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Found 125 results

  1. Hi. I was just rewriting this thing and searching for stuff i don't understand while rewriting it. Here is jsFiddle: . I learned a lot doing so, but there are still a few things I don't quite understand. -why did she use those prototypes? Can't I just put those functions inside the constructors with "this."? Was it to make it less cluttered or something? -why is everything in a function? Is it to "encapsulate" it from other potential code? (I hope I'm using this term correctly) I also know it isn't well optimized/there are things which can be improved (I know the purpose of the presentation wasn't to make it optimized, but finding flaws in it may be a good exercise!). Things I found: -projectiles aren't deleted after flying out of the view. -speed of the game depends on the framerate. Sooo, could someone explain these things to me and maybe find some other flaws? (I would like to strip it out of everything and make some simple games using this)
  2. Hi, this is just BETA version of my webdeveloper portfolio created in PhaserJS... (currently only in slovak language) later it will be translated to English... What do you think?
  3. i using the dude complex mesh for an example.. but im trying to have him loaded as main player then be able to clone him with skeleton on keydown to test the clone ability. here is what i got.... // Dude BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("him", "models/", "Dude.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes, particleSystems, skeletons) { newMeshes[0].position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 5); // The original dude var dude = newMeshes[0]; dude.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.05,0.05,0.05); CREAT = dude; _CREAT = skeletons[0]; = CREAT; // target });window.addEventListener("keydown", function (evt) { switch (evt.keyCode) { case 83: createdude(); break; default: break; }var createdude = function () { dudes = []; var xrand = Math.floor(Math.random() * 501) - 250; var zrand = Math.floor(Math.random() * 501) - 250; var c2 = CREAT.clone(; =; c2.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(xrand, 0, zrand); c2.skeleton = _CREAT.clone(); scene.beginAnimation(_CREAT, 0, 120, 1.0, true); };when i execute my code.. i get no errors in the console and nothing happens? what might i be doing wrong... my main character loads but thats it. ty for all the help.
  4. thank you in advance, I am trying to control through variables like position and scaling... a rigged character with multiple meshes in a ,babylon file,"which was exported with animations from blender". The model is made up of three base objects "Creature", "eye", and "eye2". i need to be able to control the three meshes togeither as a whole. here is a clip of my code refering to this.... // Load character object BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "models/", "creature.babylon", scene, function (meshes) { var c = meshes[0]; c.isVisible = true; c.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.1,0.1,0.1); c.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0,3,0); //c.renderingGroupId = 2; c.checkCollisions = true; CREAT = c; }); window.addEventListener("keydown", function (evt) { switch (evt.keyCode) { case 67: createCreat(); break; default: break; } }); var createCreat = function () { var posX = LANES_POSITIONS[Math.random()]; var c2 = CREAT.clone( =; c2.isVisible = true; c2.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(Math.random() * 100- 50, 3, Math.random() * 100 - 50); };when i load this with the meshes[0] selection it only effects the eye... [1] = eye2... [2] = Creature... how can i select all 3 at once? i will need to be able to do this for the animation as well. ty for any help you can give.
  5. Hello everyone, the company i work for is interested in buying some high quality html5 or js games (works within a browser) to integrate into a bigger social game network we are building. Your game will have to follow some simple rules (for example we will need an element to control the overall html5 game, your game has to some functions that let us know the scoring in real time, your game has to be able to be played in 60 seconds or loop to be able to play to 60 seconds, etc) and to be of good quality. As far as "buying"...every option that gives us the right to integrate the game and use it according to our needs is acceptable. If you have any games ready that you want to sell contact me. Thank You.
  6. In my game I have a player, and I have several collision boxes, I want to know how to run a collision check on the box i'm closest to, or how to run them individually. My code: var player = { x:32, y:32, size:32, grav:0, xspeed:0, terminalVel:10, onGround:false, friction:0.8, update:function() { if (this.onGround == true) { this.grav = 0; } else if (this.onGround == false) { this.grav += 0.4; } if (this.xspeed > this.terminalVel) { this.xpseed = this.terminalVel; } if (this.grav > this.terminalVel) { this.grav = this.terminalVel; } this.xspeed *= this.friction; this.x += this.xspeed; this.y += this.grav; // Collision for (var key in boxes) { // Vertical if ((this.y+this.grav >= boxes[key].y-32 && this.y <= boxes[key].y) && (this.x <= boxes[key].x+boxes[key].width)) { this.onGround = true; this.y = boxes[key].y-32; } else { this.onGround = false; } } }};function basicBox(x,y,width,height,color) { this.color = color; this.x = x; this.y = y; this.width = width; this.height = height; this.draw = function() { g.fillStyle = this.color; g.fillRect(this.x,this.y,this.width,this.height); }}var boxes = [ new basicBox(32,128,32,32,"blue"), new basicBox(64,256,32,64,"orange"), new basicBox(256,32,128,64,"red"),];function run() { // game loop for (var key in boxes) { boxes[key].draw(); } player.update();}I am pretty new to javascript, so how would I go about doing this?
