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  1. It's great to see you're pushing it to Steam! Seeing Evil Glitch greenlit already, and your game on the road to that, feels really cool. Fingers crossed and good luck!
  2. @bambo noted - I'll add the countdown up top, and will add that minimal width feature, thanks!
  3. Thanks! There's no difference in terms of the damage itself - it's explained later on when monsters have resistance to some of the elements.
  4. @bambo cool score - thanks for playing, and the valuable feedback! What would you expect the menu button to be, something along the 'home' style? Moving the slow down timer makes sense, although I was afraid it would be too much to have up top. Counting down can definitely be added though so you can expect when it runs out - great idea! As for the life saver - what do you mean by that? Minimal width when the powerup is active, for example you can't use it if the floor is too short? Removing restart button is a conscious design decision, so the less buttons the better as the UI is more clear. I do understand it would be easier in the case you're describing, but you can always lose quickly on purpose. It's a rare case so we didn't want to bloat the pause screen just for that. The same went with removing the sound/sfx button on pause screen - you can do it from the settings menu even if it's more clicks away. @Alectora this can be tested on a per-level basis, so releasing new, special level with such functionality may be an interesting way to see it in action ^^
  5. @Jammy thanks, it sounds like a popular request, so I'm probably gonna add it in the upcoming update. @Alectora that's the casual approach here - the water is just the background. It's not affecting the gameplay in any way, it just follows the player so he have the time to think. I was thinking about the situation where the water would actually drown you if you stop for too long, but thought it will be too hardcore for a fun little game. I may consider it a defferent game mode though, or something for the next levels as it may be interesting ;]
  6. @Umz thank you for the feedback! I was thinking about giving some extra coins for a few excellents in a row, but widening the floor also sounds interesting. And yeah, a few people already mentioned the powerups aren't obvious and need some clarification - I'll work on that too.
  7. @RubbleGames thanks for the feedback, I'll consider the powerup thing in the upcoming v1.1 build.
  8. Some time ago I wanted to make one game per month - my previous one, Wizard Quest, was released around June 2016, so you can see I'm not good at that anymore. With Flood Escape the story is simple - I wanted to make a game during Global Game Jam in January, so we built a prototype, and then spent a few months trying to finish it. The game itself is very simple - I wanted to focus on polishing it up. It was built with Phaser 2.6.2 and my template. Play Flood Escape: http://flood.enclavegames.com There's also the making of blog post if you're interested to learn the details: http://dev.end3r.com/2017/05/sick-game-jam-the-making-of-flood-escape/ I'd love to get some feedback from you about it, thanks!
  9. Not sure if that's what you a re looking for, but if I want to change the anchor and keep position the same, I do something like this: sprite.anchor.set(0.5,0.5); sprite.x += sprite.width*0.5; sprite.y += sprite.height*0.5; You are moving the sprite's position the amount of space it needs to stay in the exact same place, but with the new anchor.
  10. I would definitely add date of the publication in your blog posts, so I know if it's a recent entry, or 5 years old. Also an author would be good to know too.
  11. There's a new messaging platform where you can chat and play HTML5 games, and the BLUR team behind it wants to focus on helping indie devs showcase their games. The launch jam already started, and you can check the details on their website and in my blog post. You can win some prizes and got your games featured when the app launches in April to get some extra exposure.
  12. I had the similar issue with Caveman Grru. The player was suppose to be more or less in the middle of the screen and his velocity was matching the movement of everything in the opposite direction, but when it was staying behind (bug mentioned by you, or the player was stuck behind a terrain obstacle) too much, I was increasing his running speed (velocity) a bit, so he could move a little faster and reach the middle of the screen again.
  13. I just wanted to add that you can find games from me (Enclave Games) on the BlackMoon Design website too - both as a showcase of our work together and as a licensing offer through Robert. Feel free to ping him for details if you're interested.
  14. http://dev.end3r.com/2017/01/enclave-games-in-2016-and-plans-for-2017/ Expanding and diversifying my portfolio of services even futher, while making some games in the meantime. For example running gamedev meetups and workshops locally, or launching Open HTML5 Games portal (games/news/jobs). You don't have to focus on making games alone if you want to have a stable income.
  15. For now the list of allowed developers/studios is very short - you'd have to ask them for that directly. The ones that you might know are Spil Games and Softgames.