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  1. Who knows but as I'm leading a startup that does not operate in the game industry you maybe can imagine my time budget
  2. Well I'm not sure if Phaser goes with P2 in future because the premium plugin for Box2D has been announced. So maybe a abstraction would be needed. Maybe I'll just tell my story. Why I choose P2 ist because I think that the arcade physics are great, but there is nothing P2 can't do what arcade physics can do. P2 has some features I would like to see in my game to stand out of the crowd, like friction materials, stiffness and constraints. I've started my prototyping using Tiled and Polylines on different object layers to create physic bodies. E.g. there is an ice layer, an earth layer and a water layer. In phaser itself then I create the bodies and the friction materials from those polylines. Guess what - iterating a level sucks like hell. So I've already thought that I need to create an editor on my own. I'm experienced with node, express and ember, so I think that would be possible. But then I stumbled over MightyEditor and thought that maybe a P2 integration would be easier than creating a complete new editor. So currently I've got no time for something like that, that is why I was asking if you thought of this kind of integration.
  3. Thanks for this great editor! Any plans to support p2 physics? As far as I can see only arcarde physics is supported, or am I wrong?
  4. toovy

    Spine support

    DragonBones looks promising. It would be important to have the possibility for more modular animations.
  5. toovy

    Spine support

    Sorry to ask, but what is the status of this? Spine would be very interesting.
  6. Hi George, I'm having the same problem. With phaser v2.0.5 I also cannot debug the capsule and the behavior is very strange. Can you please tell me about the status of the debug draw? Thanks, BR, toovy