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  1. Horizonicblue

    Are the docs updated on the website for phaser3?

    https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser3-docs/index.html Online docs
  2. Horizonicblue

    How to call another file functions in phaser 3

    Hey the attachment is not extracting for me, can you reattach a new one..
  3. Horizonicblue

    How to call another file functions in phaser 3

    You can access it as deck in any of the states. (actually in this structure even objects like game and game1 are global) other way of declaring global is game.global = { score : 0, sound : false } and you can access it as game.global.score in any states.
  4. Horizonicblue

    How to call another file functions in phaser 3

    I think this should work var game1 = { game.fun(); }
  5. Horizonicblue


    Hey great work buddy, I can see this time the art is something different type as compared to your older games. By the way, what are further plans with multiplayer game, planning to keep it for players only or you will be licensing it?
  6. Horizonicblue

    Collision check for one sprite

    I think this will do.. Thanks for everything
  7. Horizonicblue

    Collision check for one sprite

    That's true What I want to do is, suppose if car1 collides with car2, then I want car1 to get killed and if car2 collides with car1, then I want car2 to get killed. Is there any other way I can do this?
  8. Horizonicblue

    Collision check for one sprite

    Hi, Is there a way to check collision of only one sprite with other? game.physics.arcade.collide(sprite1,sprite2,callback); the above thing checks for collision by sprite1 to sprite2 and also sprite2 to sprite1. I want only one way check....has anyone done anything like this?
  9. Horizonicblue

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a bright, healthy, happiest, craziest and prosperous new year Happy New Year!
  10. Horizonicblue

    Let's Make HTML5 Games Great Again!

    Wow this looks inspiring Come on Lets start!
  11. Horizonicblue

    New forum moderators wanted

    I'm ready to help, I visit forums daily GMT +5:30
  12. Horizonicblue

    Sailor Pop - Okijin Games

    Well polished game, great work. The graphics this time is different than your previous games, did you use some different techniques this time? Can I have some more info on that?
  13. Horizonicblue

    sprite performance

    Probably this thread might help you http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/2813-attach-sprite-to-sprite/
  14. Horizonicblue

    Dots and Boxes

    Wow well done, I used to play this game during school days on book with my friends. old memories made alive
  15. Horizonicblue

    Fall - 4 days GameJam

    That's really a nice one, It really deserves " Most polished game Prize". Works very well on my PC but I see some problems on mobile devices when played with chrome. Keep it up!