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Found 347 results

  1. Hi all, I am making an android game with phaser but when I export it, the game does not play, I mean, I just have the menu screen but when I try to start the game the sounds play but it does not pass to game sreen from the menu screen. What is the problem I do not understand, I tried all screen settings, AUTO, CANVAS and WEBGL but it was same for all.
  2. I'm surprised I can't find threads about Phaser development for Android and it's horrible performance. Generally the result of my googling is that making HTML5 games for Android is way worse than making Internet Explorer 6 hacks for websites was before. It looks like Phaser and probably most other frameworks are more or less unusable with it, so this is a huge issue. I'm early in development of a game, and after my tests I've noticed it's lagging on Android even with the simplest possible tween for one sprite across the screen (code attached). This applies both to the native Android browser and using CocoonJS with Canvas+, my test device is Galaxy Tab 3. CocoonJS claims the fps to be over 60, but in reality there's the occasional chop in movement every few seconds. On Android's Chrome browser it's ok, but obviously that's not enough. If I use the moveToXY function instead of tweens, it's closer to acceptable, but still far from perfect. Any of the tips provided in the long and pinned CocoonJS thread don't seem to apply to this case, since I suppose it's more about Android than anything else. I'm very interested in hearing people's thoughts about this, have you made not-laggy games for Android with Phaser, and if, how on earth did you succeed? window.onload = function() { var game = new Phaser.Game(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight, Phaser.CANVAS, 'gameContainer', { preload: preload, create: create }); function preload() { game.load.image('robo', 'img/robo_small.png'); } function create() { var robo = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'robo'); var tween = game.add.tween(robo);{x: 1200, y: 600}, 20000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None); tween.start(); }};
  3. I want to put my game to Play Store, I googled it a bit and found Cordova and CocoonJS. I'm planning to use Box2D plugin and websockets for the game so my questions are: Which one is faster? I don't want to use CocoonJS if i don't have to since it adds a "built with Cocoon" splash. Is websockets supported? Is it possible to read & write files, show notifications? Can I use Google Play Games Services? How can I monetize my game? Is there an easy way to add ads? Thanks.
  4. Trump Burrito Make America great again and Catch the Burritos! Touch the screen and Trump go left or right to catch the burrito. Don't miss the burritos. Beat your friend's scores! Get it for Free: iOS ⇨ ⇨, friends! This is my new game called Trump Burrito.Completely excited to share with you guys!
  5. sout7


    Goal Cliclock challenges your sense of time by having you click 10 times at 1 second intervals. While clicking, you get feedback on how off the target you are. Positive values mean you were too slow, negative mean you were too fast. You can change the number of times to click, as well as the interval. In the options menu, you can even set the measurement as beats per minute. How accurate are you? Links Web: Google Play: Note: The game is available on Google Play, but it is an HTML5 game! It simply has a Cordova version.
  6. Hi everyone, Soundspring Studio specializes in custom music creation in a variety of styles. Check out our full portfolio at Feel free to contact us with any questions - thank you! Here are a few samples
  7. πŸ¦‰ Unique and smart animal puzzle, not just a regular sliding or jigsaw game. Nice collection of different wild animals with easy one finger control and beautiful vivid graphics πŸ¦‰ Hi guys, there is my new puzzle game. As usual made by Construct 2 , GUI and great animals collection from graphicriver, music from audiojungle, and little bit graphics by me by Inkscape Play in Browser (The WEB version a bit shorter than android and it's take some time for images to upload But in an android version the game starts pretty fast) : Google Play : πŸ¦‰ So I would like to hear your feedback and If you like it ❀ please rate ===================================================================
  8. -= Hero vs Square =- One of my old little game, kind a variation of classic Stick Hero series Pretty good performance on all browsers Built by Construct2 & Inkscape PLAY ONLINE HTML5: Play Market:
  9. I am developing a .io style massively multiplayer game by using with firebase. You can try this game here: I also published this game on Play Store:
  10. -= Elevator Space =- Elevator Space - a small casual game with a simple mechanics where you have to build the highest elevator on Earth Built by Construct2 & Inkscape PLAY ONLINE: Play Market:
  11. Hi All, I have just uploaded my new game Quick Pinball. It is classic pinball game. I used Phaser P2 Physics and Cocoon for wrapper. Here is the link: I hope you like the game
  12. Hi everyone. I'm trying to build a very simple game with Phaser. It doesn't have any physics. Just rotate and position tweens once in a while. It doesn't have any complex logic or huge textures either. - After my first attempt the game looked perfectly on desktop and ios, but on android it looked blury. For some reason window.innerWidth & window.innerHeight returned more then twice lower values (smth about 306 * 560) then official resolution of the phone (720*1184). As a result all the sprites were scaled down and looked bad. - Then I found this article and tried to apply described technique. It helped and now game looks pretty well on all devices (at least which I tried) and desktop. But when I'm trying to run it in in-app browser (believe me I need it) it's lagging a lot. - Tried some advice from this thread like removing all the texts (because they are not sprite yet) or setting viewport to "width=device-width, initial-scale=1" but nothing helped. On devices with android 6.0 or 7.0 the game runs smoothly without any problems. I experience lags with 5.0 only. What can you suggest?
