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  1. @sthizn @Dashiesplash DEP casa

  2. ekiscrim

    Phaser 2.3.0 "Tarabon" Released

  3. ekiscrim

    [Phaser] Match3

    very very cool, great job
  4. ekiscrim

    first glance at my 3D engine

    I love the controls, it is very accurate
  5. ekiscrim

    [phaser] my first game

    haha thank you Ousaf!! I wish too that happen xD
  6. ekiscrim

    [phaser] my first game

    First of all, sorry for my bad English xD This is my first game made with phaser, the development time was one week. This project was to learn and to see if I can finish a minigame xD This was my personal ludum dare haha and well, i'm very happy Here's the link play Thanks Richard Davey for letting me use your graphics and title game for this personal project >_< The game have somes bugs but was one week of development and that was the time I wanted to have to end, whatever it was!
  7. ekiscrim


    Wow, its so hard!
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    [phaser] my first game

    Thank you Zebestov. The chicken is the sonic cousin xDDD Well, The size of the window was my decision but maybe for the next game, I will scale all the game Thank you druphoria
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    [phaser] my first game

    thanks!, sure you can make a videogame! persistence!
  10. ekiscrim

    Hungry Joe - completed arcade game

    haha it's very very funny! congratulations
  11. ekiscrim

    Quick "How did you get into HTML5 game dev?" poll

    Well, I always wanted make a game like Sonic games, and today, I still learning for someday make some similar
  12. ekiscrim

    [phaser] my first game

    I don't know more games with the same idea. In the future I will fix all the bugs. Thanks for play Maybe in the future I will add touch controls! I decided 550x250 because I don't like see big pixels (xD) but I'll try scale entire game to see how it works. Thank you all, you motivate me to keep going make games
  13. Great idea, but I don't know examples with other libraries xD PS: me alegra ver algo de espaƱol por estos sitios
  14. This game is one of the best HTML5 games I played in my life
  15. ekiscrim

    A new 4$ gameboy gamepack ready to use

    I love your art, dude! (I'm ekiscrim, twitter )
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    [phaser] my first game

  17. ekiscrim

    Pupuyi. A casual mobile game

    Looks great, i will wait for this
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    [phaser] my first game

    Thank all, you're awesome!
  19. ekiscrim

    [phaser] my first game

    yeah! this was my personal "ludum dare". Make a game in five days xD and this is my first game ><. In a future i will work for fix all the bugs in this game Funkyy thanks for playing thank you!!!
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    [phaser] my first game

    thank you
  21. ekiscrim

    [Phaser][Completed] ClickMe - Blocks

    looks awesome, congratulations
  22. ekiscrim

    Phaser Coding Tips 1

    Nice! waiting for tips 2