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  1. rigging rigify blender export babylon

    Thanks gryff, I'll definitely try the MH .bvh importer.
  2. rigging rigify blender export babylon

    gryff Just wanted to say thanks a million for mentioning your makehuman>blender>babylon method. I've tried 3dsmax>babylon and blender-rigify>babylon without any success. But just tried your method and it works for me! Many thanks.
  3. [Beta] - 3ds max 2013+ exporter

    Dad72, this is a bit beyond my knowledge of max now. What do you mean by "os"
  4. [Beta] - 3ds max 2013+ exporter

    Thanks Deltakosh, the bones are now hidden. I do though Now have another issue. Within 3DSMax my simple walk animation looks ok (just legs moving no arms as yet), but when exported to Babylon it looks ridiculous. Has anyone seen this happen to them?
  5. how to use bones

    Good to see you've gotten there. Dad72 is an angel !
  6. how to use bones

    Hi jiweigang1 I took dad72's comments and made changes to my own model, and it now imports into Babylon. I also added some code to delete the bones, so I now just see the model. ​Unfortunately I have another very unusual issue with my model now it's imported. The animation still doesn't play properly at all.
  7. how to use bones

    Many thanks Dad72, my model imports now. I have some other questions but I'll put them in a new topic
  8. how to use bones

    Dad72, I reworked the model but now have the same error multiple times "Too many bones influences per vertex". Is there anyway of quickly removing this? jiweigang1, sorry for asking questions on your post. My problem seems to be exactly the same as yours I think
  9. how to use bones

    Thanks dad72, I'll rework the model and try again
  10. how to use bones

    Dad72. My 3DSMax export (on my Win8.1 64bit machine) does exactly the same. Could you have a quick look at my Max file to see if I'm doing anything wrong?
  11. Hi. I've tried the 3DSMax exporter but am unable to export animations from it, so have tried learning Blender a bit more. I've created a Blender Rigify model and animated it's arms waving up and down, but when exported into Babylon the arms animate waving horizontally instead!!!! Has anyone seen this before?
  12. [Beta] - 3ds max 2013+ exporter

    I wondered if anyone had a sample max file, containing a model and biped that correctly exports to babylon, so I can see the differences between it and the problem I have with my model
  13. [Beta] - 3ds max 2013+ exporter

    Tried using the exporter for the first time with a model (with the skin modifier) and a biped along with a walking animation that looks good in 3dsMax. But when I bring the exported model into Babylon the biped is separate to the model. Has anyone seen anything like this?
  14. Mixamo to Babylon

    Thanks gryff, if you could give me any advice on reducing bone count if that's possible in Blender as I like the concept of using Mixamo content. I've been a bit stupid in that my webserver and local server were giving me seemingly different results for the simple reason that I'd been swapping in the FBX>Babylon model with the DAE>Babylon model and not clearing out my cache locally. I'm now at the stage now that the FBX>Babylon model loads into my scene (locally and on the web) but the animation won't play -> I'm guessing because of the bone limit Deltakosh outlined.
  15. Mixamo to Babylon

    Loaded it onto my companies webserver and it worked: which is really odd to me as I think my local server and company webserver have the same mimetypes.