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  1. hamdirizal

    Doubt Container

    Here how I do it. I use Containers as the game scenes. To go to a particular scene, just make it visible, and hide the others. My structure basically like this Stage: -- Title scene -- Play Scene -- Game over Scene
  2. hamdirizal

    [ASK] Trying to create a 2D physics blob

    Hi, Guys. I am trying to create a blob ball using p2js. What I am trying to achieve is something like the "Sushi Cat" game. I created a blob using the structure in the picture A (attached). The gray orbits are allowed to penetrate each other, and the red lines are distantConstraint. But the problem is when the blob fell from a high place (or hitting corner), it becomes like in picture B. I tried to use spring, different constraint force, smaller orbits, but they are not working properly. My questions are; 1. What is the solution for this? 2. Is there any other js physics engine that has a specific feature to do this task? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. hamdirizal

    Callback function returns undefined

    I tried and it works.
  4. hamdirizal

    New HTML5 Games

    It is fun to play and really well polished.
  5. hamdirizal

    Line plot on Canvas using Jquery slider

    Try this http://projects.calebevans.me/jcanvas/ It makes drawing on canvas easier using jquery style scripting.
  6. hamdirizal

    2d Graphic Character Resources

    Just search on game assets category on graphicriver or gamedevmarket. I hope it helps.
  7. hamdirizal

    Variables between scenes?

    I usually put global variable inside game.config but I'm not sure if it is good practice.
  8. hamdirizal

    Add enemies in 2d html5 game

    My suggestion is creating prototype first, make sure it is working properly. And about always restarting from zero, maybe you can refer to this article http://makegames.tumblr.com/post/1136623767/finishing-a-game PS: I am newbie in game development, but that article change how I think about restarting a game project. And sorry for my bad english.
  9. hamdirizal

    Panda 2 development

    That's great enpu. Thanks for your commitment on this awesome engine.
  10. hamdirizal

    [ASK] Why My Collision Functions Are Not Called

    Thanks enpu. It works now.
  11. Hi. All, I have this script (use debugdraw to see the shape). When I use Panda 1.12.0 it is working properly. But when I switch to Panda 1.13.1 the collision functions are not called. Is this bug or something? Thanks. game.module( 'game.main').body(function() {game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.world = new game.World(0, 100); var f=new game.Food(); var m=new game.Monster(); }});game.createClass('Food', { init: function() { this.radius=9; this.body = new game.Body({ position: { x: 320/2, y: 100 }, velocityLimit: { x: 300, y: 800 }, mass:1, collisionGroup: 1, collideAgainst: [0] }); this.body.velocity.y=-100; this.body.collide = this.collide.bind(this); var shape=new game.Circle(this.radius); this.body.addShape(shape); game.scene.world.addBody(this.body); game.scene.addObject(this); console.log(this.body) },//end Init() collide:function(opponent){ console.log('Collision! On food') }});//End Class 'Food'game.createClass('Monster', { init: function() { this.radius=15; this.body = new game.Body({ position: { x: 320/2, y: 300 }, velocityLimit: { x: 0, y: 0 }, collisionGroup: 0, collideAgainst: [1] }); this.body.collide = this.collide.bind(this); var shape=new game.Circle(this.radius); var rshape=new game.Rectangle(40,40); this.body.addShape(rshape); game.scene.world.addBody(this.body); game.scene.addObject(this); console.log(this.body) },//end Init() collide:function(opponent){ console.log('Collision!') }});//End Class 'Monster'});//End bodyPS: Sorry for my english.
  12. hamdirizal


    You can also do tinting in panda js like this; this.sprite.tint= 0xFF0000;
  13. hamdirizal

    Update Method Inside Scenes Question

    Thank you @Ninjadoodle It works. I'm pretty sure I've tried this. I don't know why it doesn't work before.
  14. hamdirizal

    Update Method Inside Scenes Question

    Hi, I create a "Cat" class with its own "update" method. And a "Main" scene, which has its own "update" too. Here is the code: game.module( 'game.main').body(function() {game.createClass('Cat', { init: function() { }, update:function() { console.log('a cat') }});game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { this.cat=new game.Cat(); this.addObject(this.cat); }, update:function() { console.log('a house') }});});Now, It seems, scene's update is overriding the cat's update method. My question is, how to make them both called? I have used flashPunk (AS3) before. In this case I would use something like; super.update() is there any similar way to do it in panda? Thanks. PS: Sorry for my english.
  15. hamdirizal

    Panda.js pro tips

    Actually you need to append ?debugdraw to view the bounding box and hit areas.