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  1. luckylooke

    Destructible terrain

    Also found here:
  2. luckylooke

    Moving tilemap physics body position update (2.0)

    It is more than year ago, you answered here, is it still true that you cannot move tilemaps?
  3. luckylooke

    Moving tilemap physics body position update (2.0)

    Have you found the workaround @HazA?
  4. luckylooke

    Infinite runner with tilemap island

    @cub have you been successful with your implementation? Could you share a fiddle? Thanks
  5. luckylooke

    Common Phaser + CocoonJS issues

    Does anybody have link to Phaser/Cocoon game free template? I havent googled anything useful... I would like to have something with more scenes and main menu for example, but anything could be helpful, thanks
  6. luckylooke

    Rotate Camera

    It seems to be a bug, I dont see any problem in code. And I dont think p2 could solve the problem. You should open issue in phaser github
  7. luckylooke

    Rotate Camera

    Live DEMO p2 used
  8. luckylooke

    rotation and angles

    See my post there, I cannot make that snipped work, instead of rotation it moves left and right. Demo: Ok I didnt notice SHIFT key must be pressed
  9. luckylooke

    rotation and angles

  10. Great, looking forward to more examples
  11. luckylooke

    Rotate Camera

    Live DEMO:
  12. I would like to have camera rotation support too
  13. luckylooke

    Phaser States properties missing

    That is exactly my walk-around, as I have game object accessible globally Thanks for answer anyway But after starting the state, there are declared properties in this as mentioned in note. Never mind, I have accessing game properties from global game object and I dont rely on mentioned injection anymore Thanks for answer anyway
  14. luckylooke

    Phaser States properties missing

    Mobile game template from photostorm github: I have problem with this, because those properties are not available from when state is added, but after state is started (game.state.start('stateName') var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS);var BasicGame = {};BasicGame.gameState = function () { alert(; // undefined};BasicGame.gameState.prototype = { create: function () { }};game.state.add('First', BasicGame.gameState);game.state.start('First'); See the fiddle:
  15. luckylooke

    Wrong pointer position when dragging page

    It would be nice if you should make horizontal swipe gestures also on vertical groups. You can see also in your demo, that if you want to swipe horizontaly, you need to point small gap between horizontal and vector group.