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  1. Multiple media folders question - SOLVED

    You can use something like this to load assets outside of your game folder: game.addMedia('../../mygame/media/player.png', 'player');
  2. Yes that's the problem, it only works with textures from spritesheet.
  3. So those mouseA sprites are not in spritesheet?
  4. Then there is probably no textures in cache starting with name 'mouseA'. Try console.log(game.Texture.cache); and see what you have there
  5. use fromTextures
  6. Remove 'new' from that line and change to fromTextures: this.sprite = game.Animation.fromTextures('mouseA');
  7. Settings (game.cofig)

    Keys in game.config are just attributes of classes. Then there are also few special keys, like sourceFolder (default src) and mediaFolder (default media).
  8. Do you have any code example?
  9. Just load m4a file, it will automatically try to load ogg file if m4a is not supported.
  10. "Resize" offset question - SOLVED

    Yes containers have coordinates and always have had as far as i can remember. Try this if you want it like in that image: var container = new game.Container(); container.position.x = game.width / 2 - 640 / 2; container.position.y = game.height / 2 - 640 / 2; container.addTo(this.stage); var sprite = new game.Sprite('player.png'); sprite.addTo(container);
  11. "Resize" offset question - SOLVED

    Not sure if i still understand correctly Yes the position (0, 0) is always the left top corner. So you want the (0, 0) position to be center of the stage? Simplest way would be to create container and put everything inside that container and then place it at the center of the stage. Then position (0, 0) inside the container would be center.
  12. "Resize" offset question - SOLVED

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean, if you want to centre something you usually use game.width and game.height values, and those will change if you use resize setting.
  13. Hi @Stephan You have done really nice job! And it's great to see Panda used on a commercial project, especially on educational games. If you have any suggestions or feedback on Panda, please don't hesitate to contact me! Thanks!
  14. Loader in Pandajs 2

    Hi @zakhov, Sorry for late reply, this definitely was a bug and has been now fixed. Thanks!
  15. Panda 2 development

    Hi, Already replied to your email, but will answer here also shortly. I have been pretty busy with other projects, but yes i'm still working on Panda always when i got free time, or when there is project where i can use Panda.