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  1. @hellspawn_bg my daughter mentioned the arrow key thing too. I've just uploaded a new version - left/right arrow to change direction, up to jump. Or you can still use spacebar to jump if you prefer. The ledges on this version don't appear until the countdown has ended, so there's less confusion about whether ledges are obstacles.
  2. Hi Phempt, Thanks for taking the time to do a video. He's bumping his head on the ledges, which kills him. I think I need to mention this in the instructions, as the fact that he falls through a ledge after the countdown makes it seem like he can go through them.
  3. Thanks Phempt. If you're playing on a desktop, it's a lot easier if you use the keyboard - spacebar to change direction and up-arrow to jump
  4. Thanks Leandrus. Might it be it falling when it bumps its head on a ledge, or is there no obstacle when it happens?
  5. OK, I've uploaded a new version with a countdown. I've also added the main menu and instruction states. Must say, I do like that countdown!
  6. Good idea. I'll give that a try.
  7. Thanks mmcs - looks like I need to have to have a look at the timing then!
  8. Great - thanks for that Mentuat. What device were you playing it on? I've just uploaded a new version - previously, if performance dipped, the ledges were added too close together as this was based on a timer interval. It's now based on their distance apart.
  9. Hot Larva is my third Phaser game. Change direction to avoid falling in the lava. The aim is to hop onto the ledges and stomp out hidden jewels. Once the jewels have fallen, if you're quick enough, you can hop down and collect them. If you're super-quick after that and manage to get onto the very next ledge, you'll be able to pick up a bonus gem. The more consecutive jumps you manage from ledge to ledge, the higher the value of the jewels. Landing back on the floating slab resets the values to their default. Controls High tap (in top half of screen) to hop onto ledges or flap upwards after you run off the end of a ledge. Low tap (bottom half of screen) to change direction, or to stamp out jewels when on ledges. If you're on desktop, you can also use spacebar for high tap and up cursor for low tap. Please let me know how smoothly it runs. I did have a few problems with a kind of judder that happened whenever a non-looping sound played. I tore everything out apart from an autoScrolling tile sprite, and the judder remained. As soon as I added looping background music, the judder disappeared. It now seems fine in Chrome and Safari on desktop, but is still a bit jittery in Firefox and on the iOS simulator. Thanks for any input. All the best, Paul
  10. Hey great - thanks for all that testing pixelpathos - much appreciated!
  11. Great - thanks for the positive feedback. What device were you playing it on, Jethin?
  12. The aim of the game is to keep the falling ants bouncing. To do this, tap the dots on mob or click the dots on desktop (alternatively, point to dots and hit spacebar). The further from the ant you tap, the higher the score. I haven't been able to test it on many devices - I've made a few trips down to PC World and used some emulators, but I'd really value any feedback about performance.
  13. Hey, I worked it out myself. When I created the game I did var game = new Phaser.Game( ... )So in main, I can use game.varNameand in States, I use knew there had to be an easier way
  14. Hi, I'm using vinod777's cool method of scaling for multiple devices, resolution and screens as detailed in this thread: Because I'm using the yeoman generator, achieving this became a bit more complicated than I would have liked, although I'm sure I've gone around the houses with some of my solutions. vinod777 declares states like this: game.state.add('Boot', BasicGame.Boot);Whereas the Yeoman does it like this game.state.add('boot', require('./states/boot'));vinod777 is then able to assign variables to BasicGame. As I don't have BasicGame to assign to, I'm using global variables, which does work, but is there a more obvious way of doing this which I'm missing due to my noobishness?