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  1. eddieone

    Phaser 3 show_all responsive example?

    Yeah, here the trick. Update to Phaser 3.16.2+ probably in package.json or the index.html Update the Phaser config. config = { parent: 'phaser', type: Phaser.AUTO, autoCenter: 1, scaleMode: 3 }; game = new Phaser.Game(config); Restart server if you need to (remove any scaling plugins). and then magic scaling thanks to Rich.
  2. eddieone

    How do you pass data to another scene?

    not very seo friendly 😀
  3. eddieone

    Container Height and Width

    I think the scaleManager is not ready yet 😅
  4. eddieone

    How do I get data from JSON file in Phaser3?

    Think it will work for an api?
  5. eddieone

    Handle button hover in Phaser 3?

    Hi, What's the best way to handle different button states in Phaser 3? I have an image and want to show a different image on mouse hover.
  6. eddieone

    ES6 + Phaser is great

    Here's the scenario, 1 to 5 animals attack the boss, then the boss attacks each animal. This is the code using async/wait await this.attackBoss(this.seat1); if (this.seats.length >= 2) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat2); } if (this.seats.length >= 3) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat3); } if (this.seats.length >= 4) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat4); } if (this.seats.length >= 5) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat5); } await this.bossAttack(this.seat1); if (this.seats.length >= 2) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat2); } if (this.seats.length >= 3) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat3); } if (this.seats.length >= 4) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat4); } if (this.seats.length >= 5) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat5); } The above code takes a few seconds for all the animations to complete. Using promises to end the await part once the animations finish. attackBoss(seat) { return new Promise(resolve => { this.tweens.add({ targets: seat, x: this.bossSeat.x, ease: 'Sine', duration: 500, yoyo: true, onYoyo: () => { this.bouncBoss(); }, onComplete: () => { resolve('resolved'); } }); }); } I might make a goldilocks es6 boilerplate for phaser 3. Mostly just adding async to generator babel plugin to already existing boilerplates. babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator
  7. eddieone

    What is wrong with Phaser3 performance?

    What does performance look like with screenshots off??
  8. eddieone

    How do you bring sprites/groups to front with Phaser 3?

    Yeah Thanks, always checking the examples...
  9. eddieone

    Get container by name

    If you use es6, you can use for of. Or for loop with es5 searchContainer(container, name) { for (var child of container.list) { if (child.name == name) { return child; } } }
  10. eddieone

    Phaser 3 show_all responsive example?

    Ah, I'm too early. have to wait for phaser 3.16 probably 😛
  11. Hi, I'm looking around for how to handle full page scaling in phaser 3, anyone know of a tutorial or code example? I know with css, the canvas can go 100% However, I haven't found a way to scale in-game objects and have them centered. Thanks
  12. eddieone

    Phaser 3 performance?

    Thanks. 😯, looking forward to using the engine
  13. eddieone

    Phaser 3 performance?

    There are a lot of cool new features. I was reading the dev logs and it sounds like there were some optimizations. I wonder, how does the overall performance compare to phaser 2.3.0? Maybe there is a performance demo?
  14. eddieone

    Wedding Run (open source)

    Would you be willing to make a standalone version for Y8? I mean without the node requirement.
  15. eddieone

    Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    Iframe uploads are working on Chrome again. 😅 Again, thanks leonylyner