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  1. royibernthal

    Is Babylonjs recommended for 2D projects?

    I agree with jerome, but I think that in your case PIXI might be an even better choice than Phaser. I suggest you do a thorough comparison between the two.
  2. royibernthal

    GUI feature request - Mask

    I suppose it has similarities, but I'm not sure if it's the right direction given the bigger scope of the feature I'm talking about. If I recall correctly we need to use stencil buffer in order to achieve the mask. Here's how PIXI handles graphics & shapes: It would be a nice addition to GUI as well, but it is a big feature in itself. Otherwise I suppose we could have very basic and less flexible data structures for common shapes such as rectangle, circle and triangle, and use their data in the masking process. Maybe even just use the existing Rectangle and Ellipse containers for now if it'd make sense. Needless to say, nested scale, position and rotation will need to be taken into account - GUI already knows how to handle these, need to see how it can be integrated into the masking process.
  3. royibernthal

    GUI feature request - Mask

    I don't think I have the necessary skill and understanding of that feature to do that, otherwise I would've created a PR instead of posting this. I was hoping DK might be able to do this
  4. royibernthal

    GUI feature request - Mask

    I feel like I already brought it up somewhere but I can't find where. Would it be possible to add a mask feature to GUI? It'd be extremely useful for scrollable containers, bars, etc.
  5. Sounds great
  6. I just upgraded to the latest version and encountered this issue as well. The problem is that the class is defined as GUIImage in the .d.ts now for some reason, while the actual js still defines the class as Image. I simply changed it manually in the .d.ts for now, but I suppose it should be fixed. release/gui/babylon.gui.d.ts
  7. royibernthal

    Engine/resize() according to screen width

    Yes of course, the aspect ratio is maintained, it doesn't mean the same can't be achieved for width. The aspect ratio will simply depend on width instead of on height. The sphere will still remain a sphere. Anyway yeah, let's see what Deltakosh says.
  8. royibernthal

    Engine/resize() according to screen width

    Just to make sure we're on the same page, I attached a video. Notice how the meshes are scaled when resizing the window height, and how they stay the same when resizing the window width. The idea is to keep the same aspect ratio, same as it is done now when resizing height, only to have an option to depend on width as well. Same idea as idealWidth and idealHeight in GUI, unless I'm missing something. resize.webm
  9. royibernthal

    Engine/resize() according to screen width

    I'll try to clarify - the meshes in the scene are resized only according to height. Try to resize width (even in PG) - while the canvas and scene will adapt, the meshes won't be resized at all.
  10. Engine/resize() seems to be according to screen height. Is there a way to change it to be according to screen width?
  11. royibernthal

    Blender Exporter - Animation for 2 meshes

    That's not the issue, read above - solved. Thanks for trying to help though.
  12. royibernthal

    Blender Exporter - Animation for 2 meshes

    Not sure what you meant. Anyway, all I needed to do was play all the loaded skeletons simultaneously.
  13. @JCPalmer I'm trying to export a model that has 2 animated meshes. After export, the animation applies to only one of them. I recall you said that having multiple animated meshes will require extra work. How should I approach this?
  14. royibernthal

    Blender Exporter Error

    @JCPalmer When I export a .blend I get the following error, what does it mean? Leviathan.blend
  15. royibernthal

    Triggering Shader Compilation

    Got it, thanks for all the answers Sorry again if I sounded rude before