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  1. Daisy90

    Looking to license HTML5 Games!

    be very careful with them - a friend of mine sent them their games, but never saw any money coming in. just another rip off in the market
  2. Daisy90

    Ad network for web game?

    Hi, do you have any numbers what ecpm´s are realistic when integrating leadbolt, ad4game, gameadvert, cpmfun , etc? I tried out leadbolt and have like 0,2$ ecpm^^ Kiss ya all!
  3. Daisy90

    Updated Blog

    Thanks will check it out as always
  4. Daisy90

    Madracer - New game from me

    Hi, I wanted to share my latest game "Madracer" with you - not everything is 100% done yet and I am working on more improvements as e.g. controls, goals, etc But please have a look - game already has found a sponsor which you can find out, if you check the game more detailed =) http://daisytimes90.blogspot.de/2014/06/play-madracer.html Thanks!
  5. Daisy90

    GTC Heat City

    Thanks guys! Its my first time doing a HTML5 games...so I m still learning a lot =) About soiunds: any good recommendations here? I dont use any game engines....and want to keep it that way
  6. Daisy90

    GTC Heat City

    Hi, I wanted to show you my newest title...and wanted to know what you think. Best thing about is that I haveI already found a very nice sponsor, hihi ))) You can play on my site! http://daisytimes90.blogspot.de/p/functiond-gnscriptid-jsid-sgembedjsif-d.html
  7. Daisy90

    [Completed] Defend Your Planet!

    Pretty neat animations - otherwise cool game!
  8. Coding, Coding, Hacking, Fun! =)

  9. Daisy90

    My New Game "Twisty Turtle" Feedback welcome

    Wow, one of the best games I have seen so fa, but doesn t seems to work on Chrome :/ What engine did you use?
  10. Daisy90

    [Phaser] Boxy (yet another Sokoban clone)

    How to beat Level 6?!
  11. Daisy90

    [Phaser] [Multiplayer] Race To The Hive

    I won! Finally - I am soooo happy now P.S. Game lags on ipad 2 and my galaxy tab 2
  12. Daisy90

    [Complete] [Phaser] Cirta Games

    Hey, I tested the game on my iphone4 and everything is working very nicely!
  13. Daisy90

    [Phaser] Space Invaders clone

    This is soooooo cool! =)
  14. Haha - I really enjoy this game - I hope I will be able to make such a game one day =))))))
  15. Thanks a lot for all these usefull resources !