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    Phaser Editor - "Run Phaser Project" doesn't work

    Hi @LizardWizard, Maybe the editor does not find the default Browser, but in theory it should show you an error message. Please, go to the menu Windows > Preferences > General > Web Browser and select the default browser. If no browser is listed there, then you can create a new entry, by pressing the New button and selecting the EXE file of the browser you want to launch to run the games.
  2. PhaserEditor2D

    No Phaser any more!!!

    And what about the Pĥaser World newsletter? Is hard to find something similar, not in the game dev world, else in the whole IT world. It is not only about news. If you follow that newsletter you can learn Phaser at a deep level, and it is available to every one of us, every week. Phaser is not just an open source project, behind it, there are an open community and an open developer.
  3. PhaserEditor2D

    My Phaser Story

    This part was very fun for me: "go abroad if you are in a developed country. I saved up $10k and moved to China & Taiwan for about 2 years," It happened something similar to me. I was living in Europe when I did Phaser Chains, I was working in something too boring for me, building a trading platform on top of Eclipse RCP, but Phaser Chains liked a lot to the Phaser community and said, well, this liked the people more than I expected, I was making tools on top of Eclipse for years, I love compilers, I love tools, I love game development, I love Cuba, ok, I am going back to Cuba right now. I developed the first version of the editor in two or three months, the 0.5K euros I had, gone to 0, I had a kid, but the editor started to sell something, and because I am in Cuba, with a few sells I was able to continue working only on the editor. Today, the editor is providing me the needed resources to feed a family and enjoy (not traveling) but a normal life and what is more important, the option of doing what I love: to focus on developing my own ideas. Developed countries, or environments, can boost your product to a level you cannot do in other places, but if you do not have a solid background, it could be very hard to keep alive just doing what you really love.
  4. PhaserEditor2D

    Import third party library

    Hi v1 is not going to die, it will be updated until clients request it. But for new users, it is the better to wait until v2 if they plan to work with Phaser 3. JavaFX is not out of date, but it is not good for pixel art, there is no way to disable the interpolation and antialiasing of the graphics, at least not a straight way, there are some workarounds but it is not clean. Anyway, I like the idea of paint everything myself because I have more control over everything.
  5. PhaserEditor2D

    Better learn phaser 2!

    Hi @makis If you do not have experience making games, with Phaser or any other tool, it should be useful for you to learn Phaser 2 with books. I think to learn Phaser 3 you can: - Mess with the Phaser 3 examples. - Read all the Phaser World issues of the last year. - Ask for help here when you don't get something. - Look into the Phaser 3 code Arian
  6. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    That's pretty strange. My advice is to create a small test game with only the background and reproduce the FPS drop, then we can work on improving that case.
  7. PhaserEditor2D

    Import third party library

    By the way, A great contribution is to request features. Just tell us what are your ideas with a bit more details so we can implement them (you can add issues to the Github repo and we move them to our plan). Arian
  8. PhaserEditor2D

    Import third party library

    Yes, you can contribute to the editor, the source code is on GitHub: However, right now we are working on the v2, that is the future of the editor. This version is not ready yet for collaboration, first I have to release a Beta and there are some decisions related to the Canvas editor that I have to make, like replace JavaFX scene by another toolkit. Just keep in touch Thanks!
  9. PhaserEditor2D

    Import third party library

    Hi @Davaaron Phaser Editor supports JavaScript 6, but you should disable the content assist (it only works for JS 5), or install the Typescript IDE: However, you can ask the phaser-list-view developers how to use their lib in JS5. It should be possible, I guess you can open an issue in their repo about it.
  10. PhaserEditor2D

    phaser 3 documentation search functionality

    Hi @Mike018 We are too busy on developing Phaser Editor v2, that supports Phaser v3. When we get a time we will implement an online Chains for Phaser 3. We are delivering development reports, in this one you can see how Chains is going in the new version: Note there are other related tools, like the Phaser Files, Phaser Types, Phaser Hierarchy and Phaser Examples. Arian
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    mighty editor or phaser editor?

