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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to rich in Does Phaser 3 need Containers?   
    To be clear: we're not changing how the display list works in v3. Containers will be top-level objects that immediately update the properties of their children (you will not be able to nest containers), which gets around the issue of bounds calculations, branching, etc.
    However, I had completely forgotten about the Joints / RemoteTransform suggestion and it sounds better imho.
    re: UI layering, don't forget the power of the Scenes! I've literally just implemented a fully responsive UI system into a v3 game using its own Scene, and it's so much easier than even Containers would make it.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to PixelPicoSean in Does Phaser 3 need Containers?   
    I think now we only need a better API to support transform tree, and that does not require any changes to the internal implementation. This feature is usually used for UI elements but not much in the other area, and a flat object list will provide way better performance. If you ever used impact.js (which uses flat render list) and want to have some move in/out animation on your UI elements, the general way is to update their transform every single frame from the top most entity class, and that is just chaos. We have to do the same thing right now in Phaser3 due to the lack of such functionality.
    The idea of joint sounds great, further more it may even have configs to support syncing of alpha, tint and other visual properties. In Godot there's a node called RemoteTransform, you can use it to transform a node as child while that node is not really a child. That concept looks just like the joint you proposed as. There are properties like `update_position`, `update_rotation` and `update_scale` that can be used to control how the remote node should be transformed.
    I vote for Joint instead of Container.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to rich in Phaser 3.1.2 Released   
    Today we released Phaser 3.1.2. This is a point-release, meaning none of the public-facing API changed and focused on our continued effort to stamp on bugs as quickly as we can. It also includes hundreds of fixes to the jsdocs.
    The largest fixes are around the renderer, bringing in Tile alpha and Scale support to the Static Tilemap Layer, and fixing an issue with the Particle Emitter batch that would manifest if you had blend modes enabled.
    Grab the latest build from GitHub, npm or CDN and as usual see the full Change Log for details.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to hektor74 in We are looking for Phaser developers   
    Our company develop simulations of aircraft systems. We are looking for developers that use Phaser Editor, and has knowledge of Typescript or Javascript and Phaser. Also we will provide you our own framework for developing easier and faster. It's a fully freelance job and we will give you only deadline. Payment method is open to negotiation.
    You can check our examples here:
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to ptotheaul in Animate CC exporter   
    I know there has been some discussion about how to export an Animate CC animation for use with Phaser/Pixi on the forums but it all is kind of old so I figured I'd ask to see if there is a new method of doing this.   I have a movie clip that has other nested movie clips(each with a timeline animation) that need to be triggered.  This is a conversion from Flash and works in createJS but it's really slow and I think would be much better if done with Phaser or Pixi.  Also do any of the Phaser IDEs have timeline animators in them?  That could also be an option.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to hektor74 in Animate CC exporter   

    In the screenshot above you can see the spritesheet export window of Animate CC. I go to this windows by right clicking on a movieclip and selecting "generate spritesheet" from the menu.
    On the spritesheet export window, inside the red rectangle you can see that I prefered custom and insert witdh and height to tile my movieclip contents horizontally. If this customly orginized with and height are not fits the minimal needs you will see an exclamation mark next to image dimensions selection box. This means you should increase the height or width till this mark is disappeared. Then in the dark blue rectangle you see that I prefered basic algorithm and JSON data format. Border and shape padding arrangements is up to you. I recommend to export the spritesheet directly into your phaser asset directory.

    Then in Phaser Editor open a pack file and in the screen above after createing a section click on the "add asset" button inside the red rectangle and choose spritesheet entry inside the dark blue rectangle.

    Then open the json file that Animate CC created with png image file while exporting spritesheet. Insert values of width, height and padding to the fields of Phaser Editor's spritesheet properties. After finishing and saving this pack editing session you can use this spritesheet by drag-dropping this asset into your canvas visually.
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    PhaserEditor2D got a reaction from Fenopiù in Uncaught ReferenceError: exports is not defined   
    Hi @hektor74
    I just saw this comment yesterday while googling for the same problem.
    Please look this issue in the Phaser Editor repo:
    Next time you can add issues there or mention @PhaserEditor2D here to get a notification.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to philWhite in Phaser Editor adding a sprite   
    Fantastic, this does the trick   Thanks!
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to philWhite in Phaser Editor adding a sprite   
    Hi all,
    I'm feeling pretty dense here, I'm just having a play with Phaser Editor and I'm running in to some issues.
