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  1. Hi, a new module is available: the "area selector" module. It's a simple rotating menu (like a lot of RPG/MOBA's menu You can find on mobile devices). The code is simple and verbose (maybe too much). When you select the area (through the text "click here for....") an alert will appear (inside there is a commented script that redirect to the area). Here a little video: Bye, Alex
  2. Hi, a lot of time ago, in an old post I've found this link: I hope it can help you! Bye, Alex
  3. @viso Yes, You're right: the assets (images and audio) are available on OpenGameArt (I hope that the credits (inside the scripts) are right)! P.S. Sorry for my late reply... @TheCodeCrafter many tanks! Well, I don't think You'll have some problems to customize the graphics asset. The images (tiles, sprites, etc.) have a quite standard size (except the background ). Let me know if You have some problems. Good luck for Your project! Bye, Alex
  4. Hi, I've tried using this link:
  5. Hi, I've tried Your plugin, but it doesn't work and I've received this error on console: Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGLRenderingContext': The cross-origin image at may not be loaded.
  6. Hi, try using the following example: In this example, there is a "game.paused = true;" that freeze the entire game (in my game also the music). Bye, Alex
  7. Hi, there is a plugin, in Phaser, that make it simple to manage: Try it, bye, Alex
  8. Hi, a new module is available: "Crafting items". It's a small module that show a simple crafting management (NOTE: You have to swipe the objects to select them). Here the link to the module: NOTE: I've used the Feronato's tutorial: ....and for the assets thanks to Opengameart's member Ludicarts: Bye, Alex
  9. Hi, I had the same problem....... checking different post on this forum, maybe I've found a solution (it works for me): game.physics.isoArcade.collide(obstacleGroup, null, function(a, b) { if ((a === player)) { b.body.moves = false; } if ((b === player)) { a.body.moves = false; } }); try it, maybe it works also for you.
  10. Hi, there is an interesting (old) article on Polygon: inside there is also a link to a reference manual (pdf) for fighting games.
  11. Hi, maybe this post could be useful for you:
  12. That's really interesting. Is there a demo of your code?
  13. Hi, I think that's due to the use of this specific font. I explain: this font it's not always available for all operating system (on Linux, for example, You have to install it separately). I suggest You to search on Google fonts ( the most similar to "time new roman". Could this be a solution for You? Bye, Alex
  14. Hi, You can find a small example in this script: check the code of index.html (where the fonts are "called") and the code of Bye, Alex
  15. Hi, a new module is available: "RANDOM ENVIROMENT". It's an exploratory enviroment randomly created (at each refresh of the web page) Ok, what is generated each time? - the background is choosen randomly (on 4 different images) - Not Playable Characters (NPCs) randomly displaced, with a random color (on 8 different colors) with a rotating rune under them. When our protagonist is close enough, an info box appear and the NPC start to tell a story - these stories, are randomly generated using an existing library (tracery.js) - each "story teller" has his avatar inside the box (of course, also the avatar is randomly generated using the "avatar generator's sprite" used in "Age of conquest" ( & )), these sets are available at the following link: - other Not Playable Characters randomly displaced, with a random color (on 8 different colors), that walk across the game area - other flying NPCs (like little demons) go across the screen and follow our main character when he is close to them - trees are choose and randomly displaced - rocks and walls (randomly displaced ) are an obstacle for our main character (we bounce on them) Sorry for the intensive use of the word "randomly" P.S. To manage the color of the NPCs, we need to use Phaser (version Tarabon or greater). P.P.S. In this module there aren't the weapon buttons, it's only an exploratory enviroment. Here the link to the module: Here some videos: Used assets: Bye, Alex