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  1. elparole

    From 0 to 2 million DAU: One HTML5 Game Developer's Story

    Interesting, but how does hex frvr sends player traffic to native stores if there are no outgoing links to appstore nor google play in http://hex.frvr.com/ ? Everyone finds game in stores on their own? I tested links to stores in some html5 we made, but only 1% players clicked them.
  2. elparole

    Me - The Game

    Pretty game. I lost while jumping on faith twice. Seems "Me" shouldn't rely on "faith" too much.
  3. elparole

    Space Blast

    @asyncrobot Oh! So I can destroy asteroids! First time I played I thought they are undestroyable. This was because of only 2 newbie players were on the map at the same time. Today, I saw lot of players and now I see the what's going on! I think you could make asteroids graphics of damaged state more obvious for players, because right now more of them could think that they cannot destroy asteroids and won't get any experience points and quit the game because of none progress. Earning exp by destroying such objects is very good idea for that kind of online game. It is easier for new players to join the game. Also, I like avoiding bullets in gameplay and predicting enemies position when shooting. Reminds me Quake 2
  4. elparole

    Space Blast

    Cool game, congrats! Works well on my smartphone moto x style. I found one other player and we tried to shoot each other, but it seems our guns were very weak or health/armor very strong, so after 5 minutes we still had both 90% health.
  5. elparole

    Let's Make HTML5 Games Great Again!

    Or.. Let's live andn work slow, and publish new game whenever