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  1. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    Got it, so I'll pass on multimaterial - 1 texture atlas on uv0 - 1 adt on uv1 Are these 2 different approaches or do you mean I should combine the 2? If combine, how can I combine texture atlas and adt without multimaterial? I'm not entirely sure I understood your explanation
  2. Cylinder sub meshes

    Does that part refer to the issue of dividing the middle part into 2? What if we merge 3 and 4 and have only top, middle (undivided) and bottom, would I still need an exporter?
  3. Cylinder sub meshes

    I'd like to have different textures on different sides of a cylinder, as depicted in this image: A cylinder has 3 faces to the best of my understanding, so with faceUV, I'm only able to divide it into top, middle and bottom. Even if it was possible for me to have "4" faces, I'd need at least the middle to divide into 2 textures from different sources that are not part of a texture atlas, which means faceUV would most likely not be a good solution for this anyway. When trying to apply a multimaterial to submeshes, it seems I'm unable to capture the required indices in order to assign each different submaterial to each different face, not to mention dividing the middle face into 2 as well. Any ideas?
  4. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    I forgot to assign the textures last time for some reason Assuming I have a different texture from a different source for each face, I end up with 6 draw calls per box, correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like to have 1 texture atlas that contains 5 faces, and map it to the actual box faces - as 1 sub texture. The other sub texture has the adt, pretty much the way it is now. The end goal should be 2 draw calls per box. 1) Am I supposed to combine multimaterial with faceUV? If so, how do I do it without messing it all up? 2) Do 2 separate BABYLON.Texture instances that use the same source require 1 draw call or 2? 3) If I have 10 boxes that re-use the same 6 textures (1 for each face). Do I end up with 60 draw calls or does bjs optimize the order and ends up with 6 draw calls? 4) Same as above, only each box re-uses 5 textures - but has its own adt. Do I end up with 15 draw calls or 60?
  5. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    Okay I checked this a little Are the numbers I specified now correct? Any idea why the textures are not rendered? (lighting problem?)
  6. GUI mapped to Box Faces I was using apparently values that are good for a sphere but not for a box. How do I know which values make sense for indexStart and indexCount? What's the logic behind it? I suppose I somehow need to figure this out based on total vertices? In the multimat tutorial for instance the values go between 0 and 2088 while a sphere has 703 total vertices, so I'm not sure how to deduce one from the other, if that's at all the direction. EDIT: We replied at the same time, checking what you just said.
  7. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    I see. Any idea why I'm getting an error here?
  8. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    and the PG you asked for:
  9. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    I see. Is it even possible to achieve this with MultiMaterial? DK?
  10. GUI mapped to Box Faces

  11. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    Yeah I'm aware that they are separate things I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I see. Is it even possible to achieve this with MultiMaterial?
  12. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    Hmm I suppose you're right. In terms of performance which will be better an extra plane per box or multimat? (imagine you have tens of boxes)
  13. GUI mapped to Box Faces That plane would intersect with the box's face unless its z is different, in which case the plane would not entirely look as part of the box.
  14. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    Hey, I see, you broke a box into planes. I'm not sure if that's the ideal solution in my case, though it'd definitely allow me to apply a different material to each plane. Waiting to see what DK has to say It'd be best if this could be solved in a more straightforward way on a single box mesh. Btw in your case the same could be achieved with a single ADT and a single box mesh, which is what I did in my first PG, if this is any help to you:
  15. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    I can't say I'm really anywhere as I'm not sure what needs to be done, but here's the general direction: