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  1. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    No, P2 is not better for performance. In my opinion, you should ask on the Box 2D forums for tips: It does not matter if the developers are not using Phaser or the Box 2D javascript port, it is a matter of the Box 2D design. You are welcome.
  2. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    Non renderable objects keeps the body and all the physics checks.
  3. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    > This means I should set the property of each sprite to renderable = false and set it to true whenever the player move nearly? > I thought this is was autoCull actually does, uff. Not the renderable property, you should "kill" the object and revive it. > As Arcade does not suite my needs, I use box2d to handle the physics. Oh! I fear Box 2d is not good for performance. It does too heavy computations. You should look into Box 2D forums for better tips.
  4. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    Phaser Editor is a code generator, it compiles the .canvas file into a js file with Phaser code, it means, all is static, it does not create new objects on the fly. Maybe you can create parts of the scene in different Group prefabs, and add the groups to the state by demand. Or you can check the player position and enable only the near objects. By the way, did you tried by enabling quedtree? game.physics.arcade.skipQuadTree = false; See the demo here: physics/quadtree collision infos.js Or better, just open the New Phaser Example Project in Phaser Editor and select that example, then create a bigger scene and add more enemies.
  5. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    Hello @Davaaron Maybe you can try by enabling autoCull in the sprites: But it depends on the nature of your game. Maybe you don't need to create all the objects at the same time, maybe you can create them by demand.
  6. PhaserEditor2D

    Superpowers + Phaser 3?

    Hi @Nodragem Thanks for the feedback. If you have in mind any particular feature, we invite you to add an issue in our Github account: Best regards, Arian
  7. PhaserEditor2D

    Visual Studio Code - Intellisense for Phaser.js?

    Maybe you should look for cloud-based editors. Something like Theia:
  8. PhaserEditor2D

    Visual Studio Code - Intellisense for Phaser.js?

    @projectedtowin I fear it is not going to work if the files are on an FTP site. I guess the TypeScript compiler is not going to read them. If it is working local but not remote, then I think the FTP is the problem.
  9. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser 3 tern plugin?

    @iLKke Tern is the best if you want to code with JavaScript 5, but if you are fine to code with JavaScript 6, then VSCode is a great option, just include the Phaser TypeScript definitions into a jsconfig.json file. Read here about how to do auto-completion in VSCode and JS:
  10. PhaserEditor2D

    Tools compatible with Phaser

    @Kimeiga It does not work with Phaser 3. We are working on it, but it needs time. Phaser 3 is very fresh and a lot of things changed.
  11. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor

    Hi, A Phaser Editor project contains all the "website" content inside the WebContent folder. If you look inside it, it is a common website. I think the real question here is how to import a Phaser game into your website. To do this, you only need say Phaser the name of the DIV where to render the game. For example, place a "my-game" div somewhere in your site, and the create the phaser instance like this: window.onload = function() { var game = new Phaser.Game(320, 240, Phaser.AUTO, "my-game"); // Add the States your game has. game.state.add("Boot", Boot); game.state.add("Preloader", Preloader); game.state.start("Boot"); }; Also, remember to load the Phaser lib and your game scripts.
  12. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor v1.5.0 is released (and is free!)

    @pdiddles03 Thanks for your comment. It would be great if you go in more details so we can improve the editor. You can contact us in any of our social channels or email, but specially, we invite you to open GitHub issues: By the way, the editor generates plain Phaser code, that you can see, there is not any black magic that makes the game slow. Kind regards Arian
  13. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor v1.5.0 is released (and is free!)

    You can download it from this dropbox link: However, I recommend to download the last version 1.5.0, from our downloads page: Arian
  14. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor v1.5.0 is released (and is free!)

    Well, I checked that file and it is fine, maybe the download is not good. No other users reported that file is corrupted. I will upload it to other server.
  15. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor v1.5.0 is released (and is free!)

    Hi, The v1.4.4 is the previous one, I recommend to install v1.5.0. I am uploading the file again, when it is ready I let you know. Thanks Arian