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  1. pinkpanther

    "Error: Supplied index does not exist"

    "Error: Supplied index does not exist in the child list, or the supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller" What's the common cause of this message?
  2. pinkpanther

    Packaging - how to

    Yeah, thanks a lot, enpu :-)
  3. pinkpanther

    Packaging - how to

    Hi! How to pack whole game into one game.min.js as Regards!
  4. pinkpanther

    Sprite - how to switch frame depending on state

    Thank you :-)
  5. Hi, I got my sprite in separate PNG files. I want these frames to be displayed conditionally, e.g. sprite moving left - the left skew, moving right - right skew. Sometimes I want the sprite to animate (e.g. steps). Whoat should I do? Regards :-)
  6. pinkpanther

    Container problem with bitmapped text

    Hi, this is the code: Score = game.Class.extend({ init : function() { this.container = new game.Container(); this.container.position.x = 0; this.container.position.y = 4 * game.system.height / 5; this.img = new game.Sprite('hit', 0, 0, { anchor : { x : 0.5, y : 0.5, } }); this.img.position.x = game.system.width / 2 - this.img.width / 2; this.img.position.y = 140; this.textBox = new ScoreText('0', 0, 0, 1); this.container.addChild(this.textBox); this.container.addChild(this.img); game.scene.stage.addChild(this.container); }, }); This gives me following errors: TypeError: child.setStageReference is not a function child.setStageReference(stage); TypeError: this.children.updateTransform is not a function this.children.updateTransform(); (repeatedly) What have I done wrong? Regards!
  7. pinkpanther

    Multiple collision groups or detecting collided object

    Thanks! Worked fine for me. I added a name field and check
  8. pinkpanther

    About collide methods

    You group friendly objects (e.g.player) in one collisionGroup e.g 0; than you group enemy objects in the collision group e.g. 1. Than you set for friendly objects collideAgainst 1. In case of collision of friendly object (from group 0) against eenym object (group 1), the method collide of friendly object would be called. In this method (override) you set the sepcific action in case of this collision (e.g. removing object).
  9. Hello, I want to have many collision groups or detect, which object was collided. E.g. I need ammo box to be collided against player, which add him ammo, but when the ammo box collides against projectile, the player shouold not get ammo. Is there any way to establish more than one collision group or to detect from collide method collided object? Regards :-)
  10. pinkpanther

    Font using problem [SOLVED]

    Thank you! They work perfectly :-)
  11. pinkpanther

    Font using problem [SOLVED]

    Hello Ninjadoodle, yes, I got .fnt and .png as the result, but game hangs on loading screen, on progressbar and no messages at console at all. EDIT: it looks like it fails at : game.addAsset('xolonium.fnt'); in assets.js. If You could convert some free fonts from here: eg. moonhouse, xolonium and put it here (size 48, 64) - I would like to test them.
  12. pinkpanther

    p2.js physics

    Is there any code snippet for using this plugin
  13. pinkpanther

    Font using problem [SOLVED]

    Hello! I created bitmap font from truetype using BMfont. Unfortuntely on initial screen the game freezes on progress bar filled ca 90 %. Nothing appears on console. What's on? Is there any way the fonts should be prepared to work properly with Panda.js? Regards!
  14. pinkpanther

    Timer problem - calling external objects method [SOLVED]

    Ok, i passed timer issue, but still got the problem with references on line e = this.enemies[r]; in fallDown method. Still TypeError: undefined. I Suppose, this is due to binding in scene: this.addTimer(5000, this.enemyRow.fallDown.bind(this), true); where enemyRow is EnemyGroup class object. Important code goes here: EnemyGroup = game.Class.extend({ // enemies : [null, null, null, null, null, null, null], acceleration : 0, speed : 7, number : enemyRows * enemyCols, init : function() { var r, i; this.enemies = new Array(); // Choose start direction if (Math.random() > 0.5) { this.acceleration = 1; } else { this.acceleration = -1; } // init row of enemies for (r = 0; r <= enemyCols - 1; r++) { this.enemies.push(new Enemy(parseInt(game.system.width / 7 + r * game.system.width * 0.15), parseInt(game.system.height * 0.05), this)); // this.enemies[r].acceleration = this.acceleration; this.enemies[r].body.velocity.x *= this.acceleration; } console.log(this.enemies); // init falling game.scene.addObject(this); }, fallDown : function() { var r, i; console.log(this.enemies); for (r = 0; r <= enemyCols - 1; r++) { e = this.enemies[r]; if (e == null) continue; if (this.enemies[r] != null) { var e = this.enemies[r]; e.startfall(); } }; },
  15. Hello, what's wrong with this code: this.player = new Player(game.system.width / 2, game.system.height - this.ground.height); this.enemyRow = new EnemyGroup(); console.log(this.player); console.log(this.enemyRow); this.addTimer(5000, function() { this.enemyRow.fallDown(); }, true); That gives me TypeError (this.enemyRow.fallDown: undefined) Regards!