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  1. I would definitely add date of the publication in your blog posts, so I know if it's a recent entry, or 5 years old. Also an author would be good to know too.
  2. There's a new messaging platform where you can chat and play HTML5 games, and the BLUR team behind it wants to focus on helping indie devs showcase their games. The launch jam already started, and you can check the details on their website and in my blog post. You can win some prizes and got your games featured when the app launches in April to get some extra exposure.
  3. I had the similar issue with Caveman Grru. The player was suppose to be more or less in the middle of the screen and his velocity was matching the movement of everything in the opposite direction, but when it was staying behind (bug mentioned by you, or the player was stuck behind a terrain obstacle) too much, I was increasing his running speed (velocity) a bit, so he could move a little faster and reach the middle of the screen again.
  4. I just wanted to add that you can find games from me (Enclave Games) on the BlackMoon Design website too - both as a showcase of our work together and as a licensing offer through Robert. Feel free to ping him for details if you're interested.
  5. http://dev.end3r.com/2017/01/enclave-games-in-2016-and-plans-for-2017/ Expanding and diversifying my portfolio of services even futher, while making some games in the meantime. For example running gamedev meetups and workshops locally, or launching Open HTML5 Games portal (games/news/jobs). You don't have to focus on making games alone if you want to have a stable income.
  6. For now the list of allowed developers/studios is very short - you'd have to ask them for that directly. The ones that you might know are Spil Games and Softgames.
  7. It gives a random integer between 50 and this.game.width-50. For example, if this.game.width is 200, then the random integer will be between 50 and 150 (200-50).
  8. Will do, thanks for the info!
  9. It depends on what you'd like to achieve, but as mentioned already they are quite similar. You can see a comparison of a very basic 3D scene created in PlayCanvas engine and the same built in Babylon.js and see for yourself which style suits you better. Bonus points for PlayCanvas having an online editor in which you can build the exact same demo, but without coding.
  10. "No installation needed (because it's all Web)" is a good enough answer, not at all time consuming in my opinion and works well.
  11. The key here is copyright on the name "Phaser" from the authors of the upcoming Star Trek series, at least that's what I remembered from a blog post some time ago. I'd try to contact them directly and ask if they have any problem with using the name. You can stick to the current name and if they force you to do so, then do it only then. I was waiting for Lazer because I thought the decision was final, but if you're still considering it I'd say stick to Phaser. The difference internally it not a big problem - if it's a next version number it speaks for itself that you just can't include it in your old project and hope it'll make you fix a few lines and that's it. It would only mean you'd have to specify the version in which you're writing a tutorial, but it's a common sense to do it anyway. There's a huge collection of materials about Phaser already, the gamedev community and the whole world got used to it, the framework is recognized as one of the best out there even from non-developers, and it would be a shame to waste such marketing recognition and start with something totally new. On the other hand you as the author is a recognizable figure and if you change the name to Lazer it will take some time to clear the confusion, but people will accept it and move on.
  12. At some point, to follow the semantic versioning conventions, new version of Phaser after 2.x delivering breaking changes to the previous build was set to be 3.x. It was a "normal" new version, which (without following semver rules) would normally be still 2.x. A totally new Phaser built from scratch and using ES6, it's own renderer etc will be named Lazer though.
  13. Are you not following the development updates in the weekly Phaser World newsletter? Phaser 2.x was released as Community Edition and now the main workload is on Phaser 3. After that will be released, the work on Lazer will be resumed.
  14. What version of Phaser are you using? Those features are available since 2.4.7. Here's an example of a project implementing those features: http://enclavegames.github.io/Enclave-Phaser-Template/ - its source code is available on GitHub.
  15. First, I'd check the typo you have here: <script type = "text/javascript" src = "phasor.min.js"></script> Fix it to "phaser.min.js" and see if it helps.