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Found 178 results

  1. schmevie15

    [PHASER]KIRKO- Work in Progress

    Hey there! So this is my first time posting on here! I'm making a game/interactive story with Phaser and I have put a couple of the elements together so I'm really excited. The story of the game deals with the fact that the worlds we build seem to fit a certain body and sometimes if you stray from that, well, then things can get difficult. Let me know what you think! Link is here: Thanks again!
  2. Orbital Game Studios

    How to concatenate/minify your code

    Hello All, I wrote a walk through on how to setup Grunt to automatically concatenate/minify your phaser game so you can be ready for testing/deployment. Take a look at it here: Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns! Thanks!
  3. EDIT: 6 reasons to NOT use JSCRAMBLER (after massive testing): And a shocking JScrambler performance test: ________________________________________________________________________ I am just curious, how do you guys track where and how often your games are played? Also, which kind of protection, if any, do you use to protect / obfuscate your code? I wonder if there's a useful solution whithout harming performance too much...
  4. TangZero

    [Phaser] Groupon's First Game

    Hi guys, I'm very proud to announce the Groupon's first game: Find That Cat The game idea is: - Hover over the deals to Find That Cat! - If you like a deal, click for details. - If you Find That Cat, click to claim your prize! Made with Phaser (2.1.2), this is my first successful game, and I couldn't have done it without you guys. And a very special thanks to Richard Davey
  5. Geroy290

    How can I reset my game?

    I haven't figured out how I can make this function reset some of my variables, can anyone help me out with my "restartGame()" function? I want to reset my animals as well. I just started using phaser today, so as you can see I am having a bit of a struggle...Anyway, here is my code: var game = new Phaser.Game(600, 400, Phaser.AUTO, 'gameDiv', {preload: preload, create: create, update: update});function preload() { game.stage.backgroundColor = 'FFFFFF'; game.load.image('player', 'assets/player.png'); game.load.image('animal', 'assets/animal.png');};var player;var jumpTimer = 0;var jumpButton;var animals;var timer;var score;var scoreLabel;var firstTimer;var timer2;function create() { game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); player = game.add.sprite(100, 100, 'player'); game.physics.arcade.enable(player); player.body.gravity.y = 700; animals =; animals.enableBody = true; animals.createMultiple(20, 'animal'); game.physics.enable(player, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); player.body.collideWorldBounds = true; jumpButton = game.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.SPACEBAR); timer =, addAnimals, this); firstTimer= * 3.85, firstRun, this); score = 0; scoreLabel = game.add.text(100, 100, "0", { font: "30px Arial", fill: "FFFFFF" }); }function update() { player.body.velocity.x = 0; if(jumpButton.isDown && player.body.onFloor() && > jumpTimer){ player.body.velocity.y = -250; jumpTimer = + 750; }; game.physics.arcade.overlap(player, animals, restartGame, null, this); }function firstRun() { score += 1; scoreLabel.text = score; timer2 =, increaseScore, this);}function increaseScore() { score += 1; scoreLabel.text = score;}function addOneAnimal(x, y){ var animal = animals.getFirstDead(); animal.reset(x, y); animal.body.velocity.x = -200; animal.checkWorldBounds = true; animal.outOfBoundsKill = true;}function addAnimals() { var hole = Math.floor(Math.random() * 5) + 1; for (var i = 0; i < 1; i++) if(i != hole && i != hole +1) addOneAnimal(600, 375);}function restartGame(){ player.reset(100, 100) score = -1; }Thanks for any help!
  6. KarenB

    CG Artist for hire!

    Hi everyone! My name is Karen Bennetzen, and I'm a Danish Cg artist and video game enthusiast looking for work as a freelance/full time game artist. I use mainly Photoshop to create assets, backgrounds and concept art, and I also have a lot of experience working with Unity3D and Maya. I can also make UI elements and visual effects. My full portfolio can be found at, along with my resume. Feel free to message me anytime, here on the forum and/or via my mail You can follow me and my work on tumblr at
  7. I am a games publisher mainly for Facebook games, as that is where our current network is, obvious any game that does well for us on Facebook is worth putting on the ios and android too. Do you have any games that are either already on Facebook or that can be re skinned or just bought outright,or do you have any games that could be ported to Facebook. maybe you started to make a game and never finished it, or maybe you have a game on facebook with no users and have come to a dead end. I am looking for games i can add to my network but the games must have in apps(in game purchases) within Facebook and be entered into my template that i use for Facebook( can use your current template if good enough),the template consists of the header and footer and leader boards etc, all aspects to make the game social and to work within the Facebook platform. There would still be some work to do to get your games up to a Facebook standard in terms of pop ups like level completed, send a life, get a bonus etc, unless you have already done this on Facebook, and in this case this would be great as you will know the Facebook API. I am interested to hear from anyone with any ideas that you have, and whatever stage your games or game is at, if you have a game on Facebook already then this will be even better and take less time We have just started using unity developers and html 5 developers, and we are always looking for games we can easily add to our network that are fun to play and have a good meaning too the game so users are more tempted to spend and reengage. Let me know how we could collaborate together, or if you have a great game that you think i could be interested in. I am very interested in candy crush, bubble games,angry birds, farm grid games,solitaire, casino, slots, running games, driving games etc etc Just let me know how we could work together, or if you have a game/code that i could be interested in. Thanks Speak soon hopefully
  8. GameFilled

