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  1. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Much appreciated. Of course you can always ask for examples or clarification if needed, I'm only happy to help.
  2. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Yeah you're right, it's not all done even if the child/parent relations would be inherited by physics objects. @RaananW can you please confirm is the child/parent links inherited only one level deep by design or is there something in the engine which could be fixed? Here's the PG (one more time) where the hit test fails for second level children: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#RLKVFF#45
  3. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Yes, that will fix the problem no doubt about it. It's trivial to make the PG example work. But when you have several hundred models drawn by artist with parent/child hierarchies and they have a designed function in the game... it starts to be a bit more trickier. Then again, no pain no gain!
  4. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Thanks again to everybody for having the patience to tolerate my whining @Wingnut I used your PG example to illustrate my problem. Mouse click applies impulse to the ball and... it just misses the child mesh, just like in my project. I'm still willing to accept that there is some mistake I made myself, but that's ok. I just need to get this b*tch nailed down I don't care if it's due to my own simplicity. Anyway, check it out: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#RLKVFF#45
  5. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    That solves the problem with collisions quite elegantly, but creates another problem when I lose the parenting. For example, if I want to move a car, it forgets to pick up its tires, windows, etc. etc. child meshes Maybe this is the way it's supposed to be done. But if i have to write a second parenting system, I think using a framework starts to lose its meaning? I'm not thinking about myself as much as others who have less time and resources for making great projects.
  6. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Thanks for the suggestion, fenomas! I thought about unrolling the parenting, but it's there for a good (or bad?) reason; - we can edit, add and remove "chairs" and dozens of decorative pieces from the models easily in our level editor - parent/child hierarchy is used to define attachments points for weapon and armor mods etc... - some animations rely on relative positioning/rotation of children - and finally, our game project has over 400 individually drawn models, it's a daunting task to rebuild/rethink everything just because there's a glitch in the engine Yes I know I should have tried if it works before we even start.
  7. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Futher development, I thought about trying Oimo.js but it doesn't seem to work at all:
  8. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    No, I have to give up. It simply takes too much time and I still have no idea what's the root cause of the problem. I guess no one has made a working FPS game using BJS? All the examples I've found so far are lacking in either physics or accuracy department, and I can see why that is the case. Thanks for your efforts Wingnut, I tried everything you suggested and more! I made some headway, but there is something going on which requires more resources than my team currently has. I have to settle with some kind of hack, I just don't know what it is yet
  9. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Yes Wingnut, that's exactly what I did! BJS even warns you if you don't add the child meshes first. But I can only bump correctly into root meshes (which have no parent). The child mesh impostors are there, you can bump into "air" too. I suspect their rotation and position is not inherited correctly.
  10. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Ok, so if I have a table mesh and it has three child meshes (chairs around the table) I need to make joints to make them position correctly in relation to parent (table)?
  11. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Or do I need to parent the impostors somehow?
  12. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    I just want things to bump into each other, but the physics only detects the root mesh correctly. Even if I add impostors to children, they are not positioned/rotated correctly
  13. So.... to my great disappointment - yes, another one of those - it looks like parented meshes don't work with physics engine. Is there any workaround? I think it's impossible for me to unroll all parenting in the project, it would break animations and god knows what else... BTW it looks like @Wingnut is currently working on similar issues (poor physics support). thumbs up to you for all the great work
  14. Bug in GUI causes crash

  15. Bug in GUI causes crash

    Hi, I run into trouble when trying to clear a scene. The scene contains objects which have Babylon.GUI labels linked on them. Something is not getting updated properly? I can make it work using a timer delay between consecutive mesh.dispose() commands, but running them in a loop crashes the program. Here is the same problem in a PG. You can dispose one or the other mesh, but not both -- without a delay. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#5ZHBR8