  7. I work for PBS KIDS Digital, and we are looking for some individuals or companies to work with us on some HTML / CSS / JS / Canvas / SVG stuff. The homepage of our portal has some fun interactive elements we call "themes". If you look at the homepage today (31/3/2014) on a modern desktop browser, the "theme" is the desert area with animated cars. We have a couple of others that rotate daily, so if you look on another day it could be different. The area these themes reside in could hold any number of experiences that have nothing to do with what you see right now. We want to collaborate with people who enjoy making fun web experiences to expand our library of themes. Here's some info about the gig: Who we are: PBS KIDS is the kid focused wing of the US public television broadcaster PBS, which is similar to BBC, CBC, NHK, etc. My team does the game, web, app, streaming video and other digital work. Type of themes we're looking for: We have a ton of ideas and are open to hearing new ones. We've prototyped things like sticking our characters in spaceships then putting them in a JS physics engine and letting them bounce off the page elements. The main thing it needs to do are: be useable by kids, feature our characters, scale down to static elements on low powered devices and be fun. Payment: We're open to discussing this on a project basis or as hourly work with a predefined number of maximum hours. We can work with international developers, though there are some requirements we have for payment we'd have to check on. When: We want to start right away. We have immediate work that needs to be done, but this relationship would hopefully extend over a long period of time as we are constantly improving our site. Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, Canvas and SVG are the basics. We're open to whatever JS libraries best fit the need at hand and have experimented with physics engines and game engines on the homepage. Devices: This page gets around 60 million views per month, so the list of devices people visit on is basically endless. We target as many as we can for testing, including all major desktop browsers, iOS Safari, and a selection of Android browsers. We always specify our testing needs with developers ahead of time. Responsive Design: Our homepage adapts to the browser size and technology of each user. Source control: We use Git and prefer to work with that. Deliverables: HTML, JS, CSS and assets for themes that are ready to be integrated into our custom CMS. The code has to be clean and easily expanded as we're constantly improving our site and fixing new bugs introduced by browser makers. Working with us: We take pride in pushing web technologies to make awesome stuff for kids, and love working with people we can learn from. The primary people on this project are myself, Chris and Miguel. The team works in 2 week Agile style sprint cycles, and does code reviews often. If it works out that this project could work in sync with that process that would be cool. If you'd like to find out more send me a note!
  8. Good afternoon. I apologize for my bad English) Statement of the problem. There is an object, the coating which has an irregular shape and can take values ​​100500. Many objects and each not like each other. desired solution. Loaded edge of the object is selected texture, texture fills selected object to the meeting with an outline. Manually upload the finished image is not an option Thanks in advance, friends!
  9. Hey everyone! I've finally finished my next HTML5 game "Popping Pals"! It's a simple and short chain reaction game. Tap smileys and clear a playfield to complete a level. You can try the game here Please let me know what you think. And I'll appreciate if you can test this game on mobile devices. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I'm about to start creating a little game and I'm considering using createJS. I see that there are Haxe externs files and Typescript definitions files for these libraries. What would be the advantages of choosing one above the other? Both Haxe and Typescriot are easier languages to work with than Javascript. What would you choose? Pure javascript, haxe or typescript? Are there other things to be concerned about? I currently use Phaser, Construct 2 and PandaJS for my client work but I'm trying to use createjs for little projects.
  11. I downloaded project Chart3D from here. But when I compile it with my local machine(laptop) it shows the following result: and when I compile it with Simulator, I get just a little more: I just changed the reference of //microsoft.winjs.2.0.preview to //microsoft.winjs.2.0 to make it working.
