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Found 75 results

  1. Hey guys, we are JS/HTML5 developers with a focus on webapplications for SME. We are well experienced in frameworks like jQuery or Bootstrapp, but we do have limited knowledge about frameworks for mobile applications running on smart devices. Here is our case: We want to code a 2D game which needs to support swipe events (no multi touch needed) and in first instance we will run the game on iOS devices. The performance needs to be fast, because we want to implement a timer running down (comparable to "Timberman"). We do have experience with PhoneGap and IntelXDK, but both solutions seemed to be very slow while testing our first draft. We found ejecta and pixi.js on the internet as possible alternatives. What we bascially need is an easy game engine for 2D games, something that supports touch / swipe events and a wrapper for our HMTL/JS files to include them into xcode. I hope you guys can help us Cheers from Germany! Michael
  2. Hey! Here is Rollik, a game i've made for Android with CocoonJS. It's a simple concept, and for no reason i can't stop playing... My brother is actually the higher score with 24, tell me what's yours. Google Play Instructions - Tap and hold to keep engine activated. - Fuel remaining is represented with the colored ball inside Rollik. The smaller it is, the less fuel Rollik has. - Completely land on a platform to start refueling (the colored ball will become green). - While refueling, you can't take off until you leave the platform (the colored ball will become red if you try). Keep pressing with your finger and it will automatically take off when leaving the platform. That's all. Have fun!!
  3. Hey All, Im currently working on a browser based 2D ORPG development platform called Powder Engine. Im here to show it off and grab some feedback and whatnot. Here are some screenshots of a test game I have been building with it, you can also find a live playable version at showcasing currently v0.63. Ive made a couple of youtube videos that demonstrate how to use the engine. The engine still needs a lot of work at the moment so I apologize for any bugs. I'd actually appreciate it if you spot any and how to reproduce, just so I can fix as many as I can. Please see videos in order below to get a good idea of the current engine features. Thanks for your time
  4. Hi all, I'm pretty new to the gaming industry and am in need of a solution and I’m wondering if you could guide me through, please? I want to launch a website where people can play games on on both desktop browser and mobile browser. Since I would like to launch more games in the future and “lock” some out, I need some kind of parent-child relation in the application so that only the “unlocked” game can be played. Basically when the user accesses the website I need the parent “app" to go check in the database which game (1 game) can be played (locked/unlocked by me) and then load the game in dynamically. Other features I need are - JSON calls (or any type of calls) to GET/PUT in the database (to show data coming from DB) - Facebook integrations (FB login, FB share, …) - Game engine (such as gravity, events, … ) - UI layer where my player data will come from DB (if available) or can I solve this with "plain" HTML/CSS and PHP calls in the app? - Dynamic asset/sprite loading - possibility to design responsive (desktop/tablet/smartphone, …) I've been browsing around (a lot) and cannot seem to find a decent fit. Any suggestions would be heavily appreciated. Thank you in advance, Sem
  5. Is it possible to have a non rectangular hit box? I found these docs (oddly not from but look identical) which have a setCircle() and setPolygon() method for the Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Body, but the official Phaser docs do not. I see that the Ninja and P2 physics classes have a body element with some methods that look promising, but the rest of my project uses Arcade and there are some vague statements in the docs that make me think that there are some unimplemented features in the library. Can you have mixed physics? Can I implement arcade methods in Ninja or P2 (e.g. moveToObject(), angleToPointer(), etc.) easily? A larger scale question I have; what are the different physics systems for? The docs sort of explain the differences but I'm still unclear.
  6. So I'm putting together some code for the low level of my next game and so far I have a constructor for constructing game object constructors (createGameObjectConstructor) and it's child: Clock, which will be used to set up the main loop and such. (two others Monster and Vec3 but they're just test cases) everything, to my knowledge right now, is working just fine but I was wondering if you guys could have a look over it to see if theres anything I could do a better way, particularly in createGameObjectConstructor theres an Object (outerProto) that gets created everytime createGameObjectConstructor is called but I cant seem to find a way around that.. thanks! or
  7. What is the best way to empty memory from reloading this same scene to not double memory slot. I realize that each time I refresh page consumption of memory just adding. I try: var engine = null;var scene = null; or if (scene) { scene.dispose(); scene = null; } is there any other, best way to dump from memory scene and engine before start again this same or just remove any other so they not use memory and CPU!?
  8. I wanted to share with you an open source engine that was just released in beta recently. It is called Godot, and it was developped internally by a game studio over the last years. It proposes a couple of really interesting features : Exports to desktop, mobile, and web (html5) There is an internal animation toolset plus animation graphsThe engine has a profiler/debugger I'm waiting to see some example of games released using this tool, and how it evolves during the upcoming months, but this looks quite promising. Cheers, Nathan
  9. After several months of public beta, version 1.0 of the WADE engine was released today, along with a great new website dedicated to it. My favourite thing is the live code editor where you can see your WADE game (or app) change as you type, directly in your browser. There are also lots of code snippets that work in the same way, a couple of sample games with source code and step-by-step guides, and tutorials (including video tutorials) that also support the ability to type code directly in the browser to experiment with the engine. If anyone wants to have a look, visit and let me know what you think. We keep working to improve it, so any feedback (good or bad) would be really useful to us.
  10. Do you know a good javascript particle library that is easy enough to integrate? It's one of those things you could program yourself easily, but it will still take time. I tried ParticleEmiterJs, a plugin someone made for CreativeJs, but it was really buggy. Any advice?
  11. My employers are looking for a multiplatform adventure game engine. The dev tools don't need to be multiplatform, but the finished games must run on android and web browsers. As far as I know, all the big ones(AGS, Wintermute, Vissionaire) are windows only. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi guys, we have launched MightyEngine public version. Check it out and some demos here There have been couple of updates since private launch. The most important we have added CocoonJS support. Also we took in account previous thread and simplified code needed to create games. Not to mention lot of bugfixing. Would be glad to hear your feedback.
  13. Hello! I'm founder of - we're indie game developers working on an open source browser based TBS www.AncientBeast.comWe're considering adopting a game/rendering engine in order to make the game more playable on tablets and phones The gameplay coder has a question: Also, what's the state of documentation? Would rather see that instead of almost daily change log xD So far Phaser looks awesome, I really dig the website :-)
  14. Start developing now and win a Nexus 7 tablet. To compete, develop your game and then upload it to any public code hosting site (e.g. GitHub or Bitbucket). Afterwards simply enter your information in the form on the left to enter the competition and get a chance to win a Nexus 7 tablet. Solpeo is a fan of open source projects, which is why any game submitted should be under the MIT license. more details you can find here
  15. Hi I'm happy to say that we've finally reached a point where we're happy to release our HTML5 game engine to the general public, with a free license for indie developers (that is, unless you're a large corporation, it's free). This is the engine that we used for our game Zirma and that we're using for our upcoming games too. It's a canvas-based 2D and 2.5D (isometric) engine. I know that there are many engines out there, but we are not competing with them. As WADE evolves it's going to be more and more different. We have quite a few learning resources on our site, and we are also making a short series of video tutorials to get started with it and HTML5 game development in general. A few of WADE's strong points even in its current (early) version: It's fast. I've spent several years working on engines for AAA console games, and I've learned a few tricks to speed things up. It's cross-platform. It works on lots of mobiles, desktops, tablets, etc. It's easy. As you can see in the above video tutorial, it's just a matter of minutes to get started and to make some simple games. It's platform-agnostic. Make your game once, run it everywhere (automatic input mapping, rescaling, customizable stretching and alignment rules for your UI, etc.) It's robust. It can easily handle complex game worlds with thousand of objects. It's free. I believe I mentioned that And importantly, it's evolving! Here's a teaser of what's coming next: So far it's only been used by a small group of people, and now we'd love to get some more people to use it, and get some feedback on it. If you're interested, you can get it here Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. benny!