    GameFilled Challenge 2014

    Take part in the first contest organized by GameFilled, upload your HTML5 game. Most wanted are action, arcade, multiplayer and strategy Beta games. Submitted to GameFilled platform, your game will be availabe for game players from all over the world. Show the world your game and win great prizes. Any questions ? Contact:
  9. Zygomatic

    New site:

    We just launched and Those sites are a showcase for our new html5 games. We just switched 6 months ago from Flash Game development to HTML5 game development and now have around 60 games ready for licensing, linking, etc. We focus mainly on Mahjong, Solitaire, Match3, Mind and Hidden object games. Bram Schoonhoven
  10. komptrade

    my first game

    HI... I make first 6 levels of my first games. I used PHASER tutorial and I have big expirience with 3d max and I used this. I need yours opinions and sugestions. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for developers HTML5 games compatible with browser mobile. We want pay you a high fee per user activation. We monetize your game through our system payment.
  12. GameFilled

    GameFilled Beta Testing

    Leave your mark in the history of the gaming industry just playing games. We are pleased to invite you to beta testing of gaming app GameFilled. Join our community on google+ and download the app. Then you’ll receive 25 kg of Gold, GameFilled currency. If you write 10 posts on our forum, you’ll receive next 25 kg. Tests start on August 1st. Every voice is very important for us – send your feedback by mail, by facebook or google+. GameFilled is an Android App with a lot of free games available without installation. It doesn’t matter if you like logic puzzles, strategies or real time multiplayer games – you can find all these kinds in GameFilled.
  13. Edricus

    Memory Issues

    Hello everyone. So I am building a pretty basic game and thus far everything has gone fine. However now I am just doing some performance enhancement on the game. I noticed something very weird. Upon loading the game memory spikes up to almost 20 MB then GC kicks in and drops to around 9.0 or so MB. This is all while just idling at the menu. Here is a screenshot of the memory log in Chrome. Also I have pasted the code that runs from my Boot, Preload and Menu states. Hopefully someone can point out something blatantly obvious that I have missed. :S 'use strict';function Boot() {}Boot.prototype = { create: function() { // Set max number of touch inputs = 1; // Start the next state'preload'); }};module.exports = Boot;'use strict';function Preload() { this.ready = false;}Preload.prototype = { preload: function() { // This event is dispatched when the final file in the load queue has either loaded or failed this.load.onLoadComplete.addOnce(this.onLoadComplete, this); // Load all assets for the game // Title Screen Assets this.load.image('background', 'assets/background_title.png'); this.load.image('playBtn', 'assets/play_btn.png'); // Game Screen assets this.load.image('mouthBackground', 'assets/mouth_background.png'); this.load.image('mouthwash', 'assets/mouthwash.png'); this.load.image('toothpaste', 'assets/toothpaste.png'); this.load.spritesheet('tooth', 'assets/tooth.png', 80, 95); this.load.spritesheet('bactoSurfer', 'assets/bactoSurfer.png', 34, 24); this.load.spritesheet('sharkBacteria', 'assets/sharkBacteria.png', 36, 45); this.load.spritesheet('octoBacteria', 'assets/octoBacteria.png', 36, 45); // Game Over Assets this.load.image('scoreboard', 'assets/scoreboard.png'); this.load.image('gameover', 'assets/gameover.png'); this.load.image('startButton', 'assets/start-button.png'); this.load.image('exitButton', 'assets/exit-button.png'); }, update: function() { if(this.ready === true) {'menu'); } }, onLoadComplete: function() { this.ready = true; }};module.exports = Preload;'use strict';function Menu() {}Menu.prototype = { create: function() { // Add the background sprite this.background =, 0, 'background'); // Play Button this.startButton = * 0.5, 350, 'playBtn', this.startClick, this); this.startButton.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); }, startClick: function() {'play'); }};module.exports = Menu;
  14. Edricus

