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Found 54 results

  1. Hi, UPDATE: web url: I would like to ask your help with a hobby project. It's packed with CocoonJS for Google Play. If you have some time and you have an android phone then please provide the following information: 1. FPS in the main menu 2. FPS in the game on level 1 3. Your phone brand ( if you know the memory,cpu,gpu ) and the android version. 4. Any tips or suggestions concerning the gameplay. The fps can be seen on the left side with white numbers. If you have really low fps try to turn off sounds,music and set graphics to Low from the settings. The game can be downloaded from goole play: Level Editor: Anybody who wants to create a level can download the template and if its good it will make it into the final game(along with the creator's name). Gameplay video: Web: http://cubimal.baldricksoft.comEditor: Thank You! Viktor
  2. Hello everybody, I've just made a game with PhaserJs 1.1.3. This one work very well on web browser but on mobile ... I've used CocoonJs to improve the performance. It's better (53-60 fps) but when I do an action (jump) the number of fps fall at 43 fps. So, It's very unpleasant to play. I very optimize the game : remove unneccessary calculation, replace the division (/2) by ( x 0.5)... So, I would like know what is the best html5 framework to made arcade game with CocoonJs (the best for the performance). Thanks for your futures responses
  3. Hey guys, I came accross a strange problem. In my game prototype, I have some sprites which contain one font the_sprite->addChild(the_text)now, I apply only a relative x,y value to the text so it's positioned in the center of the sprite. No problem. Works as expected in every browser except cocoon.js. In cocoon.j I had to apply some scaling to the stage: if(is_cocoon_js){ canvas = document.createElement(navigator.isCocoonJS ? 'screencanvas' : 'canvas'); var appWidth = 320; var appHeight = 480;"idtkscale:ScaleAspectFill;"; canvas.width = window.innerWidth; canvas.height = window.innerHeight; document.body.appendChild(canvas); renderer = new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight, canvas); game_stage = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer(); game_stage.scale.x = window.innerWidth / appWidth; game_stage.scale.y = window.innerHeight / appHeight; console.log("scale: " + game_stage.scale.x + "x"+game_stage.scale.y);All sprites are getting displayed correctly, except the text in the sprites. Here's the code how I created the sprite with the text: function GameFieldEntity(game_field,texture,x,y,number) { this.game_field_object = game_field;, texture); this.position.x = x; this.position.y = y; console.log("entity pos " + this.position.x + "x" + this.position.y); this.number = number; this.text = new PIXI.Text(this.number, {font: "bold 30px Helvetica", fill: "#000000", align: "center", stroke: "#FFFFFF", strokeThickness: 3}); this.text.anchor.x = 0.5; this.text.anchor.y = 0.5; this.text.position.x = (30 * this.game_field_object.stage.parent.scale.x); this.text.position.y = (30 * this.game_field_object.stage.parent.scale.y); this.addChild(this.text); console.log("entity text pos " + this.text.position.x + "x" + this.text.position.y); if(navigator.isCocoonJS){ // this section gets called in cocoon.js this.text.position.x += this.position.x; this.text.position.y += this.position.y; console.log("cocoon.js entity text pos " + this.text.position.x + "x" + this.text.position.y); }No matter what I try, the text is always misplaced. In the beginning this.text.position.x = (30 * this.game_field_object.stage.parent.scale.x);was this.text.position.x = 30;this worked in chrome etc but not in cocoon.js Then I added the navigator.cocoonjs condition if may have something to do with the scaling. But no matter what I do, it doesn't work. Here's also a screenshot to visualize my problem.
  4. First volume of Sam Bogart adventures just hit the AppStore. Sam is a bear detective, who solves complicated crime cases by punching everybody in the face. The game is totally free for iPhone and iPad (and by free I mean really free, no stupid in-apps. We did add the ads so I guess we'll survive;) Trailer: Link to the game (obviously - it's all created with Html5 and wrapped with CocoonJS)