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  1. enpu

    Is it possible to rotation the body?

    Unfortunately the built-in physics engine doesn't support rotated bodies. For more advanced physics, i would suggest to use p2.js plugin: https://www.panda2.io/plugins#p2
  2. enpu

    WIP: Panda Pathfinding

    Great work again @Wolfsbane!
  3. enpu

    ThreeJS and FBX file

    Yes this should be possible. I have added this feature to the roadmap, thanks!
  4. This is actually expected behavior. When you set cache property to true, the engine will render the whole content into one big sprite and use that for rendering instead of using one sprite for each character. Every time you change the text it has to render the big sprite again. So i would suggest to use cache only on text that you don't change constantly.
  5. enpu

    importing an external JS file

    Just create new module and copy paste the content of the JS file into it.
  6. enpu

    Anyone using Tiled?

    @Wolfsbane Loading tilesets with no spacing or margin has been now fixed on Tiled plugin 1.2.1 https://www.panda2.io/plugins#tiled
  7. enpu

    Getting the console.log from mobile

    In Panda Remote, if you touch the screen with 3 fingers, it will go back to the connection screen. 4 fingers will reload the project.
  8. enpu

    Full Game Tutorial: Making Minesweeper

    Really good work @Wolfsbane
  9. enpu

    Ovelay filter with WebGL?

    By overlay you mean blend mode not filter?
  10. enpu

    Collision between game.Circle and game.Rectangle

    Currently in Panda's own physics engine collision is solved (bodies moved) only in Rectangle vs Rectangle and Circle vs Circle collisions. In Rectangle vs Circle the collision is detected, so your body's collide function is called, you could there manually move your bodies the way you want. Or then you could use p2.js physics.
  11. enpu

    How to make gravity not affect some sprite.

    Try to set body mass to zero. this.body.mass = 0;
  12. enpu

    About clearBeforeRender

    Ah yes so this is issue with Pixi plugin. Added to roadmap, thanks!
  13. enpu

    About clearBeforeRender

    Try game.Renderer.clearBeforeRender instead of game.renderer