    General Performance Tips

    Hello everyone! I just started using Phaser about 1 month ago. I am just about done building a fairly simple game. I was wondering if people could give me some general performance tips for Phaser and perhaps JavaScript itself. Also I am in the process of learning how to use the Profiler in Chrome and have been using the Timeline as well to track memory management. If also possible could someone shed some light on what my memory should be at for a fairly simple game? I am also using CocoonJS to port onto Android and iOS and I am aware that each respective OS will cap at a certain memory threshold. If anyone has any further questions, I will gladly answer them. Also, thanks in advance to everyone that posts! Your help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Hi, I have a great contract opportunity for an experienced Html 5 / JavaScript Developer in London. A globally successful TV, entertainment & media company are now looking to further their Online and companion app with the creation of a games developer role to be based at their Central London HQ. The company offer the opportunity to work within a start-up culture where everyone has a voice within a fun, fast paced and highly creative environment. Due to the success of their partnerships with brands such as Big Brother, Luther etc, they are now looking to create web based games Online to facilitate continued growth. The successful candidate will have ideally 12 month's commercial experience working as an application or mobile developer and will be heavily involved in creating exciting, fun and addictive designs for a ground-breaking companion app on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. A passion for games would be a distinct advantage. This is a contract opportunity with an initial duration of 3 months and a day rate of up to £300 per day. If this is something of interest can we arrange a time to talk? You can reach me on the contact details below. 01925 839 721 - I look forward to hearing from you Si Mac
  16. PlayToMax

    TrueToken is now PlayToMax

    Hey dear friends, You may know us previously as TrueToken. Maybe for some of you it will be interesting to hear that recently we've got some investments and now due to the re-branding the official name of our company has changed to “PlayToMax”. Our team is growing and changing to create even more captivating highly productive games. We stared as TrueToken and have developed 100+ crossplatform HTML5 games and won variety of prizes and awards and as PlayToMax we will perform even better. Truly yours, PlayToMax team
  17. JP91

    [Phaser] Archaic Roll

    This a clone of a game called Rapid Roll,I did it with the first versions of Phaser but I already had a little forgotten,so improve a bit the graphics and here it is. Archaic roll To play just use the left and right arrow keys to move the wheel and try to dodge the rocks with lava. In Smartphones touches the side you want to move the wheel. if you're interested in the code or something please let me know, enjoy.
  18. I am a student at Case Western. A few of my friends and I started a platform to give game developers a new way to monetize. The platform allows users to wager on mobile games. If you are interested in potentially partnering with us, send me an email at Thanks, Ari
  19. Alexander Krug

    [BLOG] has been launched!

    Dear HTML5 Games Community, I'm happy and proud to announce our HTML5 games blog "" has been succesfully launched! The intention of the blog is mostly to share our insights while testing and distributing hundrets of HTML5 games with the developer community. The blog will provide you an overview about: - common bugs and how to avoid them in your (upcoming) HTML5 game, - major devices on SOFTGAMES's platform (among millons of monthly unqiue users) - tips & tricks to improve user experience & retention - and a lot more... Interested? Then step by at from time to time and feel free to share / like the posts. If you have further ideas on the topics or wanne participate, feel free to share your ideas with me. Looking forward to your feedback. Alexander
  20. BigiBigi The Guardian BigiBigi is in charge of keeping the cheese safe from the mice. You have to help BigiBigi in its mission of aborting the mice's attack and keeping safe Uncle Ben's cheese. Play BigiBigi The Guardian We hope you will enjoy playing our game. Any mobile test, feedback or suggestion is welcomed
  21. Cirta Games

    [Complete] [Phaser] Twins Family

    Hi everyone, Our name is Cirta Games, we are a development team, we are focusing right now on developing Html5 mobile games using Phaser. Our games work in desktop, tablet and all mobile devices. In the last few months we have made many games, most of them are high-quality games, and sold many licences to many sponsors. In this period, we were active through our personal accounts in the Html5 Game Dev forums, but now we decided to put on feet the official account of our team here in this awesome and useful forums. We will be publishing our games here in this forum from now on and we will be pleased to hear your feedback, suggestions or anything that can help us make better games in the future. Here we go with our first game here in this forum: Twins Family The twins family is dispersed, help it to assemble again. Tap on the blank between twins to assemble them. Assemble the twins on the star to get it. Play Twins Family We hope you will enjoy playing our game and, as we said above, any feedback or suggestion is welcomed