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  1. eddieone

    Phaser 3 performance?

    There are a lot of cool new features. I was reading the dev logs and it sounds like there were some optimizations. I wonder, how does the overall performance compare to phaser 2.3.0? Maybe there is a performance demo?
  2. eddieone

    Wedding Run (open source)

    Would you be willing to make a standalone version for Y8? I mean without the node requirement.
  3. eddieone

    Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    Iframe uploads are working on Chrome again. 😅 Again, thanks leonylyner
  4. eddieone

    Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    Thanks for reporting, will check on this for you. Hey, don't hijack my thread.
  5. eddieone


    I never expected to see an alt coin announcement on this forum. I wouldn't put much trust in it, seems like a scam.
  6. eddieone

    Y8 is Publishing HTML5 games

    For 10 years Y8 has been a big player in Flash games. Now that Flash is dying, we are looking to host more games using open standards. Everyone is welcome to submit games on the Y8 upload page. We are working on an adsense revenue split for game developers. So if you want to earn money, you will need to be at least 18 and it helps to have an Adsense account already. Though, in many cases we can help there too. So if you want to share your games, do these things: Upload here http://static.y8.com/upload If you want rev split email us here idnet@webgroup-limited.com Let us know if you have adsenses or not, list of games helps too.
  7. eddieone

    The Best Phaser Template

    @mattstyles Thanks for viewing the code. Please create a pull request. I took this from a project I worked on and decided to share it for free. At the vary least, you could create an issue for each problem and hope someone will be able to do it. This is the open source way. Posting on a forum that doesn't have good notifications is not a good process for open source.
  8. eddieone

    Load assets after preload

    Thanks you saved my bacon. I had done this before, but I was like WTF not working now.
  9. eddieone

    Easy way to upscale?

    Thank you, I will try this
  10. eddieone

    Easy way to upscale?

    With our latest game Banjo Panda, we have performance issues on low end machines. I noticed by changing the canvas size, I can double FPS. The current resolution is 960x644. I tried this Phaser.Game(480, 322, Phaser.CANVAS, 'gameContainer') My question, is there a way to easy scale everything down without modifying all the art? Maybe something like game.scale = 0.5
  11. eddieone

    [Phaser][Multiplayer] Banjo Panda

    Derp, link added.
  12. A panda themed physics powered collecting game. Follow the builder, they will help pandas reach the pineapple. Once, you have grabbed the pineapple take it to the cave. Collect pineapples to unlock titles and new items in the shop. http://www.y8.com/games/banjo_panda Disclaimer: it doesn't run well on old hardware, namely 32 bit browsers
  13. eddieone

    Keyboard input + Microsoft Edge

    Yes, I just notice this too. It's not a great experience for the player as it makes movement wonky.
  14. eddieone

    Box2D Painfully Slow Movement

    I had to buy a netbook to figure it out but I found a way to get what I wanted. The following code will drop physics frames if you will and allow a player on a slow machine to almost move as fast as someone with 60 FPS. So instead of being ugly and slow, it's mostly just ugly now. I mean visually browsers will try to compensate by lowering quality. // Put this in create or somewhere game.time.advancedTiming = true; game.physics.box2d.useElapsedTime = true; // Put this in render game.time.physicsElapsed = 1 / game.time.fps;
  15. eddieone

    Phaser Box2d Cannot modify properties of body object

    I'm starting to see box2d is modeled after p2, so if search for how to with p2 bla bla, I find stuff. I know it's a year too late Gyutang, maybe sprite.body.data.ResetMassData(); could help you.