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Found 643 results

  1. Ship wrecked Creatures! Save them all and collect as many stars! 250 exciting levels beautiful graphics 5 difficulty levels It works on all devices running IOS and Android fun music and voice creatures Many hours of gameplay For licensing to write to the email:
  2. Bad Pad now on Steam - Early Access

    Ever wonder what would happen if your gamepad's buttons came to life? Join square in his adventures, save Hexagon and Trapezoid from the hands of Evil Pen! Bad Pad is platformer game mixed with a little arcading, shooting, puzzle solving and metroidvania elements, that being said it is still a platformer, so expect a lot of jumping and fair amount of dying along the way. Bad Pad is available for Early Access on Steam now! Devblog, free demo, media kit and more can be found here.
  3. Hello i want to start creating game with the phaser framework but i don't have the game template how I should install him ? I found no tutorial that explains how to do it :/
  4. Hi Devs, we are searching for developer with experience on browser strategy game in html5. As well include all graphics for the Front. We need to Develop the same Mafia Browser Games or Footballmanager games, but for Develop in Europe Style and Strucutre. The Game is very simple but important is to develop it to a high quality for the customer eyes and europe standard and that is good responsive. Important Notes: -We will own all right on the game, code and graphics after completion -coders must have right to use and graphics, music, animations used in the games -Project time: 1 Month Remote work is totally fine for this job. Email can sent to I will give buy interest more information. Please give me examples of works of past. Ask me anything, or point out mistakes, thx. Elias
  5. Animation does not finish

    Hey, I've got a function call on isDown for the left mouse button. This function checks the direction and then plays an animation of two frames. Like this: if(this.lastDirection === "down"){"hitDown"); }else if(this.lastDirection === "left"){"hitLeft"); }else if(this.lastDirection === "right"){"hitRight"); } For example hitDown looks like this: this.animations.add('hitDown', [16,17], 5, true); The thing is; when I run "" - I expect theboth animation frames to just run but they're not. The whole animation does not run unless I hold the mousebutton pressed. If i just click - only the first frame in the animation shows. Why is that?
  6. HI. I’m a composer/producer from Korea. I graduated with a masters degree in Film and Digital Music. I’ll make unique music for your game/film cheaply. I’m working on building up my portfolio, so any project will be welcome. send me your project’s information and genre of music to tell me how much you can pay for it ( any price would be fine, even if it’s not that much ) thank you!
  7. HI. I’m a composer/producer from Korea. I graduated with a masters degree in Film and Digital Music. I’ll make unique music for your game. I’m working on building up my portfolio, so any project will be welcome. send me your project’s information and genre of music to thank you!
  8. Just4fun game, developed with phaser+typescript. You are the Governor of Campania (south of Italy)... and you must save Salerno (my city) from the Evil Imperial invasion.... Why "fried fish edition"... its a complex story related to a vote exchange in last italian constitutional referendum... hauhaahahauh!! Never mind... just play! tnx in advance for any feeback! Here a video about Salerno... and Penguins!
  9. Greetings. I was wondering how would you keep track of player's in-game transactions like buying a special in game item. Would you keep track of what items player has / hasn't in a database?
  10. Babcity