  13. Hi found error using 3.0 version on android and incremental loading babylon.js:9119 Uncaught TypeError: this._gl.vertexAttribDivisor is not a function at Engine._bindVertexBuffersAttributes (babylon.js:9119) at Engine.recordVertexArrayObject (babylon.js:9133) at Geometry._bind (babylon.js:42336) at Mesh._renderWithInstances (babylon.js:24450) at Mesh._processRendering (babylon.js:24459) at Mesh.render (babylon.js:24547) at SubMesh.render (babylon.js:26311) at Function.RenderingGroup.renderSorted (babylon.js:19730) at RenderingGroup.renderTransparentSorted (babylon.js:19709) at RenderingGroup.render (babylon.js:19685) at RenderingManager.render (babylon.js:19472) at Scene._renderForCamera (babylon.js:22125) at Scene._processSubCameras (babylon.js:22181) at Scene.render (babylon.js:22336) at Engine._renderLoop (babylon.js:8695) Galaxy Tab 3 Android version 4.4.2 Works fine with babylonjs 2.5. Will try to investigate more
  14. I'm building a web app that allows the user to build a mobile app from their creations. I'm looking for a cloud service that allows me to send a zip file (or something like that), build the app and return a ID to me. With this ID I could access some app properties and download the generated file, like AWS S3 API does. I search in google and don't find nothing like that. Please could someone help me with that? Detail 1: This don't need to use cordova. I just put it in the title because I don't know how to call this thing that I'm looking for. Detail 2: I found the Phonegap build API, but phonegap only allows 25 private apps in the paid plan. Thanks for all, Cheers
  15. Hello, I'm developing a mobile card game with Phaser, right now is in alpha stage so i'm looking for one or more people to play the game, help me smooth some game mechanics and balance the cards (for example: "this card is too strong", "this card effect is useless"...) Game description: Lylium Legends (Temporary name), is a fast-paced card game in wich players have 5 cards in their hand/deck, victory goes to the player who defeat all opponent cards. Each card have an attack and defence value plus a combat skill, however some cards have a "legacy" skill this mean when the card is defeated that card skill is added to the next cards played, so the order in wich cards are played can completly change the result. Screenshoots: I've submited an alpha test only on the play store right now, so the requirement is to have an android device with android version 4.0+ You can contact me on discord (Kurtis#4839) or by email thanks
  16. Showcase of playing Perplexus Shadow Open 3D maze game on android phone Nexus 5x (it works also on tablet) Game works smooth! BabylonJS is great game engine for phone games! Here is Video (recorded with android app "AZ Screen Recorder")
  17. Hello! What are your experiences with creating Android Apps/Games in Pixi js? I did some research and I found many possibilities, but I can't decide on what to use. Maybe you can help me with this. I found similar topics but responses were given in 2015 and we all know how fast things change. Some of the projects didn't change much and I don't want to risk my project being not compatible with the most recent devices. My goal is also to get good performance and to be able to easily test my game during development. So we have Cocoon, NativeScript, Cordova PhoneGap, Cordova Ionic. Which one do You recommend?
  18. Hi, I am wabsol. I am building a vr application for use on cardboard. Everything works fine when using the phonegap server(windows)/client(android) app. But i noticed when i wanted to export it for android my phone was not compatible because it is android 6.0.1. I tried if i could update my phone but it said it was running the latest update for my device (samsung galaxy s6). I also tried editing the config.xml file for several versions of phongap/android. But i allways get a white screen when using the app without the phonegap server/client apps. My project in browser (youtube video):
  19. Hi, guys. Try my new game! Simply flip the bottle into the air and score points by falling between the tables! Compete with players around the world! Play Online: Download for IOS: Download for Android: Features: - 10 bottles - Simple One Touch Control - Online leaderboard - Endlesss Gameplay Gameplay: - Tap to Flip - Don't touch on tables - Collect diamonds to unlock new bottles Follow Us: β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” More Games: β€”
  20. Hi, guys Try my new game! Play Online: Play FREE IOS: Play FREE Android: Description Retro Speed 2 - Hot Roads And Crazy Racing Zone is an endless arcade racing. Drive your car on the road with a fast traffic. Collect coins and buy new cars. Your task is to become the fastest driver - a leader in the global race for the first place world ranking. Go for victory! Features: - 5 different locations - 15 cars, there is a lot to choose from;) - Beautiful 2D graphics - Convenient control - Online leaderboards - 19 achievements Gameplay: - Your car is constantly increasing speed - Touch the left half of the screen to move the car to the left - Touch the right half of the screen to move the car to the right - Collect points overtaking other cars on the road - Collect coins to the orange car for that would buy new cars
  21. Just released this puzzle game. Try to flood the board with one color by tapping the buttons on the bottom of the screen. Feedback appreciated Play in browser! Android app!
  22. I'm writing a book about the excellent Babylon engine (in German - I'm looking for an anglophone publisher ). In this connection i've created a function to construct a simple android. Maybe someone is interested in the code. Here it is, try and improve it! android.js
  23. hi, I've created a small game in phaser and used it as a learning experience for developing a game from start to finish, including publishing to google play. The game can be seen here: I've used Intel XDK + cordova to build an app for android, then downloaded the apk files and published to google play (currently as alpha release): Apparently, there are 2 apk files (that were created by cordova for different devices), but here's the weird thing: I'm using Samsung Galaxy s3. I used it to go to Google Play to find the game, download & install. running the game I noticed that I have no sound at all. When skipping the store and installing the apk straight from my computer, it worked just fine... can any of you try to get the app from Google Play and install it to see if you experience the same problem? anyone had this before and can tell me the reason for this? Thanks! Assaf.
  24. Hi guys,A great and very friendly team of professional and creative guys (artists and developers) would be very happy to cooperate on creating mobile games.- Create high-quality 2d graphics: illustrations, symbols and icons, etc. – our professional artists and web designers never lack inspiration. Unique and exclusive products are spiced with a power of experience.- Code in HTML5. Our hard-working developers will provide you with fast and good results.We are open to any offers. We do have some portfolio and would be pleased to share it with you Please, don't hesitate to contact me at daria.onlygames@gmail.comLook forward to hearing from you!
  25. I tried to run my game locally but it's rendering works fine on my pc