    Ok - I promise .. this is the last post about new javascript game engines (especially since "we" have Phaser now ;-) ) Nevertheless, the pretty well known actionscript game engine called Starling is working on a javascript/typescript port. Blog Post Small Demo
  17. benny!

    iio engine

    Just came across this engine called iio engine. Link:
  18. Please recommend flexible particle system engine. That can easily use with custom visualization. Plan to use with game engine
  19. benny!

    Goo Engine

    Hi, just found the following site of an upcoming webgl game engine The site features some pretty nice demos. Best, benny!
  20. I've been into PlayCraft Labs game engine and found it quite nice. It utilize an Entity-Component-System framework with several components and systems ready to use by the author, such as particles, physics, effects, etc. Check it out here. To get access to the codes and documentation, you'll need to sign up.
  21. ThermalJS : A retro HTML5 Engine A html5/javascript framework for game development. [COMPLETELY NOT FINISHED] And here’s a demo I whipped up: To download the most stable version: ■ Deleted useless variables. ■ Fixed multiple bugs with null variables and broken functions, ■ Found out “mouse clicking” doesn’t work on mobile devices. I’ll fix this later… ■ Added a pool object – pool things like bullets and stuff! I’ll add a bullet and enemy pool later… ■ Added a Text object… Need to make newline work… ■ Added Music ■ Added Sounds and soundPool… Very big update and a big jump from version 1.1.5 or whatever. Also started calling my versions names. This version-thing is called “Full Blast”. You know, like full blasting your music? It currently works in: Firefox Aurora Safari iPod touch 4 (Mouse input doesn’t work) iPhone 4S (Mouse input doesn’t work) It can do: Sprites with animation Tilemaps Colliding Simple Physics Keyboard and Mouse input Buttons It currently isn’t stable in the least, but try it out. Maybe you can find a fix for a bug… Thanks for reading! Go to for updates.
  22. Following the success of my previous giveaway, I'm giving away another free copy of GameMaker: Studio Professional by YoYo Games worth USD $100. With people now making a living using GameMaker: Studio this flexible engine is becoming more and more valuable to game developers across the world. However, not everyone can afford to purchase GameMaker: Studio, so I wanted to continue to give back to the community by giving away a brand new license key. I use GameMaker: Studio to make my own HTML5 games, and it's a fantastic kit that let's me make quality games extremely quickly. I can't recommend it enough for HTML5 game developers. I'm not an employee of YoYo Games, just a grateful fan of an excellent IDE. Read more here:
  24. benny!

    ACTSKU - 3D Engine

    Wow, this looks very impressive: WebGL 3D Engine ... just check out the demo.
  25. I've just released the version 0.1.1 of joy.js: This new version allows to create custom loaders for scenes, like the default one that you can see here: I encourage you guys to give a shot using the engine, and to collaborate on the development, reporting issues (I haven't tested on many devices), refactoring the core, implementing new features, etc. The effort will be always to be easy to use. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.