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  1. Underwater PostProcess

    I have an underwater PostProcess which was created for me by someone else: It seems he used ShaderMaterial and listed meshes to include manually, which seems to me misses the point of a PostProcess which applies to everything in the scene by definition (to the best of my understanding). Could you please help me understand how to approach this better?
  2. I'm not sure if this would even make sense - but would it be possible for a full screen ADT to always be rendered in front of a skybox and behind everything else? I'm not talking about placing the adt on a mesh in the 3d world which would miss the point in my case - long story short - I need 2d gui lines to be drawn behind meshes and in front of skybox without drawing them on a 3d plane, which would not look good and cause all sorts of other problems.
  3. It'd be great if meshes linked by control.linkWithMesh() would not be limited to the root level of adt, so that controls that are parented any number of containers would be valid for linkWithMesh(). I suppose this would require a further translation of projectedPosition in AdvancedDynamicTexture/_checkUpdate() from the global coordinates system to the control's local coordinates system before calling control._moveToProjectedPosition(). Deltakosh - What do you think about creating localToGlobal() and globalToGlobal() functions in adt? These could be useful generic functions, as well as naturally solve this issue. I'm not sure how to best implement such functions, so I guess this is a feature request
  4. Pass ShaderMaterial to a Custom PostProcess

    Got it, thanks
  5. bjs source - gui - new classes are not compiled

    Yes they are placed in new files. I added them to config.json under gui.libraries.files, now the local development tries to load these files, but they are still not compiled so it doesn't find them. EDIT: Simply restarting gulp wasn't enough, I had to make changes in the files while gulp was in the background for them to be compiled. Thanks
  6. I have gulp running in the background to track changes. Changes I'm making to existing classes in gui are being compiled properly to gui/src, however new classes I'm creating are not being compiled. How can I fix this?
  7. Pass ShaderMaterial to a Custom PostProcess

    Deltakosh - Regarding your first point - a. How do I pass both vertex and fragment shaders as a single URL? Does that URL point to a directory containing both shaders? If so, can blob still help? b. Do I need to translate the string into a Buffer somehow? NasimiAsl - It'd be great if you could pull this off
  8. I'm trying to provide a way online for shader coders to test their shaders on scenes from a game I'm working on. Naturally CYOS will be used: 1) I'm creating a ShaderMaterial that uses data stored in ShadersStore, like in here: Is it possible to pass a ShaderMaterial to a custom PostProcess instead of a url? 2) My final goal is to create an underwater shader (water breaking light, bubbles, etc) in which the game's models are submerged - is PostProcess the right way to go? 3) Can CYOS be used to test a full screen post process?
  9. HighlightLayer is in front of GUI

    It works perfectly. Thanks DK
  10. HighlightLayer is in front of GUI

    Interesting, I think I understand it Thanks One question though - are there any downsides to using multiple cameras? For instance does it affect performance or is it negligible? Also out of curiosity - Why can't a full screen ADT be set to render in front of HighlightLayer the same way a mesh can be rendered in front of a HighlightLayer - e.g. in the image I attached from WingNut's example where 2 spheres and their highlight are hidden behind the sphere that is closest to the camera.
  11. HighlightLayer is in front of GUI

    @Wingnut Thanks for the testing I appreciate it @Dad72 Could you please elaborate? @Deltakosh @Sebavan I was thinking it might be nice to have this behavior built-in in bjs since the whole point of the full screen gui is to be in front of everything else. What do you think?
  12. HighlightLayer is in front of GUI AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI() with foreground set to true, is there a way for GUI to be in front of it?
  13. Mapping texture to plane with specific uvs

    Got it, thanks. It's always interesting to understand better how things work under the hood
  14. I need to be able to map only a portion of a texture to a plane. My end goal is for the texture to be a spritesheet which I can animate by playing with its u and v offsets. The uvs need to be set dynamically at runtime since different spritesheet textures will be applied to the same mesh, therefore I'm using get/set verticesData and not passing uvs to the constructor via the options argument. This works for a box, following this doc: Which uvs do I need to play with when dealing with a plane? Here's a PG I created that contains both a Box and a Plane. The Box has the desired result, while the Plane needs to be adjusted. On a sidenote, I'm note using GUI AdvancedDynamicTexture for this for performance reasons. I need 20 300x300 animations like this at 60 fps on the screen at all times. Hopefully what I'm trying to do here would be more sane in terms of performance. If not then please feel free to burst my bubble.
  15. Sorry for the very late reply. Yup. I didn't look deep enough to give you a detailed explanation about that quirk or how to reproduce it, but I was dealing a lot with resizing and different device sizes.