  12. I want to detect the size of an HTML page. How do I do this in JavaScript (no JQ). I actually spent a while looking, there are loads of ways, but many answers related to 2-3-4 years ago. Is there just a standard modern way which works cross browser? Also, how does Orientation fit into this. Does width refer to the landscape or portrait orientation and is this consistent? Thanks
  13. Hi, I read the online help about apps on facebook. There seems to be a lot of stuff about selling virtual items and such for your game. However, I did not find any example on selling LEVEL PACKS on facebook. Does anyone have experience with this? Precisely, I'm wondering where I would "save" the downloaded packs... localStorage? I'm working on an HTML5 game which I'm planning to deploy on Android and iOS but I figured I might as well make a Facebook version. However, I'm not interested in making the game available for free, I want to sell level packs, like on Android and iOS. Any experience or feedback appreciated! thanks, binarez
  14. Hi All! Chrome/Firefox dev tools have ability to collect overall performance profile during session. But if we need to profile some random "lags" during gameplay - we need to collect per-frame statistics like Adobe Scout does (for Flash). As far as I found - Firefox have some kind of "samples" in collected profile, and ability to change range of samples, but this samples are not related to real playgame time. Is any tool like Scout available for JavaScript?
  15. First of all, hey guys! I've been floating about the forum for a while now, and look forward to posting a lot more in the near future. I've been having quite a bit of fun playing around with Pixi these last few months, I'm in the midst of developing a game powered by it. Anyway, I've hit a problem that I thought somebody may be able to help out with; I was creating mountains by using a TilingSprite masked by a Graphics object, this was working beautifully up until I tried to use another mask somewhere else. The problem was that the two completely unrelated masks were interfering with one another. After doing a little research I found that this was a known bug with the WebGL renderer and was fixed in the latest release, however, after downloading and testing the latest release it appears that TilingSprites can no longer be masked? I have set up a simple test to illustrate the problem: Open up the developer console and you will see the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'primitiveShader' of undefined". I tried the same thing but with the Canvas renderer and no error is displayed, but the mask also doesn't seem to have any effect. Hopefully someone more clued up on the WebGL renderer can shed some light on this problem. Many thanks, Daniel.
  16. Our website "theLearnia" is looking for talented developer that we will hire as a freelancer. We have developed a unique whiteboard and we are looking for developers that can support the new features and open bugs we find from time to time. We are a startup company within the education field and the project is very Interesting and challenging. We are located in Israel but we can work with anyone and anywhere. here are some key requirements: 1) JavaScript expert (real expert !!!) 2) HTML5 with proven knowledge in canvas. (Best if he worked with library before) 3) Very good knowledge with PHP 4) Familiar with Amazon servers services (EC2, cloud) 5) Worked with cross domain server environment. 6) ***Communicative*** - We will not be able to work with someone that is hard to contact with or can't communicate with skype / phone when needed If you really want to change the way students learn and tutor teach join to our development team. How to apply: You may direct approach me to or can submit your past exp. at this blog. Thanks
  17. I want to develop a multiplayer turn-based game. I dont found anything about it. All frameworks are only for multiplayer real time? Where can I found an example? I only need a multiplayer chess game code in a js html5 framework. Thanks in advance!
  18. I have downloaded Phaser from github and I saw all the examples and tutorials there are using phaser.min.js or phaser-example.js. However I saw in the src folder there are a ton of js files. My question are to what extend I can keep using phaser.min.js? And when it is necessary to import those js files from src folder? I am sorry if this obvious question. I am new to js and just moved from flixel. I would be grateful if someone would like to explain me.
  19. Hello guys! Well i'm a Web Developer front-end based, and i'm starting to learn more javascript to start dev my first HTML5 Game, and i have this Question about performance in mind: ~Native Apps can use hardware acceleration because they have more access to device, can use video card or something else, the graphic/performance quality of ipad games are an example We can get some hardware acceleration developing an HTML5 Game? we can dev some game like Eternity Warriors 2 of ipad or something with sprites like King Of Fighters series using HTML5/JS/CSS3?~ I'm really interested, someone can talk a bit about this?
  20. Hello guys I'm quite new to html5 game dev and I have build by my own anything but went thought couple of tutorials and order couple of books to learn about it. The question am I able to make with html5/js and to start selling in in google play or apple store? Do i need to use any tools for that?
