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  1. Here's an (incomplete) lib for PIXI which attempts to do this: and here's a demo: They're simply measuring substrings within the masked area to determine the caret position. bjs GUI doesn't have mask at the moment, but it can definitely implement this without mask - which is only needed to support content that is longer than the textfield.
  2. @Deltakosh Good to know, I'd recommend ASAP, because... I need it @Samuel Girardin Thanks, but I think I'll wait for DK to implement a full solution he'll do it much better than me.
  3. Are there any plans to create such a feature?
  4. Yup planes, ok good to hear
  5. Got it, okay good I really need that functionality. When it's ready - would enabling it for say 20 mesh instances hurt performance noticeably on mobile in your opinion or possibly not at all?
  6. On computer I can run crazy things on 60 fps, I wonder though if it's best practice, and if not - what is.
  7. Hmm I missed it, any reason why Enter and Out can't be intercepted?
  8. Is createImageBitmap supported in Cordova? Or would that depend on mobile OS version as well? Any ETA on v5?
  9. So my only good option is the still widely unsupported createImageBitmap?
  10. I'm creating an AdvancedDynamicTexture for a Plane and adding to it a button. The Enter and Out callbacks are not called.
  11. window.createImageBitmap looks great but it's still widely unsupported so it can't be used in production. Is it possible to simply create a web worker and use prepare from within it or doesn't it work like that? If not: 1) Assuming this could work for client-side as well I guess this lib could be helpful? 2) How? Is there any lib that simplifies the process, or perhaps some functionality that PIXI exposes?
  12. For some reason I'm not able to reproduce this issue anymore, if and when this happens again I'll send here the stack trace of the unminified version
  13. Is it possible to upload images to GPU in a web worker? If so, how do I do that?
  14. Right I forgot I don't have a problem with manually selecting the right font size, but is a huge font size the best option? Won't it hurt performance? At the moment locally I'm using fontSize 500.
  15. Well, that's what I'm trying to do, that's the issue.