    I can't seem to add a Prefab Sprite or a Group to the main canvas.
    So I'm creating a sprite via New > Sprite Prefab File (lets say it called MySprite), I drag MySprite from the assets panel on to the Main canvas.
    When I run in the browser the console just come up with "Reference Error: MySprite is not defined"
    Am I missing something here?
    Thanks for looking!
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to Fenopiù in Preloading audio from JSON   
    I've just found the matter!
    For I don't why reason, audio files needs the tag "urls" instead of "url"even if you give them just one url.
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    PhaserEditor2D got a reaction from Fenopiù in Phaser Editor Development Roadmap for 2018   
    2017 is ending and we want to share with you the plan we have for 2018.
    Phaser v3
    Yes, to support Phaser v3 is the main target of 2018. What we are going to do is to keep supporting both Phaser v2 (with the Phaser Editor v1 series) and Phaser v3 (with a new Phaser Editor v2 series).
    This means that we are going to develop two different products in parallel, Phaser Editor v1, and Phaser Editor v2. In terms of licenses, it keeps the same, you will be able to unlock any version of the editor with the same license key.
    Phaser Editor v1
    Right now, Phaser v2 is the recommended version of Phaser to create serious projects, for that reason, we are going to keep updating Phaser Editor v1. However, no new features will be added, with the exception of Tilemap and BitmapFont support for the scene editor.
    As soon as Phaser v3 gets stable and production ready we are going to stop the Phaser Editor v1 updates.
    Phaser Editor v2
    The Phaser Editor v2 series will be the first version to support Phaser v3. The fact that Phaser v3 breaks with many of the Phaser v2 API and tooling, allow us to do deeper/breaking changes in many aspects of the editor too. These are some of the changes we have in mind:
    New JavaScript tooling based on the Language Server Protocol and the TypeScript Server. We are evaluating two Eclipse implementations: TypeScript IDE and BlueSky.
    A new windows layout more friendly to scene creators.
    A more friendly assets manager and navigator.
    New asset formats and editors to help professional teams to split the workflow and share the resources across different projects. We are looking forward to creating the basis for a future asset store.
    A scene editor based on WebKit, to build scenes based on Phaser. The current scene editor is based on JavaFX, that is a powerful and stable toolkit, but a Phaser based implementation is going to allow any kind of objects (like emitters or lights) that are Phaser dependent and hard to simulate with JavaFX or any other external technology. Just look the current Text implementation, it renders too different in JavaFX and Browser. At the same time, we look forward to creating a simple extension system, to allow users to create custom properties and operations, in JavaScript. The drawback with the Phaser based solution is the stability of the Phaser implementation, for that reason, this is going to be a change we will do at the end of 2018.
    We are thinking on create a Phaser Editor Designer Edition. Basically the same Phaser Editor, but only with the tooling to manage the assets and create the scenes. This could work for team members that are not coders, or coders that are coding with other editors.
    We believe that Eclipse is a powerful platform to create video-games tools. If there is something is disturbing in Phaser Editor, it is because of our implementation, but Eclipse has all the potential. We should work more on this, on the improvement of the current elements, and catch the spirit of game creation. Going in this direction, at the same time of improving the current tooling, we have some "crazy" ideas, related to a Phaser Editor Server. We are cooking the idea of connecting the core of Phaser Editor with dedicated web applications. Just imagine that in your team, the level makers can connect to a shared Phaser Editor workspace (in your network, we are not thinking on build our own cloud) by just opening its web browser, and start creating there, with a free-distraction application just made for them. That's the concept, lightweight client applications dedicated to specific tasks or roles (packing, coding, leveling, gaming), as a complement (and connected) to the traditional huge IDE. This is not going to happen soon, but we keep that in mind.
    The online Phaser Chains, our first tool related to Phaser, will be updated to support Phaser v3, but we are going to develop it again from scratch, with some nice ideas that we are going to implement after the docs tooling of Phaser v3 is complete.
    Learning resources
    Right now the main resource to learn Phaser Editor is the documentation. There are some tutorials from the community and from us, but yet it needs much more. To write detailed tutorials is really time-consuming, so we have to look for alternatives. Something we can do is to create more demos, a demo together with a small article pointing the key aspects of the demo.