  21. An exciting stealth mobile game startup is looking for a highly talented game/app engineer to work out of our brand new Mountain View office. The successful candidate will be working on an exciting narrative-themed next gen learning product--with the goal to revolutionize education. The ability to work quickly and efficiently as part of a high octane startup team and kick butt under pressure is crucial. We are looking for an experienced mobile game/app developer to join our brand new learning games studio as a founding team member--with the opportunity to lead our mobile initiative across multiple platforms. Based in the exciting startup scene of Castro Street in Mountain View, we’re offering: Competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package Fun, passionate and creative studio on a mission to revolutionize education Challenging and rewarding work on the frontier of cross-platform HTML 5 game development QUALIFICATIONS Expertise in HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript is essential Experience working with javascript libraries like jQuery, Pixi, CreateJS, or similar. Experience with mobile game dev across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS (phones, tablets, and browser) Ability to develop dynamic, compelling gamified user experiences in mobile (that kids will absolutely love) Ability to ramp up quickly on new mobile languages Commercial mobile game dev experience with multiple titles shipped Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, related discipline, or equivalent experience KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Act as the primary interface with mobile dev team from a technical perspective driving the delivery of compelling mobile game experiences Maintain robust code quality across multiple mobile game dev environments Bring passion, energy, and commitment to professional quality cross-platform mobile development REQUIREMENTS Awesome communication, collaboration, and management skills Strong coding, problem-solving, and debugging skills Passion for mobile games and an interest is disrupting education!
  22. Hello everyone, I am a game developer with a strong focus on mobile games. I currently have 6 engines for HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio, later this month I am going to hire artists to do artwork for them, then after some minor polishing I would like to send out to to HTML5 publishers and offer a bulk discount on non-exclusive licenses. To start building bridges with HTML5 publishers, I sent my game Gridlock out as an experiment. I was fairly surprised with the results. I am currently in communication with 7 HTML5 sponsors regarding licensing it. If every agreement goes as planned, I will have made more money from game development this month than I did from going into my day job every day. If I achieve similar results with my game bundle, I think I will make enough to (comfortably) quit my day job. I have been using Game Maker since I was 8 years old and I've grown proficient enough with it to create high-quality games, but outside of GM I'm a fairly inexperienced programmer. I have a decent amount of experience with HTML5 and CSS, but I never got very far into JS or sadly HTML5. Several of the companies I'm in communication with have requested API Implementation. Admittedly, I expected this. I've heard the horror stories about it on Twitter, and it's a huge subject of interest in the Sponsors and Portals sub-forum. I've read about it in Matthew Bowden's book (which introduced me to the HTML5 market) but it only briefly touched on the subject. I've Googled it to death and understand the idea behind it, but it's still something of an enigma to me. I can't seem to find any solid information on API Implementation into HTML5 games built in Game Maker: Studio. I know it's a complicated and tedious process, that some developers charge portals for and I'm willing to learn how to do it. I just can't find a solid resource on the subject. From what I understand, I need to create an Extension in Game Maker that will read JS functions. I just can't find a clear resource on how to do so. Any links, or advice would be appreciated. It might literally change my life. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi everyone first than ever thanks a lot for help me with mi problems and again i'm sorry for my english i'm latin american and i'm learning. And now i'm here by a reason, i'm working in a multiplayer RPG, i started programing at 0 using Nodejs/WebSockets, now i have the basic functions like: -Walk with a character -Inventori,Status etc.. -Chat But now i'm thinking in the maps, and i'm really confused about this, i mean a map must to have like all the size of the screen(window.width & window,height), but that's the problem, i don't know... I mean, i have to make like 250 maps with that size, i mean, drawing or making on photoshop, or exist another method to make the map system, i don't know. So if someone has worked with rpg and maps, please help me with this.
  24. Hi everyone, i'm here because i have a little problem with the canvas. i'm doing a multiplayer game, MMORPG or what ever, i need your help because i have this lines:;ctx.scale(-1,1);ctx.drawImage(img,x - 5 ,y - 5,Sx,Sy);ctx.restore(); That lines are used to get an horizontal flip in the context, and draw de sprite, but my problem is that isn't working and i don't know why. I test with ctx.scale(2,2); and it's works but when i want to flip horizontal isn't works(when i put scale(-1,X)). So if someone knows about this, please answer me. EDIT: My problem is the sprite, when i scale the context, the sprite or the image, disappears. PIC: Thanks.
  25. GamerXy1


    Hi all, i wanted to show you some of my games: Some are in Beta, but i think they work as they should ^^ I use only self-written engines, so the games are completely my own work. My actually "best" game is FlipIt: Here you have to click on the buttons until the complete field is illuminated with buttons. The buttons behave some kind of special Then there is "Metrogame": Here you are an underground-planner, who has to rearrange existing parts of rails until the new timetables can be used successfully. "Blueprints": The goal is to arrange all lines on the screen with only changing your mouseposition until the lines fit together and create a blueprint of a thing You can find all those games at: If you like my games, please support them by giving a like on facebook FlipIt: Metrogame: Blueprints: