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  1. A game I made for a client

    Nice design and effects. Good work. Thanks for sharing the particle tools you use
  2. Pixoji - a picture logic game

    Great game! I went through all levels – I really get swing into this game and was upset when I realized that the 60th level is the last one. Hope you'll prepare more puzzles What was the reason for implementing these control arrows on the left? For me they seem unnecessary and ruining this simple yet clean and nice graphic desing. But maybe it derives from your experience telling that players prefer to use such virtual keys – in this case I'd suggest changing graphics of these arrows. The second minor change I'd do refers to marking tiles of the same color. These green dotted lines make board a little bit messy. What about making it more clean e.g. like on attached image? Does green rectangle appear next to the level number only when you complete it without any mistake? You made good and clear tutorials and maybe I just missed this little piece of information
  3. [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    It's a funny idea and good solid work! If you target casual game portals I'd advise you to make it easier. I got stuck on the 4th level and after many attempts I just gave up. And I doubt that anyone of these casual players will be such desperately determined to play it again and again in order to finally pass through this level and see what's there in the 5th one. But let's hope I'm wrong with this and you'll get positive responses from publishers you've contected
  4. It's not allowed by Google policy: Developers must not attempt to manipulate the placement of any apps in Google Play. This includes, but is not limited to, inflating product ratings, reviews or install counts by illegitimate means, such as fraudulent or incentivised installs, reviews and ratings. But I guess it might be just a theory and many developers create such incentives without getting punished by Google in any way
  5. BlackMoon Html5 Games

    BASKETBALL MASTER 2 Cool animated menu I really like how this streak behind ball works. Good work! Pink trampoline with nice jelly effect and well-matched SFX also makes pleasant impression. Part of ball behind the circle showing actual level number is unnecessary I think. There's quite big diversity in levels design and it's great but some of them might be too hard and frustrating in result. I see you got some inspiration for opponents from real people like Jordan, Gortat and... Mr. T! (this dark-skinned man's yellow T-shirt in 15th level at the first glance for me looked like fomous Mr. T's golden chains ) I give 4/5 stars (minus one star for letting me down with no cheerleaders dance or something like that at the end of 40th level ) I saw quite a lot of ads when playing on my desktop (next time I seek for a job I'll probably choose for job offers ) On mobile after some initial troubles with displaying ads it started showing me 5 sec videos without any problems. Are you a lucky one who can use AdSense program for HTML5 games or you use some other ad network which also allows you to display Google ads? Good luck with monetization!
  6. Skate Hooligans

    Here you have quite long list of ad networks for gaming (maybe there is something worth to give it a try): I've made little research and it seems that ad4game is the most popular alternative to cpmStar and Google AdSense and there's also documentation how to implement their ads in html5 games: When it comes to Google ads. Did you send apply form for their ads to them and got negative/no answer?
  7. From 0 to 2 million DAU: One HTML5 Game Developer's Story

    There's 'Menu' button in the left top corner. It is not there when you run it for the first time and you see tutorial tips but shows up after couple of moves. There you can choose 'Download app' option.
  8. Flood Escape

    Yep, I think that using home or three horizontal stripes (optionally with dots on the left) symbol would be much more clear. Regarding slow down power-up: letting player know that his power-up is about to run out without forcing him to move his eyesight to the bottom of screen was supposed to be the main purpose of this moving timer or adding counting down You could use it always but if the last floor width is less than some minimal width you would get block of minial width instead of another thin one as it is shown on the image: Currently it usually doesn't help me at all (because it's hard to put such a thin block in the right place) and in rare cases gives just one floor more to my score. If there was this minimal width I'd find this power-up definitely more useful.
  9. Flood Escape

