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  1. enpu

    addTo Question

    Yes sprite/container can only have one parent. So adding it to another container will remove it from it's current parent.
  2. enpu

    Depth Swapping / Bring to top?

    @Ninjadoodle Actually sorry, children[0] is the first children, which gets rendered first, so it is the bottom sprite. I just added new index parameter to addTo function, which lets you specify the index where the child is added. sprite.addTo(container, 0); // Add sprite to container as first child Also adde toBottom and toTop methods to Container class. sprite.toBottom(); // Move to first children, gets rendered first, so it's bottom sprite.toTop(); // Move to last children, gets rendered last, so it's top
  3. enpu

    Depth Swapping / Bring to top?

    Swap the sprite you want to be in top with the sprite that is in top (which is first children of the container). sprite.swap(container.children[0]);
  4. enpu

    Depth Swapping / Bring to top?

    Just added this: https://www.panda2.io/examples#container-swap
  5. @ftguy2018 This should be now fixed. Just updated new Spine plugin version 1.3.1: https://www.panda2.io/plugins I also tried to load regular atlas file while using Spine plugin and it worked as expected. Could you send me the atlas that you are having issues with?
  6. @ftguy2018 Sorry for the delay, will take a look at this now.
  7. enpu


    Biggest change will be that you can edit any files in your project, not just modules. So it then works more like a traditional code editor. Also you can fully customize the class sidebar content, debug buttons etc. You will be able to use Panda 2 with ANY html5 game engine. There will be project templates for few engines. Small sneak peek:
  8. enpu


    @8bitdna I have currently only my private todo-list. There is going to be pretty big changes in the next version. After it's released, i will be creating public roadmap maybe to GitHub. Does that sound good?
  9. enpu

    Website Down

    Should be back up now!
  10. enpu

    Website Down

    @8bitdna Thanks for the info, i'm looking into this right now. Hopefully will get it up asap!
  11. enpu

    Panda / Javascript question :)

    Actually those two codes won't work exactly same. if (this.slot1 === false) { // do something } If you don't define your variable, it's value will be "undefined", so that if statement will be false. Personally i think it is more clear to define all the properties in the beginning of the class, especially in big classes. Look at the source code of Panda engine, every class has it's properties defined in the beginning of the class, and every single property and function is in alphabetical order, pretty clean code i would say
  12. Both works, but i would say that it really depends on how complex your class is going to be. If it's just really simple class then i would extend it from Sprite, otherwise i would make empty class and have the Sprite on it's own property.
  13. Is it loading properly when you don't use Spine plugin?
  14. enpu

    Essentials Flash Question

    https://www.panda2.io/plugins/essentials/docs/Sprite Callback function Check out the example project to see it in use.
  15. enpu

    Essentials Flash Question

    @Ninjadoodle I just added four new parameters to the flash function, which allows you to cut it from left, top, right and bottom: // Cut flash 100px from left and 50px from right sprite.flash(400, '#ff0000', null, 100, 0, 50, 0); I have attached new version of the plugin here, could you test how it works before i publish it? panda2-plugin-essentials-1_2_2.zip