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  1. Have you tried CocoonJS? It still use crosswalk AFAIK. Given that they have a Launcher test App in both App stores, there should be no coding. Just download the app. Get an account. Key in a URL of a page. Right @Ludei?
  2. Blender to babylon export error

    I have gotten to making a 5.4.2 version in the new repo, I tested it with .blends which had a skeleton & one that did not. Both export & run fine.
  3. BJS Editor embedded textures

    Just putting up a section in the materials properties tab actually means not having to care what Blender's implementation is. Would also give superior results as opposed to mapping what Blender supports into what BJS has. Somekind of common denominator. Will not be rendered in Blender though. Someone could go thru as many serialized properties as possible, and turn them into property definitions like: bpy.types.Material.directIntensity = bpy.props.FloatProperty( name='Direct Intensity', description='Intensity of the direct lights e.g. the four lights available in your scene.\nThis impacts both the direct diffuse and specular highlights.', default = 1.0, min = 0, max = 1 ) Those which are int are bpy.props.IntProperty. Strings are bpy.props.StringProperty. Booleans are bpy.props.BoolProperty. I see no reason why I should do this, though it also does not have to specifically be you. User interface and extraction of properties into the python export code is based on these definitions. I see there are also sub-types of PBR like: simple, glossy, & roughness. One thing UI wise I am recently capable of is Tabs. Here is how I can export a mesh as faces, or vertices(Hair). Could possibly organize tabs with properties specific to simple, glossy, & roughness the same way.
  4. Blender to babylon export error

    I reconstructed 5.4.0 from July 7. It works for me. Actually they all worked for me. If this does not work, this is unrelated to the typo.
  5. Blender to babylon export error

    I saw. There is a typo in 5.4.1. Unfortunately, over weekend Exporters got moved to their own repo. I do not have time today to fork / edit, and get back Gulp to make the zip file. Did make a 5.4.2 off my local copy. Use this for now
  6. How to keep animations running?

    That is a scene level beforeRender, and it should run every frame, just once. FYI, the mesh version would be: myMesh. registerBeforeRender (function()... What is "_this", a mesh? If so, other than a PG, you could add a line to function to write to console , if not visible. "if (!_this.isVisible) console.log('still running')". Make it not visible at some point, and see if tons of messages get logged. If they do, then there is a problem with your playerAnimations().
  7. BJS Editor embedded textures

    A couple of things, around the edges: You could use the glTF exporter for Blender. I am not sure how efficient that is to the .babylon exporter, but believe is handles PBR. Also, since a JSON file is ascii, it can be gzipped by the server, so the result is not as bad as it might seem. I really do not know enough (anything really) about PBR, let alone on both sides to add this to Blender exporter. It is also not really important for me. Without a very simple .blend using PBR (hopefully not in Cycles), it will never get put in the Blender exporter by me. No specs, no export. Have not really used this editor, but if it runs does NOT run in a browser, then there may be an option somewhere to save separate files. Browsers cannot really save files directly. They fake download them. Doing that many times could be a pain.
  8. How to keep animations running?

    If you are using a mesh before renderer, to do the animating then switch to a scene level before renderer. The mesh one only runs when the mesh is going to be drawn, Also, if there are multiple cameras, eg. webVR, then it is run twice per frame. A scene render is run once per frame.
  9. Setting Avatar as a Gif

    Did a quickie move camera away & re-record with a very tiny butterfly. It was well within the circle mask. Did not help.
  10. Setting Avatar as a Gif

    In the middle of something. First thing I am going to try is to center the butterfly better. Needs to be done anyway, but maybe some pixel gets modified outside the circle on a frame, so it just uses one frame only.
  11. Setting Avatar as a Gif

    There is one user, @Sophie C, whose is working, so it is supported here. I actually grabbed her file, and briefly set mine to her file and it worked. I then tried making mine be her size, but still never got it to not convert. Kind of ran out of time, but I have not forgotten this.
  12. This is at application level, but at the point where the GUI is created, could you not just make the ground unpickable? I assume that since you want the mesh still pickable, that the GUI is not always there. When GUI goes away, just reset to pickable once more. Action was never unregistered, so should resume working.
  13. Animation blending

    There is an old topic about this. The upshot was it was due to rotation difference between the 2 matrices, and decompose(). This topic keeps happening over and over. I solved it in QI, although I still have a problem when say an adult was used for a sit pose. If that pose is attempted to be used on a baby, the baby also shifts back.
  14. Texture caching

    I do not use the stuff talked about in this topic, but wouldn't asset manager work with scene.executeWhenReady()? Example where renderloop is not even assigned till nothing outstanding: scene.executeWhenReady(function () { // Once the scene is loaded, register a render loop engine.runRenderLoop(function() { scene.render(); }); });
  15. Not buying the premise that random stuff off the internet constitutes a real-world model. Usually this stuff was considered "done" by the authors once it rendered inside blender. Since it was not thought that it was going to be exported, and they were not going to be charging for the content, the results are usually fairly poor. Blend files which were made with very old versions of .blender also cause problems. The error has to do with not lining up the skeleton with a mesh. I just put in better defensive code for this case. A log warning will be generated in the .log file, and a .babylon file generation will not be stopped by an exception. The skeleton will simply be ignored. Release 5.4.1 PR, in progress.