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  1. You can modify the list of supported audio formats in game.Audio.formats array (though i recommend to use m4a/ogg)
  2. Default loader will load that baggrund_level1.png file before you enter to your Main scene. So that's why there is nothing to load, and onProgress will not be called. If you want to change the default loader, you can inject game.Loader class, or make new class from it and then change the default loader class into the new one in your config. Like this: game.createClass('MyLoader', 'Loader', { onStart: function() {}, onProgress: function() {}, onComplete: function() {} }); game.config = { system: { loader: 'MyLoader' } };
  3. Are you sure you are loading files with the loader? If you don't have anything to load, onProgress will not be called.
  4. Hi @Ninjadoodle Great to hear from you too! I totally understand you, i did not expect people to continue using Panda actively after being quiet so long time. But i must say, i'm now making some pretty neat things for Panda 2. So maybe i will get you guys excited about Panda again, we will see
  5. Nice work ThanosS! What do you exactly mean by mouse support?
  6. I have now fixed all Panda 2 related issues from GitHub (https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js-engine/issues). If you find any issues from current develop version or have any feature requests, please let me know!
  7. Would be really helpful, if you can post sample code here, so we can see if there is something wrong on it. Thanks!
  8. So what actually happens, when the game finishes and you redirect the user? If you stay in the same page, Panda should not remove your canvas, and you should be able to just restart your scene with game.system.setScene command.
  9. Hi all! First of all, sorry for being away for months. I was forced to move to a new project, away from HTML5 and Panda development. After last year i really felt that it was a wrong decision for me, so i have now decided to quit my job and continue as a freelancer. So i will now continue to work on Panda 2, HTML5 game development and other small projects. It will take some time to get all things sorted out and get my head back to HTML5, so please be patient. Thanks! Good to see you all again, and this time i'm here to stay
  10. Are you building Panda v1 or v2 project?
  11. You can also get latest mouse position from game.input.mouse.xgame.input.mouse.y
  12. 'panda build' should be now working with v2 engine (develop version). Just remember to update your toolkit to newest version: npm install -g pandatoolIf you are using v1 engine, you must use v1 toolkit: npm install -g pandatool@1.12.3
  13. http://ekelokorpi.github.io/panda.js-site/engine/playground/#tilingsprite_scroll
  14. You should not use addTimer, that's why there is callback function on Fader. var fader = new game.Fader({ color: '#ff0000'});fader.fadeOut(function() { game.system.setScene('nextScene');}); And color format is now string, not number. I just created develop branch to plugins repo, that contains plugins that are updated to work with Panda 2 (Spine is still wip). https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js-engine-plugins/tree/develop There is now working Fader plugin for Panda 2
  15. Sorry i have been super busy with my projects, so i haven't been very active here. Hopefully will soon have some more time on Panda 2. @Ninjadoodle Thanks for the list, really appreciate it! Created new issue for this one, thanks! There seems to be a bug in iOS 9 that gives wrong window dimensions. Try this for a quick fix: window.addEventListener('resize', function() { if (game.device.iOS9) { setTimeout(function() { game.system._onWindowResize(); }, 500); }});(Remember to pull newest develop version to add iOS 9 detection.) Panda 2.0 is focusing more on mobile game development, so buttonMode won't be implemented. You can easily add buttonMode to your game, just change your cursor using JavaScript (Google for more info). Does this only occur, when using Hires? Can you resend the test-case? Thanks! Can't reproduce this one. Would you have a test-case? Audio is actually working on iOS 9, but the FIRST audio must be played from mouseup event, before it was mousedown. (Thanks Apple!) @Pattentrick & @zakhov Spine and WebGL support are planned to be released as plugins to Panda 2