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  1. Ok I accidentally discovered something just before I posted a test file here... While I did set the "zRest" animation as the last animation as you correctly suggested, apparently that wasn't enough. You have to switch to Pose Mode before exporting! This is weird but I was able to reproduce it several times. Exporting in object or edit mode will not work since T-pose is not actually activated (even though it's selected). Maybe this is obvious to Blender users but I'm just a programmer so... Anyway big thanks to both who helped, I was this close to give up!
  2. No... can't get it to work. I was kinda hopeful after seeing @satguru 's post. Btw, I have noticed that ranges are 1-2 frames off. Anyway, I always end up with the same problem, animations get warped and twisted. Single animations do work, but can't pack multiple animations in one file -- unless I append the whole armature and mesh into the file again and again which makes no sense. I haven't modified the animations in any way except applied rotation and scaling as you do. The animations are from Mixamo. Has anyone accomplished in using them in Babylon? See the attached image, right hand gets twisted wrist and stretched fingers and the character is leaning to left like he's about to tip over...
  3. Hi, I'm trying to import meshes with multiple animations (from Blender). Is there any description of correct workflow on how to make Babylon compatible animations in Blender? Single animation works nicely when you just manually fix scaling and rotation problems. But no matter how you append more animations into one Blender file it seems to me that transformations get messed up in export process. I've tried using Action Library and Pose Library, but both strategies produce weird twisting and morphing of the mesh. The result does somewhat resemble the intended animation, but it's hard to say what exactly goes wrong. Of course obvious workaround is to put every animation in separate file but that quickly makes download sizes unpractical (several 100 MBs).
  4. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getProgram' of undefined at n.enableEffect (babylon.js:5) at r.t._preBind (babylon.js:17) at r.render (babylon.js:14) at t.render (babylon.js:15) at t.renderUnsorted (babylon.js:11) at t.render (babylon.js:11) at t.render (babylon.js:11) at i.renderToTarget (babylon.js:16) at i.render (babylon.js:16) at r._renderForCamera (babylon.js:13) This used to work. Tried with Chrome and FF, basically same thing. Scene loads, you get a glimpse of the character and then the magic stops.
  5. After wrestling countless hours with a problem (as you do) I came to the conclusion that ShaderMaterial is broken in 3.0. More accurately, I can't get texture lookups to work in vertex shader. But they do work in Babylon 2.5 Add this line in any vertex shader and it wont compile: vec4 test = texture2D(textureSampler, uv);
  6. For the life of me, I can't find a setting which adjusts camera movements with current frame rate (automatically adjusting speed, inertia, turn rate). Camera which either warps or bogs down depending on where you look at is simply unacceptable in any application, let alone games. Maybe it's too obvious but in any case I need some help here.
  7. Ok, managed to solve it (just) before i ran out of coffee. Lesson for everyone using Blender & BabylonJS: do NOT NEVER EVER scale meshes in object mode.
  8. Hello again.... i tried to make a simple animation in Blender to understand how skeletons/bones work in Babylon... and of course, the bottom fell out. it's just a drop dead simple bending cylinder with two bones and three key frames. i can't understand why it doesn't render correctly. i believe it's just me and my lack of knowledge, but nevertheless, i need some guidance. here's the animation: http://aeon3d.fi/test/anitest1.html it's just a simple dual viewport scene, one camera set up at left and second cam at front of the model. everything loads & works ok, no errors and such -- but the animation just looks substantially different than in the original blender file: http://aeon3d.fi/test/mdl/items/bend.blend would be nice to know what's going on.
  9. Very good. But I still must note that it's a bit unclear by looking at the documentation only.
  10. hello there, since this is my first post: kudos to deltakosh et al for this great work. my question is, how can i add custom attributes (buffers) to my shaders? it seems like normals, positions and uv's just magically surface when needed - yes, they're quite cleverly integrated and hidden from the developer. now i know i can cheat the system and use for example normals to send additional data to my vertex shader... but then i can't use the normal data for their original purpose anymore =p i don't want to read and understand the source code... because that is not what you're supposed to do when using a framework. if i wanted to do that, i would write my own low level framework. and -- for the life of me i can't find the info from the documentation. can anyone at least point me to the right direction?