General > Web Browser and tell me the browsers are listed there. You should be able to select Chrome, Firefox (I don't know Edge, I should check). Also you can try setting chrome or firefox the default browser on your Windows control panel. By the way, if you create an issue on our github project you will get a fast response, this is the forum of MightyEditor, not Phaser Editor
  7. TypeScript support arrived to Phaser Editor

    Hi, We just published an article about how to install TypeScript IDE inside Phaser Editor. This allow you to create Phaser projects with TypeScript support and edit/compile the TypeScript files. Read the article here
  8. When Phaser Editor has mac version

    Hi @TonyZPW We just released a preview version with Mac OS support.
  9. Hi, we are happy to announce a new (preview) release of Phaser Editor! There are a lot this time: The so waited MacOS support! Visual prefabs (sprites and groups). Visual editor support for states and preloader states. Some TypeScript support. Assets refactorings (great for larger projects) New Project wizards with more options (like include demo assets or use TypeScript). Updated Phaser Editor demos with prefabs and multi-levels. Git UI integration. And lot of fixes and enhancements. Many of them requested by Phaser Editor users (that's great, so many thanks!) Read the release notes. Arian
  10. Phaser IDE/ Aptana

    @spinnerbox it could be good idea to integrate TM Terminal on Phaser Editor too, I will add it to the TODO list. Thanks for your share.
  11. Phaser IDE/ Aptana

    Hi @MikeW, we develop another Eclipse based IDE (Phaser Editor) and it will be great if you share what's the features you love in Aptana and Eclipse.
  12. The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    I think the wiki is something that can be maintained by the community, and we let the phaser devs to concentrate on phaser development. Fortunately there are a lot of tutorials that help to start and the phaser devs are very reachable on the social channels. What I miss is the Interphase magazine, I think an Interphase issue to welcome Phaser v3 when it is ready will be great.
  13. What should physicsConfig object contain?

    I had the same question... I found in the Phaser code that you can use it in this way: var game = new Phaser.Game(..., { arcade : true });
  14. Are you loading the 'player' asset as spritesheet or image?
  15. Phaser Text Editor/IDE autocomplete API

    There is a sublime text plugin: If you are fine with commercial products you can try Phaser Editor ( it has lot of project templates (between other nice features). You can evaluate it for 15 days. (I am the author of both)