    Eclipse community
    One of the nicest surprises of 2017 was the contact we had with the Eclipse community. An article about Phaser Editor was included in the Eclipse Newsletter of November and users from this community sent us congratulations and shown interest in the editor.
    We want to keep this contact. As we mentioned before, we are going to include the new Language Server Protocol, a field where Eclipse is putting energy, but also we want to collaborate more with it, especially with TypeScript IDE and BlueSky. At the same time, we have the plan to create mini tutorials about the Eclipse Workbench, that is a powerful tool full of tricks and utilities, that are present in Phaser Editor but probably many of the non-Eclipse users just don't know.
    As you can note, we are redirecting all the traffic to our new address We created (boniatillo is a funny/easy-to-remember nickname that makes reference to a Cuban popular food) as a personal place to host any kind of idea or project, but Phaser Editor is demanding its own space!
    Together with the new website name, we changed the other related accounts (is better now than later!):
    GitHub (we renamed the user boniatillo-com to PhaserEditor2D)
    Twitter (@boniatillo_com was renamed to @PhaserEditor2D, so followers, messages, and tweets remain, however, we renamed an old personal account to @boniatillo_com to catch the users coming from older links).
    Facebook (this change is not ready yet, Facebook takes its time to do Page renames).
    Online Phaser Chains
    Support email (the old developers@boniatillo.comremains available)
    Note we added the 2D word to the website and accounts. We like it, it adds a sense of visuality and gaming, so we will use the names Phaser Editor or Phaser Editor 2D without distinction, both talks about the same product.
    Please, if you have links to our website or accounts, update them!
    Best regards,
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    PhaserEditor2D got a reaction from Fenopiù in Preloading audio from JSON   
    Hi, @Fenopiù
    Sorry I was out of the city and just see the comment now.
    I tried with the json generated by Phaser Editor and it just works.
    { "section": [{ "type": "audio", "key": "bass", "urls": ["assets/audio/tech/bass.mp3"], "autoDecode": true }], "meta": { "generated": "1513193699726", "app": "Phaser Editor", "url": "", "version": "1.0", "copyright": "Arian Fornaris (c) 2015,2016" } }  
    To load the pack:
    game.load.pack("section", "assets/pack.json");  
    I have no idea of what's happening to you. Maybe you should look into the Dev Tools in the Networks tab, disable cache and reload, look if the Audio/audio1.wav is requested by the browser.
    Tell me if you find something, I can send you a small example.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to Fenopiù in Preloading audio from JSON   
    Hi everybody!
    I'm trying to preloading my audio from the same JSON where I preload the images.
    This is my JSON file:
    { "preloading": [ { "type": "image", "key": "image1", "url": "Images/image1.png", "overwrite": false }, { "type": "audio", "key": "audio1", "urls": [ "Audio/audio1.wav" ], "autoDecode": true } ], "meta": { "generated": "1401380327373", "app": "Phaser Asset Packer", "url": "", "version": "1.0", "copyright": "Photon Storm Ltd. 2014" } } This is where I read the file:
    function preload(): void { game.load.removeAll(); game.load.pack('preloading', 'myjson.json', null, this);'audioN', 'Audio/audioN.wav', true); } function startOnClick() { audio ='audioN'); } If I launch my game, images are preloaded succesfully as audioN.wav, the audio in JSON give me this error:
    phaser.js:72849 Phaser.Loader: No URL given for file type: audio key: audio1 for all the audio file on my JSON file.
    The JSON file, the images folder and the audio folder are located in the root of the project.
    The audioN is a test that I've added to see if the problem was a type error in JSON or not, it doesn't change anything if I kick away it from my code.
    Any idea why I receive this error?
    Maybe @Arian Fornaris or anyone else could let me understand where my code is wrong? And, partial OT, why I cannot change the meta tags (except for "copyright")? If I do so it doesn't load nothing anymore.
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    PhaserEditor2D got a reaction from Fenopiù in Multiple upload recursively   
    With Phaser Editor you can create an asset-pack.json file very easy, with a dedicated UI for it, and you can use a copy of the assets+pack in different projects. Actually, you can create different pack files to share common assets in different projects, and create additional packs for the particularities of each game.
    You can try the evaluation copy and check if it is what you need. Just to mention that you can use Phaser Editor for assets management (and if you like, visual scenes creation too) but keep coding in the editor of your choice.
