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  1. enpu

    Full Game Tutorial: Making Minesweeper

    Really good work @Wolfsbane
  2. enpu

    Ovelay filter with WebGL?

    By overlay you mean blend mode not filter?
  3. enpu

    Collision between game.Circle and game.Rectangle

    Currently in Panda's own physics engine collision is solved (bodies moved) only in Rectangle vs Rectangle and Circle vs Circle collisions. In Rectangle vs Circle the collision is detected, so your body's collide function is called, you could there manually move your bodies the way you want. Or then you could use p2.js physics.
  4. enpu

    How to make gravity not affect some sprite.

    Try to set body mass to zero. this.body.mass = 0;
  5. enpu

    About clearBeforeRender

    Ah yes so this is issue with Pixi plugin. Added to roadmap, thanks!
  6. enpu

    About clearBeforeRender

    Try game.Renderer.clearBeforeRender instead of game.renderer
  7. enpu

    Anyone using Tiled?

    Good point. I should add info about that to the website. I would say that you can post your changes here and then i could update the official plugin.
  8. You can also return true in your scene's keydown function to prevent default action on specific key: game.createScene('Main', { keydown: function(key) { if (key === 'BACKSPACE') return true; } });
  9. enpu

    Some issues with WebGL

    Noted and added to roadmap, thanks!
  10. enpu

    UWP Hosted Apps / Edge Stuttering

    Just to confirm, the fps drop occurs only when using Gamepad plugin?
  11. enpu

    Xbox Panda Remote

    Great that you got it working, though now i'm not sure what was causing the issue. Will try to figure out that other one now
  12. I have now added support for bezier curves on Polygon. drawPolygon API now looks like this: game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var grap = new game.Graphics(); grap.drawPolygon([ [0, 50, 70, 50, 70, 0], // Bezier curve 50, 0, // Point [50, 30, 20, 30, 20, 0], // Bezier curve 0, 0 // Point ]); grap.scale.set(5); grap.position.set(100); grap.addTo(this.stage); } }); This will output shape: Just modify the values to get what you need. To understand the values in bezier curve, take a look at this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/CanvasRenderingContext2D/bezierCurveTo
  13. enpu

    Virtual Joystick plugin

    Control movement in mobile games with virtual joystick. Preview: https://www.panda2.io/plugins/joystick Documentation: https://www.panda2.io/plugins/joystick/docs Download: https://www.panda2.io/plugins#joystick
  14. enpu

    Virtual Joystick plugin

    This sounds like a bug. Will add to the roadmap. Thanks!
  15. Makes sense. I would need to add support for bezier curves to the Graphics. Not just sure yet what would the API for it be. Should it be included somehow in the drawPolygon function. Any suggestions?
  16. Is there a reason why it needs to be Graphics object? Are you dynamically changing it in the game? If not, then what @Wolfsbane suggested should work ok.
  17. enpu

    Anyone using Tiled?

    I have used Tiled with Kuru Panda. Nothing really bad to say about it, everything works great. I'm not sure if TexturePacker is compatible with Tiled. All tiles in your tileset must be same size for example.
  18. enpu

    unexpected Container dimensions

    Would it be possible to get a simple example on where you are getting issues with Text instances?
  19. enpu

    Xbox Panda Remote

    @8bitdna Sorry for my late reply on this one. Could you try to bind this function to one of the buttons in the Xbox controller and see if you can go back to the connection screen: window.history.back(window.history.length); Also could you try this code and see all the keycodes for A + X + LT + RT buttons: window.addEventListener('keydown', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); console.log(event.keyCode); }); Thanks!
  20. enpu

    Virtual Joystick plugin

    Hello @BillyKane and welcome to Panda forums! Thanks for your feedback. There are different buttons in the Essentials plugin: https://www.panda2.io/plugins#essentials What exactly do you mean by "two finger touchpad"?
  21. enpu

    Panda 2 Tips & tricks

    I will be posting here some tips and tricks for Panda 2. Here is first. If you want to create class that doesn't show up in the sidebar you can do it like this: game.Player = game.Class.extend({ init: function() { } });
  22. enpu

    Panda 2 Tips & tricks

    Want to exclude some core modules from build (if you don't need them) to make the size even smaller? Specify those modules in your config like this: game.config = { ignoreModules: ['engine.pool', 'engine.storage'] }; Modules that you can ignore are: engine.audio engine.particle engine.physics engine.pool engine.storage engine.tween
  23. enpu

    Steam Question

    Steam plugin is totally possible and already added to the roadmap