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  1. I get much better fps in a game I'm currently working on from this than switching to canvas mode, thanks a lot for finding this fix!
  2. A poolmanager should be able to create objects when required as this is less error prone. I usually do some pre-fills depending on the game, usually when I'm concerned about lag during the main loop. Object creation is pretty fast though so for most games this is probably not needed.
  3. There is nothing really special about it and it has no special name from what I know. Should be easy to implement in both 2d and 3d engines (but I guess using a 3d engine has the benefit of depth which can make some things easier). Broken age uses depth (3d) with quads for rendering most object except for a few 3d objects (makes some rotation animation a lot easier).
  4. Oh, do you know why that may be? I have actually received the opposite feedback as you can't see your own position on mobile.
  5. Hi guys! I'm here to present our new game called "Finger Adventure". Guide your finger through a random generated level full of traps and monster and try to survive for as long as possible. Collect gold on your way and spend it on some pretty cool upgrades. The farther you get, the harder it becomes! You can play the game here -> The game is open for licensing, please contact us for further information -> Thanks!
  6. I was actually looking for something like this, phaser needs a good gui library. I'll probably look into it in the coming weeks.
  7. You can use addChild with any pixi displayobject.
  8. Half day of work thinking I broke phasers sound code, thank you chrome!
  9. Absolutely amazing pixel art, would love to see some animations also
  10. Have you done any work on it that you can show us? Hard getting people to work with you if they have nothing to go on.
  11. Same thing happend to me, not sure what did it as it only happend once.
  12. That action list editor takes me back to wc3 times, suchs a beauty
  13. You can also sign up to this private newsletter to receive 1gb of free sounds every month here