    Nice game My best is 65. I like the design. This blue title caught my eye when I saw it amongst other banners on the main page of this forum and this was the reason why I wanted to check the game. The only thing I would consider changing is the 'menu' button. For me this symbol connotes flower or something like this and it's not immediately clear that it's 'menu' button. This transition between e.g. Island and City works nice as well It's a great idea but probably more just for visual effect – I can imagine this action in game trailer when water wave is about to catch the surfer (it's the moment of movie slow motion) and he escape at the very last moment (and the movie smoothly goes into normal speed) and then makes couple of excellent matches. But as @end3r said for gameplay itself it wouldn't be a good solution because it would make it too hard. When it comes to power-ups: slow down – I don't want to look at the botton of screen to check how much time is left – what about moving this timer somewhere over player in the background or even make just 3 sec counting down at the end? Life saver – players will probably lose life when block is quite thin so another chance to put this block in the right position isn't much useful. Maybe it would be better to introduce minimal width of block that you start with. What about adding another button on game screen e.g. next to pause button which allows you to restart the game without need of going into the menu when you know after couple of clicks that this attempt won't give you new high score?
  10. [WIP] About a Bird

    For me it's quite relaxing to play it and I like this game I would suggest changing color of this white font showing: amount of diamonds in the game itself and main menu; high score in the main menu: text "reanimate" because it's hardly seen.
  11. MarketJS game copying strategy

    Here is an interesting thread about similar case: Have you guys tried to contact with them?
  12. Rope Ninja - Okijin Games

    I love this artstyle:) The only thing I would change when it comes to the graphics and animation is tweening of these branches on the foreground - sudden changes of moving direction looks a little bit strange. Funny idea with master Sabu! The gameplay is ok but for me not as addictive as Sticky Goo
  13. [Phaser] Avoid

    Bob is doing well... even without a head
  14. Sticky Goo

    I think that the updated version is even more difficult than the previous one. Initially I couldn't pass this section when you have to bounce off the plant and then almost immediately tap on the other side – in other way you'll come across the spider. This section with 3 rock blocks in a row was also quite problematic (I see that bouncing off rocks you achieve such result as you were bouncing off plants – I make it in this way like they usually make it with rock – just stick to it for a moment and probably that's the reason why it was quite tricky at the first attempts) at the beginning so as a result within the first a dozen or so minutes with the new version my best score was much worse than in the old version. Then I got proper skill to pass this but despite this fact I couldn't cross 500 m. And then at some attempt something incredible happened. I suspect that I managed to reach some kind of end of endless game (even if it's just demo) because it seems that starting from about 900 m there's just looped simple sequence of objects. And I ended up on 1216 m. When my brother played it for the first time he said „Great game!” and was really excited. But quite quickly he got discouraged and stop playing without any better score than 100 m. For me the plant sound is better now.
  15. Sticky Goo

    I started playing yesterday on my old iPod and despite about 15 minutes session I couldn't pass through this section where you have to make 4 bouncess off plants in a row. So my score got stuck on 88 m. Then I switched to desktop and it turned out that it's much easier to make it using mouse (it's easier to click fast that to tap fast). It helped me a lot to learn the right rhythm and as a result when I got back to iPod I was able to pass through this section. This part where you have to fly between 2 spiders and 1 spider was also difficult but I managed to learn how to do this and I finished my first 1 hour session with score of about 180 m as I remember well. Today I've played on desktop, iPod, iPad and my best score is 647 m. I have to admit that I probably got addicted to this game because I've spent about 2,5 h (taking into account yesterday's session) playing this so far and it seems that it's not the end, it's the beginning I love this feeling of goo's rapid acceleration (especially when he falls slowly and then... boom! ). If you would like to develop it in this hordcore version you could add more different situations (e.g. when you would have to make fast tapping in right, left, right, left sequence) and then I can imagine when hardcore players would record they play sessions, publish it on youtube and others would get excited how someone makes some incredible evolutions When I was playing it on desktop and was listening to I Am Giant's "The Horrifying Truth" album I had really great experience. Thanks for this game The only thing I would like to change as a gamer is the sound of bouncing off plants (maybe it's too loud or too long or both). You wrote "endless", so there's no possibility that I really could help the goo to save his love? If it is so this would be the real horrifying truth