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Found 2 results

  1. I've noticed that the 3D Max exporter - Max has added ability for PBR materials. Is there any guides on how materials in Max need to be setup in order for the PBR materials to work?
  2. Ok, I am really struggling right now to understand the unit system for BJS when it comes to importing mesh data then exporting it. I am importing and combining multiple STL files with the CSG System( Then exporting them for the intended purpose of 3d Printing. At the moment I have a scalier that can be applied to the mesh before the export processes, but am having trouble finding the sweet spot... An example with some numbers would be: Correct Approx Size : 6.86 x 17.06 x 0.97 cm which could change depending on its orientation... but respectively those numbers. but what I am getting when I export with the scalier set to 10 after the unification is: 1.26 x 0.14 x 0.12 cm Then I opened that mesh in c4d at 1cm ratio, exported it at a 1cm ratio and it blew up to 68.57 x 8.90 x 170.25 so maybe I am just tripping on how I am importing exporting in c4d and that the exported mesh from BJS has the right ratio just really really small... Im getting the size from a 3rd party API that is handling the print processes, which they use mm as the scale. Basically, what is BJS base unit size? What is it in comparison to Unity? I need to figure this out stat.