    Hi @makis Just to point that the current Phaser Editor version only supports Phaser v2. We are working on support Phaser v3, as you can read in our blog: but it is not ready yet. In any case, Mighty Editor only supports Phaser v2 too. I recommend you to take a look to the Phaser Editor documentation: You can try the editor for an unlimited period of time, it only puts limits on the number of assets you can use but to start learning the free version is enough. Best regards, Arian
  12. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    No, P2 is not better for performance. In my opinion, you should ask on the Box 2D forums for tips: It does not matter if the developers are not using Phaser or the Box 2D javascript port, it is a matter of the Box 2D design. You are welcome.
  13. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    Non renderable objects keeps the body and all the physics checks.
  14. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    > This means I should set the property of each sprite to renderable = false and set it to true whenever the player move nearly? > I thought this is was autoCull actually does, uff. Not the renderable property, you should "kill" the object and revive it. > As Arcade does not suite my needs, I use box2d to handle the physics. Oh! I fear Box 2d is not good for performance. It does too heavy computations. You should look into Box 2D forums for better tips.
  15. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    Phaser Editor is a code generator, it compiles the .canvas file into a js file with Phaser code, it means, all is static, it does not create new objects on the fly. Maybe you can create parts of the scene in different Group prefabs, and add the groups to the state by demand. Or you can check the player position and enable only the near objects. By the way, did you tried by enabling quedtree? game.physics.arcade.skipQuadTree = false; See the demo here: physics/quadtree collision infos.js Or better, just open the New Phaser Example Project in Phaser Editor and select that example, then create a bigger scene and add more enemies.
  16. PhaserEditor2D

    Render sprites only in Camera

    Hello @Davaaron Maybe you can try by enabling autoCull in the sprites: But it depends on the nature of your game. Maybe you don't need to create all the objects at the same time, maybe you can create them by demand.
  17. PhaserEditor2D

    Superpowers + Phaser 3?

    Hi @Nodragem Thanks for the feedback. If you have in mind any particular feature, we invite you to add an issue in our Github account: Best regards, Arian
  18. PhaserEditor2D

    Visual Studio Code - Intellisense for Phaser.js?

    Maybe you should look for cloud-based editors. Something like Theia:
  19. PhaserEditor2D

    Visual Studio Code - Intellisense for Phaser.js?

    @projectedtowin I fear it is not going to work if the files are on an FTP site. I guess the TypeScript compiler is not going to read them. If it is working local but not remote, then I think the FTP is the problem.
  20. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser 3 tern plugin?

    @iLKke Tern is the best if you want to code with JavaScript 5, but if you are fine to code with JavaScript 6, then VSCode is a great option, just include the Phaser TypeScript definitions into a jsconfig.json file. Read here about how to do auto-completion in VSCode and JS:
  21. PhaserEditor2D

    Tools compatible with Phaser

    @Kimeiga It does not work with Phaser 3. We are working on it, but it needs time. Phaser 3 is very fresh and a lot of things changed.
  22. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor

    Hi, A Phaser Editor project contains all the "website" content inside the WebContent folder. If you look inside it, it is a common website. I think the real question here is how to import a Phaser game into your website. To do this, you only need say Phaser the name of the DIV where to render the game. For example, place a "my-game" div somewhere in your site, and the create the phaser instance like this: window.onload = function() { var game = new Phaser.Game(320, 240, Phaser.AUTO, "my-game"); // Add the States your game has. game.state.add("Boot", Boot); game.state.add("Preloader", Preloader); game.state.start("Boot"); }; Also, remember to load the Phaser lib and your game scripts.
  23. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor v1.5.0 is released (and is free!)

    @pdiddles03 Thanks for your comment. It would be great if you go in more details so we can improve the editor. You can contact us in any of our social channels or email, but specially, we invite you to open GitHub issues: By the way, the editor generates plain Phaser code, that you can see, there is not any black magic that makes the game slow. Kind regards Arian
  24. Hello! Recently we released the last major version of Phaser Editor, with a lot of new stuff, like Tilemaps and Bitmap Text, but what is more exciting is the new licensing model: Freemium! So now the editor is accessible to everybody for an unlimited period of time. The free edition contains all the features, just the number of certain assets are limited (scenes: 15, tilemaps: 5, texture maps: 3), however, we think that lot of projects fit inside that bounds. We are convinced that the best for all is a model where everybody can use the editor and provide a valuable feedback, that is essential to build a better product. Take a look at the complete release notes EDITED: Recommended this introductory video from GameFromScatch: Kind Regards Arian P.S. By the way, the development of Phaser Editor v2 just started, this version is all about to support Phaser v3.
  25. PhaserEditor2D

    Phaser Editor v1.5.0 is released (and is free!)

    You can download it from this dropbox link: However, I recommend to download the last version 1.5.0, from our downloads page: Arian