    Hello my friends ! I want to see if it's possible to create a big and complete game with Babylon.js. It will be an open world with 3rd person view. It is open source and collaborative. We will release a list of features and for each see if it's possible. I did the beginning (better with chrome) : (free server so you have to wait for the loading of the model) Let's work here : Thank you for your attention and hope you will be part of it.
  11. Just wanted to show our Christmas HTML5 Sokoban game here, called 'Santa's Warehouse'. We would love to hear your opinion. The game can be played on: Game story: "Santa Claus lives in a large house located at the North Pole. In this game you help Santa to organize the presents in his warehouse by moving them to the designated storage locations. During Christmas there’s a lot of work to be done; Santa would appreciate it if you lend a hand!" Santa’s Warehouse is a modern day interpretation of the classic Sokoban game. Santa’s Warehouse includes 99 original Boxxle and Sokoban levels. The game features modern graphics and can be played on many platforms, from your favourite web browser to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Besides keyboard, mouse and touch input Santa’s Warehouse also supports game controllers and game pads. Because many Sokoban levels are hard to solve, Santa’s Warehouse makes it possible to select the level that you want to play. By doing so you don't need to solve each puzzle to advance. The game tracks the time and the number of moves and pushes to publish the best scores of all players on the Cargo Challenge / Santa’s Warehouse website ( Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!
  12. Hello, I am a co-founder of a startup, right now we are two people working on developing an app for brain training using a sensor that can measure brain signals. It is a desktop application written in JavaScript using Electron. We have decided that we would like to have a game working inside of the application, that can take incoming signals from the sensor and use them to control the game. For example it could be increasing speed or height as the signal increases. We have been looking into game frameworks/engines to do this. Since we are using JavaScript we would prefer to keep working with that. Electron uses a chromium browser so it also needs to work with HTML5. We have a lot of other things to focus on so preferably we would like to be able to build games quickly and easily, my co-founder prefers not to code so much so we have been looking into drag-and-drop GUI based ways of building games. Like Construct 2, Buildbox, Game Salad, Gamebuilder Studio and lately Qiciengine. We really liked Qiciengine as it is open source and completely JavaScript and HTML but now we found out that it is no longer being developed. I am already getting errors running it with the latest Node version so it does not seem very promising to use without any further development. The game itself can be quite simple, we are thinking 2D and having some character fly in the middle of the screen, going up or down as the signal increases or decreases and receiving points/bonuses based on some score system. I have been a bit concerned with using GUI based drag-and-drop game engines to generate the code as we need the game to integrate well inside of our application and we also need to send in values to control the game, that makes me think that a more code-based framework like Phaser may be a good choice for us as it would ease integration and allow us to have one codebase. On the other hand it may take longer to develop as I would have to write all the code. That said is there anyone who can recommend us how we could develop this game? Would it be ok to use the qiciengine even if it will not be developed? In general do you think it would be hard to integrate a drag-and-drop solution that generates code into our existing application? Would it mean more work in the end as we would have to keep separate code-bases/projects synced?
  13. Hello everybody I am in need for some guidance and advices so if any of you knows of any way to help, everything is appreciated We will soon start developing casino-style games for a client of ours. So imagine very simple to play games such as slots, flipping cards, etc. User will make a single "Play/Spin/Draw" action and be presented with the outcome of the game. The games will be available on their website and need to be accessible to people through their web browsers on their computers and cellphones. The only "trick" is - the games will be linked to players' real accounts and real money will be both lost and won in those games. Now, the first and most important question is, what approaches to take to make the game tamper-proof and as secure as possible? I couldn't find very much material online, or maybe I just didn't know where/how to look. What I did manage to find out is what is pretty much known to me already - the server is the king. So, when the user is playing a game and makes a roll of the dice or the slots, the request is sent to the server, a result is generated, stored in the database and returned. "That way the user has absolutely no way to do any harm and we can always keep everything in control" -> is safe to make such an assumption, or is it too ignorant/naive? If the user modifies the sent value (for example bet amount), it will still be validated on the server anyway? If the user modifies the return value (for example game outcome/win amount), it still won't matter because the server has already saved the valid outcome and while it might bring joy to the user to see fake winnings, he still won't be doing us harm? Of course, we would still love to minimise (or eliminate, if possible) such events rather than let everyone have a go at trying to modify the game behaviour. Regarding the implementation of the game, security aside, it seems to me that the obvious approach to take would be one of the available HTML5/JS/CSS game engines. But isn't there the problem that with that kind of game the source is always visible and accessible? I am aware there are "uglification" methods which make the code harder to read, but is that enough to keep