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  1. [Recensione] Il mitico Snake torna sui nostri cellulari e sbarca sul web! https://t.co/6hQtfuoGfv

  2. Thank you so much for your great ideas! I'll focus on the highscore list for the next release. I use a DB for it. GitHub does not allow php pages so I stored my db on a altervista free web server. Thank you for your feedbacks!
  3. Thank you for your feedback!
  4. Very nice game, great idea!
  5. Hi! I'm here to show you my new work, a pure HTML5 implementation of Snake. The game is similar the original one, you have to eat food and grow up without touch te screen border or yourself. Gameplay is very simple: to move the snake use arrow keys; ESC or P for pausing game. Thers'a a rank of players' scores. SNAKE Play it here - http:/lorecioni.github.io/snake/ Thank you in advance for feedbacks! Lorenzo
  6. Very cute! Graphic is simple, but efficient at the same time. You could improve animation on mixer when a fruit comes in!
  7. Hi! I'm here to show you my new work. Fifteen Puzzle is an HTML5 implementation of the old famous game on the same name. The goal is to move the 15 tiles in grid in ascending order from the top left to the bottom right, leaving the only empty space at the end. Gameplay is very simple: to move a single tile you can click on it, use arrow keys or swipe with trackpad. Thers'a a rank of players' scores based on time spent and moves done. FIFTEEN GAME: Play it here - http://lorecioni.github.io/fifteen-puzzle-game/ Thank you in advance for feedbacks and for your time! Lorenzo