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  1. enpu

    FillColor / FillAlpha Question

    Sure you can. Graphics object has shapes array which contains all shapes that your object has. So for example if your Graphics object has only one shape, just change fillColor property of the first shape in the shapes array: game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.grap = new game.Graphics(); this.grap.drawRect(0, 0, 100, 50); this.grap.addTo(this.stage); }, click: function() { this.grap.shapes[0].fillColor = 'red'; } }); Graphics is a list of drawing commands
  2. enpu

    Container and children interactivity

    Loop through the childrens and set interactive variable. for (var i = 0; i < container.children.length; i++) { var child = container.children[i]; child.interactive = true; }
  3. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    @Wolfsbane I'm having a bit hard time on understanding the logic in your code. You have collide function, which is called when your body collides with other body or bodies. Then you are checking another collision by using last positions (which are positions before the body was moved by physics in that frame) and modifying your body's last position by 1 pixel?
  4. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    I have modified the text about cloud building in the website, to clarify that paid plan is not required. Thanks!
  5. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    No. The way PhoneGap exporting works with Panda is that once you start exporting Panda will upload the project into PhoneGap. Then when building is done and the file (APK or IPA) is downloaded, Panda will automatically delete the project from PhoneGap. So it just creates the PhoneGap project temporarily, just for the exporting, then removes it.
  6. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    You don't have to pay to export using PhoneGap cloud building. Free plan allows you to have one private project, and that is enough.
  7. enpu

    Panda 2 Release notes

    Would really like to make the updating process to work without Gumroad at some point, though it's not my highest priority at the moment.
  8. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    I'm curious to hear the reason for this. PhoneGap is basically same as Cordova, with just some additional tools build in top of it, like the cloud building.
  9. enpu

    Panda 2 Release notes

    https://www.panda2.io/tutorials/build Take a look at this tutorial, section "Icons and splash screens". Before the fix the resources folder for icons and splash screens was hardcoded to "res", but now you can change that from settings:
  10. enpu

    Panda 2 Release notes

    You should have received email from Gumroad with the link. If not, try to go here https://gumroad.com/ekelokorpi and login
  11. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    Hi @Wolfsbane I did take a look at your breakout project and i now totally see the issue. Things get complicated when there is diagonal movement and body is colliding with multiple bodies in the same frame. Not sure yet what would be the simplest solution on this. Suggestions are welcome
  12. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    I have added these to the roadmap. Will do them asap! I can do simple arkanoid style game template with the built-in physics, that should be pretty fast to do.
  13. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    Have you looked at the different scenes in the example project of p2.js plugin? For example there is scene called "Simple" which shows you have to make simple floor and one physics sprite with circle shape and adds some velocity to it. With just few lines, can't be much simpler than that. Only thing that i personally don't like that much, is that P2 uses meters instead of pixels, which means you will have to convert all positions and dimensions. Will have to take a look at some point, if i could make that simpler. I would be happy to add more examples, if you let me know what exactly are you looking for
  14. enpu

    Panda Physics Engine: General Chat

    Panda's built-in physics engine is pretty simple and that is intentional, it is still enough for a lots of different types of games. For example Kuru Panda and game templates RPG, Jumping Fish, Spaceship, Platformer and Flying Dog are all made using the build-in physics engine. Then Papa PiƱo and game templates Tipsy Tower and Tipsy Tower 3D require more advanced physics, so they use p2.js plugin. I would totally disagree with @Ninjadoodle P2 is made with JavaScript, rather than C++ which Box2D uses. This means P2 is more suitable and gives better performance with JavaScript game engine. Also P2 API is really close to Panda's built-in physics engine, which allows me to keep the code a lot more clearer. Box2D would just make everything look a lot more complicated. Makes no sense for me to start making my own more advanced physics engine, when there is already one that does the job. Also makes no sense for me to spend time on another physics engine plugin, i haven't found anything that i can do on Box2D that i can't do with P2. Feels like i should just make more examples for P2. If there is something that you don't know how to achieve, you can always ask and i will do my best to help you out.
  15. enpu

    UWP Hosted Apps / Edge Stuttering

    That's really strange. In your code change, you are creating new array each frame with the slice function, which should make everything even worse (since you are creating garbage). There must be something else that is slowing your game down. Does this happen on desktop Edge too?