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  1. Panda 2 development

    Same format, just different file extension.
  2. Panda 2 development

    Sprite sheet json files should now use .atlas extension (.json will also work if you are not using hires mode).
  3. Panda 2 development

    Yes you can still make your own loader or use the built-in with the options above.
  4. This should now work on all textures, not just on spritesheets.
  5. Panda 2 development

    More options to Loader. Shows small ad text on bottom of the loader. Can be turned off or changed. game.Loader.showAd = true; game.Loader.ad = 'Created with Panda 2 Game Engine';
  6. Panda 2 development

    New changes. Asset loading functions: game.addAsset game.removeAsset game.removeAllAssets (Sorry for going back and forth with these ones) New loader graphics with percentage and error messages. Can be customized with attributes: game.Loader.minTime (minimum time to show the loader) game.Loader.showLogo game.Loader.showBar game.Loader.showText Cleaned Scene functions. before: game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.addTween(...); this.addTimer(...); } }); after: game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { game.Tween.add(...); game.Timer.add(...); } }); Added Sprite tinting: sprite.tint = ’#ff0000’; sprite.tintAlpha = 0.5; new SystemText class to render native canvas text without bitmap fonts. var text = new game.SystemText('hello'); text.addTo(this.stage);
  7. No problem! I'm doing some refactoring on the code and there will be some functions renamed/moved etc and anchors are switched back to percents (using pixels was not a good idea after all). So if you are in a middle of a project, might be good idea to not pull any changes if you don't have any bigger issues, or you might have to rewrite some of your code.
  8. You are scaling the box on the left, that's why it's smaller: this.sprite.scale.set(.5);
  9. Hmm, so the other box on the left should be same size as the one in the center?
  10. Hmm i tried to create animation from the atlas that you sent and i can't see any issues with hires mode. Can you show your code where you setup your animation?
  11. Any way to stop a timer at exactly 0?

    I made some changes to Timer. Can you try now again.
  12. Any way to stop a timer at exactly 0?

    Can you show example your code?
  13. Hi, This was a bit tricky one, because there are two types of json files supported in Panda. Generic json files and sprite sheets. When using hires mode, you only want sprite sheet json filenames to change to load the hires one, not on generic json files. Since you can't know which type of json file it is before loading it, this makes it a bit tricky. I think there are two options: 1) Load json file and read it. If it's sprite sheet and hires is on, then load new proper hires version of the json file. Bad thing in this option is, that then there is always one unnecessary json file loaded in every sprite sheet. Though json files are typically pretty small files. 2) Change sprite sheet json files to other extension. Like spritesheet.atlas or something. This would need update on Texture Packer also. I did now some changes on the loader based on the option 1, since it doesn't require any changes from user. But i will really have to think about other options, because loading unnecessary files doesn't feel really good idea.
  14. Can you send me those spritesheets, so i can take a look. Thanks! email: eemeli.kelokorpi@gmail.com skype: eemelikelokorpi
  15. try game.scene.addTween