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  1. Alexalten

    Phaser 3 Animated Tiles Plugin

    Well done!!!
  2. Alexalten

    Alex's prototypes

    Hello everyone, another prototype is freely available on my website. Drag the ball and throw it like a catapult against the enemies. Protect the boxes at the bottom of the screen. Survive as long as possible. Here the link:
  3. Alexalten

    Action RPG pack

    Hi, a new module is available: the "creepy dungeon" module. It's a simple collection of creepy effects: local light and dark enviroment with (the light can be turned on when you attack the energy stations), with a bright area around the player continous flashes on your avatar (~5 sec.) different spritesheets on dark/light for the enviroment splashing blood when you walk on it Here the link and some images:
  4. Alexalten

    Rotating walls around the player.

    Hi, I've made something similar in a prototype: maybe this could help you (sorry for my "spaghetti code"). P.S. I've started this prototype following the instructions in this post: bye, Alex
  5. Alexalten

    Alex's prototypes

    Hello everyone, another prototype is freely available on my website. It's a simple two player hockey prototype. Drag your avatar (when the arrows are of the same colour of your disc) and throw it like a catapult. Make a goal inside the field of your opponent.
  6. Alexalten

    Alex's prototypes

    Hello everyone, starting from Phaser's examples, on Xmas holidays I've developed some prototypes (available on my website: ). The used graphic come from opengameart an openclipart websites (no music inside.... sorry), if you'll use my scripts, please, change the graphic or use the citation policy. Inside my website there are the related credits for the graphic. All prototypes are available on the following link (I've add also a small image for each one): There is also a HUB/menu where you can choose what you prefer: These "games" are freely available to be reused (if you like them and if you need), I hope my holydays' work could be useful for someone. If I'll develop more prototypes, these will be added on this section (and inside the HUB/menu). Please, if you find some bugs and you fix them, send me the right version of the scripts, thanks. Bye, Alex
  7. Alexalten

    RPG Dialogue System

    Hi, I've developed some ARPG modules, may this be useful for you? Bye, Alex
  8. Alexalten

    Best practice for pause/unpause on canvas focus/blur?

    Hi, in Phaser's examples there is an interesting script about the "pause option": personally (this is only my preference) I use a simple flag to pause the game: in the "update" section of the game, when the flag is 1, then check collisions, move sprites using buttons, check when keyboard is pressed, etc.etc. when the flag is 2, then "make something else" (like a message on screen), so all previous action are "freezed" everithing come to normal when the flag come back to 1 but, remember, this is only my personal preference. I suppose there are other options. Bye, Alex
  9. Alexalten

    Phaser JS Roulette demo script

    Really interesting, well done!
  10. Alexalten

    Rotate screen to Landscape when the game opened

    Hi, You could use a little trick to "lock" the orientation: bye
  11. Alexalten

    Action RPG pack

    Hi, a new module is available: the "area selector" module. It's a simple rotating menu (like a lot of RPG/MOBA's menu You can find on mobile devices). The code is simple and verbose (maybe too much). When you select the area (through the text "click here for....") an alert will appear (inside there is a commented script that redirect to the area). Here a little video: Bye, Alex
  12. Alexalten

    A good weapon system?

    Hi, a lot of time ago, in an old post I've found this link: I hope it can help you! Bye, Alex
  13. Alexalten

    Action RPG pack

    @viso Yes, You're right: the assets (images and audio) are available on OpenGameArt (I hope that the credits (inside the scripts) are right)! P.S. Sorry for my late reply... @TheCodeCrafter many tanks! Well, I don't think You'll have some problems to customize the graphics asset. The images (tiles, sprites, etc.) have a quite standard size (except the background ). Let me know if You have some problems. Good luck for Your project! Bye, Alex
  14. Alexalten

    [Plugin] Phaser Behavior news

    Hi, I've tried using this link:
  15. Alexalten

    [Plugin] Phaser Behavior news

    Hi, I've tried Your plugin, but it doesn't work and I've received this error on console: Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGLRenderingContext': The cross-origin image at may not be loaded.