    Take a look at the related Phaser Editor doc:
    We updated this tutorial too, with a step by step guide and source code:
    By the way, if you are using common assets in different projects, probably it is convenient for you to create prefabs (assets+behaviors) commons to different projects, you can do it with Phaser Editor too, just try the Phaser Example Project wizard, and select any of the examples shown in the Phaser Editor category:
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    PhaserEditor2D got a reaction from samme in Phaser Editor v1.4.3 released   
    Phaser Editor v1.4.3 released

    A new version of Phaser Editor is available. In this delivery we include:
    New Text object. Different type of prefabs: Sprite, TileSprite, Button, Text. Improved preview of Atlas (tile, list and texture view modes), Image, and Spritesheet. Brush-like selection of sprite-sheet frames. Local website with examples and code. Internal web browser for a quick game run (experimental). Better HiDPI icons support.  
    Read the release notes.
    Best Regards
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to stauzs in MyGameBuilder   
    It has been a while since our last post here!
    MyGameBuilder was formed through a creative joining between the first versions of MyGameBuilder and MightyEditor. The main purpose of MyGameBuilder is to teach users game development in a collaborative manner, where more experienced developers can help others.
    If you are completely new to the game development you can:
     Play games - we have some nice user made games!  Play with the actormap engine, which doesn't require any coding experience to make a game.  Fork game and alter it to make it your own.   Start taking guided lessons to learn programming basics, and even create a Phaser based game on your own,  If you get stuck doing any of these things, there is usually somebody online who will be glad to help.  After finishing the basic tutorials, there are some game related challenges to start practicing with.  
    Main parts of MyGameBuilder:
    Graphic Editor - easily create your own pixel art, or import graphics here
    Actor and ActorMap - are part of the ActorMap engine, which allows you to build game without coding.  It's as simple as assigning graphics to an actor, defining the Actor's behavior, and placing Actors on the ActorMaps to interact. Also, if you have used an earlier version of MyGameBuilder, you can import your game into the new version.
    The Map Editor allows you to build maps for your games. It uses the TileMap format so you can convert your graphics into tiles, and put them on the map.You can also import TileMap in JSON format or load TileMap directly into a Phaser game.
    The Sound Editor allows users to quickly create sound effects, like a coin pickup or a melee hit. There is also a music editor, which you can use to create background music for your game. Currently you can generate metal or 8 bit music, or import your own mp3 file.
    With the Code Editor, there is no limit to what you can create. The Code editor has a beginner-friendly code mentor which will show information about keywords used in the programming. Also it has JSdoc support so users can describe functions with JSdoc comments, the code mentor will pick those up and show as help info. 
    Code Editor supports full ES6 JavaScript syntax and will automatically pick-up imported modules and share their info with the code mentor.
    The latest addition is our Hour of Code project: this is a gaming tutorial used in a worldwide classroom project that has users of any experience level program a dwarf character to complete game goals with basic JavaScript commands.
    Check it out here:

    And all of this is completely free!
    It would be really nice if you could share your game developing experience when you were a beginner:
    How did you begin? Where did you get all the necessary information to build a game?  
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    PhaserEditor2D got a reaction from samme in Phaser Editor v1.4.3 released   
    Phaser Editor v1.4.3 released

    A new version of Phaser Editor is available. In this delivery we include:
    New Text object. Different type of prefabs: Sprite, TileSprite, Button, Text. Improved preview of Atlas (tile, list and texture view modes), Image, and Spritesheet. Brush-like selection of sprite-sheet frames. Local website with examples and code. Internal web browser for a quick game run (experimental). Better HiDPI icons support.  
    Read the release notes.
    Best Regards
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to Layka in Typescript vs Javascript   
    Hello everyone,
    I've decided to start with PhaserJs, at the getting started page there is a sentence that reads "If you're coming from Flash / AS3 then we'd recommend giving a TypeScript a go"...
    And yes I coming pretty much from 12 years of Flash.
    Someone please could explain my what are the advantage of code in TypeScript and also recommend a IDE?
    Thanks in advance
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to Zygomatic in 500 HTML5 games in 4 years.   
    Today, we finished number 500 of our growing list of html5 games. We (Arjan Haverkamp and me, Bram Schoonhoven) started this journey at the end of 2013.
    Our first html5 game was a remake of our Flash game Animals Connect. Now almost 400 different games are launched on our various portals.