hobby "hackers" (or even more determined ones) away? Should I worry about the "ease" with which someone can gain access to the client side code when we use this approach, or should we focus on other elements? Also, regarding the client-server communication, how to handle it to ensure maximum security? Are sockets the way to go or something else? I saw on some other sites which host that kind of games that they use Flash, is there any security reason for that? Anyway it isn't really an option as first, we don't have any real experience with it, and second, we have to keep all mobile devices in mind. Any advices, experiences, links to existing articles/documentation/tutorials etc. which deal with the whole matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and Kind regards Darko ---- EDIT Just noticed this thread might fit better under "Coding and Game Design" so if a Mod would be kind enough to move it, I'd appreciate it
  14. Bad Run, is platformer runner and was created as a part of the Bad Pad saga, to expand the world, characters and story and for some extra fun, Bad Pad is my upcoming PC/Consoles platformer game. "Join Square's epic adventure and fight the infamous Evil Pen.Run, jump, dive, fly and shot your way through, but most importantly take Evil Pen down! It's up to you, are you ready?" Features: - Campaign mode including 4 episodes, 40 levels, missions and battles. - Endless mode, master your skills, collect coins and upgrade your character and buy new items. - Daily rewards and achievements. - Bad Pad comics, finish an episode to reveal more slides. - Original guitar driven music by Avishay Mizrav. - Supports Landscape and Portrait views. Bad Run can be download in Google Play for free, If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to ask here or send us an email, have fun!
  15. New game (5 level demo) created with Phaser. Bit of a space adventure, collect the coins, dodge the enemies get to the exit HTML version : Google Play - will be live later tonight Hopefuly you guys will like it, let me know what you think Enjoy !
  16. Hey everyone! Thought I'd share the first game I made. Made this for fun to share with friends, but since a bunch of you guys helped me out with questions in the forum, I thought I'd share it here too and spread some cheer (special thanks to the Phaser community!) It is still a work in progress as I update it by the day, with plenty of bugs here and there. But I thought I'd launch it anyway. I wanted to make an advent calendar type game counting down to Christmas, with fun facts revealed every day. I ended up turning it into a tour of Santa's Factory, to eavesdrop on little elves working, and added points and badges to collect. Tried to make it mobile friendly too! The plot is this: For the very first time, Santa’s Factory is opening its doors to the public, and YOU are one of the lucky few to get an exclusive tour and a firsthand elf training! Explore your surroundings as we unveil new rooms daily, and learn about the workings behind the jolliest time of the year. We’ll see if you have what it takes to work for the one and only, Santa! I'm still working on building a badge collection library to go through past saved cards, as well as an animated preloading screen. And fixing a bunch of things here and there. Would love to hear what you guys think, and if you have any advice! I'd love to hear you're guys' thoughts on the experience side of things - or even any ideas for the future! If they're simple enough, I could potentially add them before the countdown ends. Link to game: Santa Factory Game I am also posting screenshots regularly up on instagram if anyone's curious, with occasional behind the scenes stuff: Main account: Behind the scenes stuff: Happy soon-Christmas everyone!
  17. Hello. I was looking for someone to work with me in creating a web-game. I am not that experienced but I am a fast learner. My favourite engine is phaser. I have tryed some others... Well it is a way to get some experience and still meet some cool game developers I guess. Anyone?
  18. Hello everyone, Today I’d like to share my game with you: „Minions within a Dungeon“ - is a 2D lemmingslike with more modern mechanics; The game was entirely made in JS (HTML5) using phaserJS and nodeJS. I worked on it the last year and now I am serious about what you think! You can visit the games website at:; For development just follow me via twitter (@sam_vieten). So here’s some media and a youtube pre Alpha gameplay video. Any feedback and thoughts is highly appreciated! you can now signup for a newsletter on! Minions within a Dungeon is under the TOP100 indiegames on IndieDB. I would really appreciate if you drop a vote for 'Minions within a Dungeon' under the category puzzle: >GAMEPLAY VIDEO (YOUTUBE< Minions within a Dungeon - pre alpha gameplay Gameplay You are the Overlord "stubborn helmet" and you're guiding your minions through dungeons. The game connects on classic lemmings controls: Your Minions will walk from left to right. Once they collide, they will turn and walk in the other direction. You are in charge to drop items, that your minions can use. To Fall softly, avoid traps, jump, fly, mutate, levitate, eat enemies, rise from dead and much more! *Update 5/12/2017* During development there were a few gameplay tweaks. In "Minions within a Dungeon" the gameplay will change during levels. So in one you may be focused on control your minoins, on another you will try to build a dungeon pipeline with your minions, to collect and harvest materials. In another this could also be changed. Boss-Levels were made, so there will be more challenging gameplay I can't wait for you to try out in 2017. There will be more updates when the game enters early access or got some crowdfunding. Hope you like it! cheers, Sam
  19. is a massive multiplayer version of minesweeper. It is similar to the classic Minesweeper. The goal is to clear all of the mines by placing a flag on it. Sweep those Mines! Android: iOS: coming soon. ----Tech---- UI game engine: Phaser.js 2.7 UI menu engine: 1990's style html/js hacking (think document.getElementByid) Server: node.js + Hosting: Azure Feedback is welcome
  20. Circle Block Game

