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Found 43 results

  1. Been coding some games in javascript for about 3 months. So far: an angry birds ugly clone (really crappy, using box2dWeb), a shooter like sonic wings (way smaller, though), and some simple games like pong, breakout and a simple endless runner with no sprites, just using rect and arc to draw. I've been experimenting with ways to plan the code, and realized that I output more and finish things quicker if I don't actually plan anything at all: just sit there and code, and deal with problems as they occur. Do you guys do that way too? I guess maybe because all games I did were small ones this works. Maybe for bigger ones it will be a mess, even though the code I write is usually clean. How do you guys go on about planning all the functions, objects and interactions amongst your games?
  2. Hey guys I have designed a theme for Brackets code editor You can install it by searching for "Plasma Light Theme" in Brackets extension manager. Love any feedback
  3. Hello guys, I'm having a bit of trouble applying what I read from the documentation. For instance, I want to use the input keyboard properties of "lastChar" and "lastKey", but I just don't know how to translate that into code. This is what i have tried:;;; I tried other combinations that didn't work. Do any of you guys know how to apply the code from the docs that are not seen in any of the examples? Thanks guys!
  4. Hello I created a set of Eclipse Editor Templates with the code completions used by the Phaser sandbox ( You can see instructions to install it on Eclipse here: Screenshot:
  5. Hello How do I change the collision group of an object in my game when it collides with a different object Would I have to do this is a function? could you please give an example Thanks
  6. Hello. I searched some of the project templates in Phaser Gituhub but it seems the assets/images are not available for download. Can you please suggest me some link where can I find free to use finished Phaser game that I can convert into Cordova/Android mobile game just for testing purposes? I already started something with cordova and managed to deploy emulator and working environment. But when I run my game I just see the background color of index.html file. I assume the game is out of viewport so I kind of need help to understand what is going on. Also what docs/books can you refer me when speaking about Cordova/Phaser? There is nothing in the phaser docs.
  7. Hello everyone, firstly I am new to Phaser, but I would really like to create a typing/educational game ! (like moon-type : I have already created a background and a caracter (the simplest stuff), but I have no idea how to create moving text blocks containing a dictionnary (although I have a .txt file with a list of all existing words), progressive difficulty and a scoring system.. I know, I'm asking a lot, but i really need help, I'm more on the actual look of the game. Please help me ! Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to get a button in my game to use other functions, and I haven't quite figured out how, other than brute forcing it. // Let's say I have everything preloaded and I'm in my game state filevar main = function(game) { var button1; var button2;};// and my prototype is something likemain.prototype = { create: function() { button1 = this.add.button(0, 0, 'button1', this.button1); button2 = this.add.button(100, 100, 'button2', this.button2); } button1: function() { // I might want to use otherfunc to do stuff while doing other stuff } button2: function() { // this is where I want to use button1's function and do other things } otherfunc: function() { // does more stuff }}Help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, Every time I use texturepacker for a sprite sheet and upload it to the flying dog game it does not work for me and the game freezes I have also tried to upload images individually and add it to the game asset but that doesn't work as well Can someone please help me? thanks
  10. I've searched it up, there are alot of so called solutions, but they are all easy to bypass. For example, you can disabled click, so you can't right-click view-source. But the workaround is simple: just go to your browsers' web console, for example in Firefox you can easily see the URL of the script. What are your experiences/tips/methods? Let's make a list: - code obfuscation (i.e. )
  11. Recently I have been following an ongoing discussion regarding mobile performance and efficiency. One of the recommendations that caught my eye was to avoid classes and prototyping altogether because they can slow down the performance significantly. So far I have structured my code by creating separate class objects in different files by using prototypes. class = function () {}class.prototype.myMethod1 = function () { console.log('myMethod');}class.prototype.myMethod2 = function () { console.log('myMethod2');}In this regard, I am wondering what is the recommended and most efficient way to structure your code? Perhaps the more experienced users can share something from their bag of tricks. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone! I'm a starter on Phaser, I did some small examples and now I'm working on a bigger game. My code is growing and growing and it has become difficult to read. I use 5 js files: load, boot, menu, game and main. Main is where I write most of the code. I was wondering if it's possible to create other files and attach them to the main state somehow. For example, write all the level creation code in one file and call it from the main.js file... Like an include on php. I guess my question it's dumb for some of you, hehe, what can I say... I'm new! Thank you very much. Liranan.
  13. Hi everybody May a create games for browsers by C++ coding? What is Google Native Client ? Has anyone tried to use it?
  14. Hey so i moved away from the gameControler.js So instead i tried this. lftButton = game.add.button(0, 300, 'button', actionMoveLeft, this, 2, 1, 0); rhtButton = game.add.button(200, 300, 'button', actionMoveRight, this, 2, 1, 0); //but i know that it has to keep update alive cause when you only use this you have to press the button like crazy to make the player move. tried too add an extra pointer, and then check for active input and so on but still no good came from it. So please any better solutions too this would be awesome thanks! function actionMoveLeft() { player.body.velocity.x -= 900;'left');}function actionMoveRight() { player.body.velocity.x += 900;'left');}-Learning
  15. HI everyone, I work on remake an old game i really liked when i was young. It's a plateform game and i use a lot of TileMap. I wanna use "Phaser.TileMap.setTileLocationCallback" function because it seems to be the good one but this function are not documented (or the comment is the same as "setTileIndexCallback"). The only example i have seen on this function is 'Tile Callback'. But in my code, this function dosen't work. The callback are not called. Does this function need some configuration before using it? Anyone as a simple example of code? Thank you in advance
  16. I started working on a Sublime Text Package for phaser Phaser Snippets, the objective is to learn more about phaser on the progress, that's why I'm not automating the process and taking long to finish it. The thing is I have some questions for the comunity beacause there are a lot of method's I havn't really used so I don't know the best way to call them for example for the Animation Manager wich I normally use inside a sprite the snippet output is: .add('name',frames,frameRate,'loop',useNumericIndex);But for Utils class is : Phaser.Utils.pad('str',len, pad, dir);So if someone has some feedback feel free to tell me and I will update the package with the best way of the output, also the repo is on Github So if you wan't to make the process faster do a pull request .
  17. Hi, could someone please explain what a widget library is and where would you find the result of it on your game, or on whatever you're building? Thanks!
  18. Hi, my jet in my html5 game dev. is blinking really fast -- I'm assuming it's probably my coordinates that are off, but I'm not too sure; I've never had that happen before. Thanks!