    Our next goal: 1,000 HTML5 games. If we keep releasing 2 new games a week, it will take us another 5 years. All our games can be licensed for your game portal or you can distribute our games for free.
    Some statistics:
    Our most played game is Candy House with 2.5 million game plays. We have around 6 Million game plays per month with 1.25 million unique users playing our games. Average playing time is 12 minutes per game. Interestingly enough, our games are played 69% on desktop, 16% tablet and 15% mobile. Top 5 countries: United States, Germany, Brazil, Poland and Russia. Chrome is used in 58% of the game plays.  
    Some of the tools/technology we use:
    Howler.js for audio. Hammer.js for touch support. Cloudflare as CDN solution. Javascript Obfuscator for obfuscating Javascript code. Browserstack for testing the games in various browsers. Google IMA SDK for monetization. Google Analytics. Add to Homescreen for adding game to the home screen. Screenfull.js for full screen support. Webfontloader.js for loading custom (Google) fonts. Cordova for creating apps. Website2APK for creating Android apps. PNGquant and JPEGoptim for optimizing images. Wavepad for creating sound sprites and optimizing MP3's.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to Tom Atom in [Phaser] Dragon Buster Mini   
     Dragon Buster Mini is another remake of Namco classic ( from best decade for arcade games - from 80's! Go through rooms full of traps, creatures and dragons and get as far as you can:
    press Z or tap left half of the screen to change walk direction, press X or tap right half of the screen to jump ... and double jump! Dragon Buster was first game that featured double jump and one of the first that used visual health meter - both things so common nowadays.
    Play the game here:
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to saqsun in Phaser Particle Editor   
    Hi folks!
    Let me introduce you phaser particle editor. This tool helps you to create phaser particle effects visually.
    It is of course open source and you are welcome to contribute!
    Editor also has plugin to help you create particles based on JSON data generated by Editor.

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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to stanchion in My Game Builder: Create JavaScript games on a friction-less, all-in-browser suite   
    My Game Builder allows you to make games with JavaScript, Phaser, or no code at all. You can pull up your workstation from anywhere, at anytime, and work together on projects. There is real time "google docs" style collaboration. Any game you see can be viewed with full source to see exactly how every part was put together, and forked to make your own "mod" of it or to just mess around. Tutorials are included for art, programming, or whatever else you want to brush up on. 


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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to nkholski in Are you using JavaScript ES 6?   
    I wouldn't do anything but very basic stuff without any kind of transpiler anymore, and I would definitely not do anything with phaser without it. Thanks to node and transpilers we don't have to think about browser compatibility or being stuck with aged standards. ES5 is valid ES6 and Typescript so there is nothing new to learn, just new possibilities. With babel or typescript you can focus on your codebase without any worries about deploying the code. Node and projects such as babel has (partly) liberated us from browser hell :-) The same goes for+ css and transpilers such as sass.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to 8Observer8 in Are you using JavaScript ES 6?   
    You can use ES6 features by using TypeScript. It will be compiled to ES3 or ES5. VSCode is friendly with TypeScript. Phaser has build in support for TypeScript.
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    PhaserEditor2D reacted to pixelburp in Are you using JavaScript ES 6?   
    I've used TypeScript a little and while at first the typing was a great way to catch edge cases and enforce stricter code, the actual code became a bit of a mess to maintain, having to type evvvvvvverything. I think it's a bit excessive. I haven't looked at something like FlowJS, so dunno if that reduces the code smell but it seems quite popular ATM.
    Conversely, almost all the JS devs I know use ES6, and that seems to reflect in the broad trend with devs generally (see something like for last years trends; very interesting to see how Coffeescript has effectively died a death after briefly being championed for a while) TBH there's not a lot to 'learn' anyway, it's just an extension to the existing syntax to introduce saner & smarter options to how you code your applications or games. The "class" sytax alone is enough reason to start using it - the old way of doing JS classes is insanity. 
    Equally, it's ridiculously easy to set up something like BabelJS or Browserify to convert your ES6 into whatever JS version you wish to support - TBH at this point, there's no good reason for any JS Dev not to learn ES6. Hobby coding is the perfect environment to learn these things too - no project deadlines or management pressure to interfere with a chance to properly upskill. I'd recommend it, because those not 'bothering' may find themselves struggling to stay relevant or hirible; not trying to sound harsh looking at the state of recruitment there's an increasing focus on devs familiar or experienced with ES5 => ES6 :-)