    I've been having a blast learning phaser after I did the zenva phaser course online - its the best tutorial out there, I've created a few games over the last few weeks here's my latest one - enjoy heres the pc version - mobile is better as it is touch control Eric
  21. Bird vs. Stars

    A small kind of Christmas themed flappy bird style game. Click or press space bar repeatedly to fly and gather as many stars as you can in one minute. Don't touch the ground, that resets the multiplier. Features I played around with for this: - fixed aspect ratio - shadow generator for bird & stars - wrapping around an area - 2dCanvas for score & time display - custom loading screen - also more tinkering with blender animations
  22. [Phaser] Build-A-Bear Adventures

    Hi everyone, We at Plow wanted to share with you our latest HTML5 game, “Build-A-Bear Adventures.” Developed using Phaser, it is primarily a board game, with multiple mini-games sprinkled throughout, and is available on YouTube Gameplay Video: Direct Game Link: Features: - Playable in desktop and mobile web browsers - Two game boards, with more to come - Unique characters and user-interface for each game board - Lots of animation and effects We hope everyone enjoys the game! - - Plow -
  23. Game Description: The game should be stylistically based on the game Qbert as our brand uses the same cube like shapes. We are looking for the game to be web based, It would need to be developed on a platform that use a language such as HTML5 and JavaScript, storing top scorers in some way. We are looking for it to work on; laptops, tablets and mobile devices so the game should be able to scale accordingly as the game works via mouse, keyboard and touch. You can check out this game at this link: (Built in Phaser). Files Download Link: List of Tasks: 2 staff profile/users will be added - images will be supplied (Please Note: The characters would just be added in the existed characters listed) Enemy characters updating - images will be supplied (More enemies will be added so that we have more options for these enemies) LeaderBoard Section created. May have to add database for this section. This section will show Top 10 or 20 best scores with their names, scores and characters which they have chosen initially. Form submission (Name and Email) by the players. This information will be integrated with Hubspot so that new profile will be added on Hubspot when users will fill this form. Also, we will have to add a note too that this user is coming from that form which is shown on the game Time Deadline: 8th December, 2016 Please let me know if you will have any further questions. You can directly contact me via Skype or email ( If you have understood all these requirements then please share your price quote and timeline for this project. We will then make contract and proceed further.
  24. Hello all, I have a problem with Phaser P2 physics in short i have 2 groups with objects. One is for my projectiles and the other is for enemies. The problem is that i want when projectile hits an enemy, the enemy should not move (it bounce back a little...). This is the code for my enemies i set the body.kinematic = true but it doesn't work. Thanks. this.enemiesGroup =; this.enemiesGroup.enableBody = true; for(var i = 0; i < 3; i++){ for(var j = 0; j < 9; j++){ var tmp = this.enemiesGroup.create( 80 +(j*66), y , 'enemies_1'); this.physics.p2.enable(tmp, this.Debug); tmp.enableBody = true; tmp.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.P2JS; = 'enemy' + buff; this.enemiesHP[] = 100; tmp.anchor.setTo(0.3); tmp.angle = 90; tmp.scale.setTo(0.6); tmp.body.setCircle(18); tmp.body.kinematic = true; tmp.checkWorldBounds = true; var exp = this.enemyExplosion.create(0, 0, 'explosion'); exp.visible = false; exp.exists = false; exp.anchor.setTo(0.5); buff++; } y = y + 90; }