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  1. Hi, When I create a new sprite e.g. bunny i want to add a gun to him that rotates as the bunny rotates, however it is layered on top. How can I layer this below the sprite? I assume children are supposed to layer below the parent? You can try the code here: https://pixijs.github.io/examples/#/basics/basic.js Code: var app = new PIXI.Application(800, 600, {backgroundColor : 0x1099bb}); document.body.appendChild(app.view); // create a new Sprite from an image path var bunny = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('required/assets/basics/bunny.png') // center the sprite's anchor point bunny.anchor.set(0.5); // move the sprite to the center of the screen bunny.x = app.renderer.width / 2; bunny.y = app.renderer.height / 2; app.stage.addChild(bunny); var bunny2 = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('required/assets/basics/bunny.png') bunny2.tint = 0xFF0000; bunny.addChild(bunny2); // Listen for animate update app.ticker.add(function(delta) { bunny.rotation += 0.03 * delta; // just for fun, let's rotate mr rabbit a little // delta is 1 if running at 100% performance // creates frame-independent tranformation });
  2. Thanks I checked the github source and could find the older version! But what is the use of having a dropdown on PIXI.js version if it doesn't change anyway?
  3. Hi, I see that the demo code has changed it's code to v4, i'm still on v3 and would like to see the demo's on v3. I tried changing the version but it does not change the demo code. Link: https://pixijs.github.io/examples/?v=v3.0.11#/basics/basic.js How can I get the v3 version code?
  4. @Fatalist Would be a perfect fallback! If we ask the devs nicely they will add the fallback on the glowfilter
  5. @mUnduli how can i mimick 3d buildings? Any example code for me?
  6. I made an io game, duals dot io Check it out! It's made in js with node.js backend AMA!
  7. @ivan.popelyshev any estimates as to when the official PIXI.js source will have PIXI.flip / PIXI 3d / your code? I am using PIXI v3, I can take the risk to work with custom code but that wouldn't be beneficial if I put hours of code into it and find out the official PIXI.js source has it but it is built another way than your custom code is. I can wait 2/3 weeks for programming 3d buildings for an more stable(?)/official release.
  8. Hi Milton, Thank you so much for your help! It *looks* exactly like how I want it. I have also thought about Three.js, however there are issues that would be difficult to tackle. For example, if you want players to go on a higher ground you can't really change the z-index. But if it's implemented in pixi.js I can just re-order the childrens within a container to set the player on top of a building.
  9. Hi, I became a patreon and supported the PIXI.js project to have the 2.5d support working. I can understand that it is tricky. So i will wait until pixijs has 2.5d/3d support, before I invest allot of programming hours trying to do it myself. Thank you for your time!
  10. Save the variable would be an easy dirty fix. But you could rather just use an app or something else that goes fullscreen by default if it's a game
  11. Pixijs v4 will be adding 2.5d support on both canvas and webgl right? If so I would like to donate to support you guys
  12. Thank you for your help & the links! The code I added in the attachment shows an 3d box that renders on the canvas. Canvas can render it but is not made for it.
  13. Hi, I want to make an 2d topdown game that will have 3d buildings/depth. Similar to GTA2. What is the best way to build an 3d building? I have found an 3d box that is made with PIXIjs V1.5 But I don't really understand their code. It's in the attachment. (force render in canvas to make it work) I have never worked with 3d or 3d engines. Can it be made with PIXI.js and also being able to render in canvas and WebGL? Kind regards 3DPixi.zip
  14. Hmm that is something to think about, thanks